DP Daily Prompt: Terminal time

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You’re at the airport, your flight is delayed for six more hours, and none of your electronic devices is working. How do you pass the time?

A few years ago I went to the airport ten hours before the flight, When I checked the time before leaving I thought the flight was at 10 am, When I went to the counter to check in, the good man looked at me and my boarding pass, he wasn’t sure himself whether it was 10 am or 10 pm, when he looked at it the second time, he took a deep breath and rather gently gave me the bad news, “Good Heavens He expressed , Your Flight Is At 10 pm!”

I was embarrassed my brother and sister-in law had come to see me off, suggested I should go back with them, I refused to give them any more trouble and opted to stay at the airport.

You can never get bored at ‘Heathrow Airport’, there is so much to see and do, hours pass by sooner than you think.

I went to the lounge, looked around for a place to sit I sat down when I found one that I liked. I spent the first hour watching people, there were so many interesting people coming in and going out.There were people flocking to the duty free shop to buy cigarettes, candy and bottles of whisky.

I have no idea how much cheaper the duty free things are, I know the word free attached to duty certainly catches the attention of the travelers, so they buy as if this deal will subsidize the money they paid for their tickets.

Having spent considerable time watching the passengers,I felt it was time for me to eat something, I noticed a restaurant with a large sign, “EAT” I immediately got up and headed to that restaurant, they had sandwiches and other foods, for the sake of safety I chose a simple sandwich, I didn’t want to get sick while traveling.

There were five hours to go before I could board my flight, I came back to my favorite place and sat down, I looked around to see if I wanted to buy something, there were all kinds of chocolate, I bought some, back to my seat I came.

Another four hours my watch said, have you noticed when you want the hours to go faster they slow down or so it seems? 

I saw the sign “Boots” made up my mind to check it out, there was nothing there I wanted,it helped me to stretch my legs for sitting so long. I think I spotted an interesting magazine, I picked it up and turned the pages, wasn’t one I’d think of buying I put it back in the shelf.

I must have spent a lot of time in that store, when I came out I looked at the video, OH My God I said my flight is boarding.

I rushed to the gate after checking in I went to sit in the passengers’ lounge. I was at ease I’d soon board the flight. 

Everything after boarding the flight went well, I reached my destination safely. I cautioned myself, make sure you read the time properly,when in doubt ask someone.

nk: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/06/10/dp-daily-prompt-4/


The Passenger by R.Tagore Translated by Ranu

This is my favourite poem of  R.Tagore.

‘The passenger ‘

There is space,yes I have space.

You are alone,you only have a bundle of  rice paddy.

We may have to sit close together   it’s not that much____

maybe my boat will be a little heavy____

because of this  will you have to go back? There is space, there is space.

Come,come inside the boat.

If there is some dust let it be on your feet.

You are slender and slim like a winding plant, you have uneasiness in the corner of your eyes__

your tearful eyes,your fine complexion and your delicate dress,tells me .

you must have a place. Come, come in this boat.

There are all kinds of passengers .

They will get off in different places, they don’t know each other.

You will also for a little while    be a passenger in my boat,

when the journey is over  you will not listen  to me when I forbid you.

Since you are here  you also come. There are all sorts of passengers.

Where is your destination?

In which granary will you keep your bundle of paddy?

If you don’t want to tell me    how is knowing be useful for me,

I will sit and meditate when my journey is over__

Which neighbourhood will you go to, where is your destination.

English: One of the many passenger boats at Tigre.

English: One of the many passenger boats at Tigre. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)