DP Daily Prompt: Frame of Mind

pad2014-s.png (308×60)

If you could paint your current mood onto a canvass, what would that painting look like? What would it depict?

My current mood  what I’ll call is “Fuzzy”, on a canvass right now the painting will not please anyone’s eyes, if it was for sale,  the would be customers are more than likely going to  stay away and view other paintings.

My mood is all over the place, I turned on the computer, barely five minutes passed and there was a skeleton in front of me,informing me the internet connection has checked out.

What will I do I was thinking then it occurred to me my daughter’s instruction was to go upstairs in her room, disconnect the modem and count fifteen times the word “Mississippi”, I went up sat on her bed did as I was told.

Now I am in my room,I turned on the computer, right now it’s working, how long I can’t tell. Do I want to see that skeleton, you can bet I don’t, do I have a choice, obviously no?

I am writing and thinking am I lucky enough to get this done, it depends if the stars are aligned as they should?

The painting is not going to be worthy enough to be displayed in an exhibition, it will show a sad,unhappy,irritable person on the canvass, when these things are assimilated into one it’ll look absolutely hideous!


365 Writing Prompt: The artist’s eye

Is there a painting or sculpture you’re drawn to?Describe the experience( or,if art doesn’t speak to you,tell us why.)

Asher_Durand_View_near_Rutland_1827.jpg (600×475)

Image from wikipedia

This is a painting of Asher Durand.

I am drawn to this painting. The scenery is gorgeous, the mountains in the background, the river, the amazing  trees covered with beautiful leaves seems to say,look at us ,take a picture we are here to entertain you.

The grazing cattle are inviting me to watch them and see the beauty of nature.

Then there is a family sitting under the tree telling me this is fun come and join us.

Asher Durand’s painting is awesome, he has created nature in its perfect setting.

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Writing Prompt: Memories for Sale

On a weekend road trip, far away from home, you stumble upon a garage sale in a neighborhood you’re passing through. Astonished, you find an object among the belongings for sale that you recognize. Tell us about it.

On a road trip one summer, my daughter and I decided to take a tour of  Moncton ,New Brunswick. We were driving around the city to see some favorite spots,as we were moving along  around the neighborhood, I saw a large “Garage Sale”, sign, we decided to stop and check it out. There were many interesting things on sale, I wondered as I moved along, why were they selling so many antiques. I was told the owner had died few months ago, the kids were not interested to keep any of it so they put up all these memorabilia for sale.

I thought about it for a few minutes and wondered would the things I accumulated with so much love will have the same fate? I brushed off that sad feeling and continued to walk around to see if I’d like something to take back with me. Unexpectedly I spotted a painting I had given to my youngest daughter, I picked it up, my memories of that painting flashed me by,this was the one my husband and I bought from the Franklin mint , we loved it so much and thought of passing it on someday to my youngest daughter.

when she came home for a visit the first thing she   asked for was that same painting which was collecting dust on the roadside, because it was her favorite I immediately gave it to her, I was shocked to see, it was one of the items for sale.

I was torn, shall I buy it or forget I saw it, I ended up moving away, I told myself it will only bring back memories which will hurt my feelings. 

Without saying a word I got into the car and decided I didn’t want to see any more of the city!


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Lillie McFerrin Writes

Far in the city of Valetta lived Vanessa,a most ordinary girl, she was quiet and hard-working, her mother always told her to do something that everyone in her friends circle would talk about.

But she was contented and was not keen on getting any kind of fame, to her it makes people think too much of themselves,she simply disliked it.

One day she and her friend Lacy went to an island nearby, they met a family who earned their living by painting,Vanessa had never seen such beautiful painting, she sat next to the painter in the family and asked if she could learn how to paint,the man was delighted and taught her a few techniques.

Vanessa came home and asked her mother to buy her a few things so she could start painting,noticing her interest her mom bought more than the daughter asked for,Vanessa applied the techniques she was taught by the man,at first they were very ordinary painting,no one in her family paid any attention and her friends made fun of her.

Vanessa was disappointed,she went back to the painter,she asked him to teach her to paint like him,her enthusiasm impressed the man, he invited her to take some lessons from him, Vanessa spent hours painting and discarding the ones she didn’t like, one evening she showed her painting to the man to know if she was doing okay, the man couldn’t believe in such a short time she could turn out such a masterpiece, he exclaimed,“Vanessa,this is truly a feather in your cap.”

DP Daily Prompt: The Artist’s Eye Post by Ranu

English: A Peafowl flaring his feathers. Franç...

English: A Peafowl flaring his feathers. Français : Un paon faisant la roue. Basa Sunda: Merak midang, mébérkeun buntutna anu warna-warni. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When an artists paints or sculpts or does etching,he imagines how his work should turn out,to please or wow the lover’s of art. When I look at art these things come to mind.

I happen to have a few paintings and etching that my husband and I bought. They are beautiful.We are fortunate enough to have them.There is a painting of a Japanese artist.I absolutely adore .

The main subject is the peacock. The colors are so realistic,it makes one think it is a photograph. The peacock is on the grass,its tail is spread out.There is the blue sky, the pink flower trees,the white pea hens,the flying black birds.The main attraction in this painting is the peacock with its beautiful tail. When you look at it the first time,the peacock’s feathers dazzles the eye,then you look for other things and you can notice that the pea hens are almost invisible. The red,white and the pink flowers add  the beauty of this particular painting.

This painting tells me the painter spent a lot of time,before he started. His work proves it.