Daily Prompt: Yin to My Yang

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How do you define the term “soulmate,” and do you believe in the existence of such a person_ for you?

A soulmate is a person with whom one shares an interest,passion, or bond,esp.a friend or spouse.

I do not believe such a person exists for me. My spouse and I did not have the same interests. We got along fine but our interests and passions were different. I loved music, he did too but not the same kind.

I had a passion for Novels, make-believe stories he liked to read about stocks and bonds, different investments, how to make money. I wasn’t interested in these things.

I studied History, he studied Medicine, as far as the studies go our paths were different.

I have friends and they are very good to me as I am to them, this is where the similarities stop.

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Ghazal: singer Suraiyya posted and translated by Ranu and Khurram Shafique

This ghazal’s singer is Suraiya.

The lyrics of the above ghazal is written by Mirza Ghalib.

In this ghazal  the poet complains : his sorrowful heart cannot express his feelings because she is indifferent.

When a letter of yours is found in the hand of a stranger, if someone inquisitive asks about it , it makes it difficult to hide.

I do call but I pray to the passion of my heart that she may be compelled somehow to come.( translated by Khurram Shafique)

Love cannot be forced it’s the kind of fire Ghalib, which cannot be ignited or extinguished on a whim.


The singer of this one is J. Nadig

The translation is the same as above

Rafi is the singer in this one.

Ghalib complains : his sorrowful heart cannot express his feelings because she is indifferent.

I do call but I pray to the passion of my heart that she may be compelled somehow to come(Translated by khurram Shafique).

She may think it’s a game and may not think it’s important.

I wish that she may not find any pleasure teasing me as she would teasing someone else(translated by Khurram Shafique).

I am faced with such a difficult task which I cannot accomplish no matter how hard I try.(translated by Khurram Shafique)

Love cannot be forced it’s the kind of fire,’Ghalib’ which cannot be ignited or extinguished on a whim!

I’m grateful to Mr. Khurram Shafique for translating some of the lyrics of this ghazal:)




DP Daily Prompt: Cousin It

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We all have that one eccentric relative who always says and does the strangest things. In your family who’s that person, and what is it that earned him that reputation?

My eccentric relative is my first cousin, he never seems to know how to behave in a large gathering. His passion is eating, he does not seem to know, basic courtesy, such as when food is served, he must wait for others to join in before he can dive into the food directly from the dish, he doesn’t have the know how that he must put the food in his plate before devouring it.

We were embarrassed by him a few times but he was completely unaware why we all disliked him.

We were convinced he was lacking the grey matter which we all  need to comprehend how things work. He’d take out his books in the middle of the afternoon and read as loud as was possible, yet when it was  time for results  the loud voice he used to study didn’t help him, he failed each time. I wonder was he trying to let us know he can read or what  compelled him to read so loud when no one paid  attention.

We always wanted to know why he failed repeatedly, and why he was doing so badly when it seemed he was studying diligently,  I think, perhaps this was  his way   to get attention, which the poor guy never got!

k: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/11/19/dp-daily-prompt-6/

DP Daily Prompt: That’s Amore

Relationships long or short they all take the same route i.e., giddiness,infatuation, mad passion,deep respect,esteem, friendship.

Some love stories do not follow quite in the same order, some die immediately after infatuation, some may go up to mad passion, then if one is lucky it might hit the deep respect stage.

Esteem and friendship I know not how they fit into this picture. I know what fits, hatred and disgusting.

Friendship I’ve heard when the couple is no longer married, they become friends, of course for the sake of the children. Who am I to criticize this phase it depends entirely on the couple.

Mine didn’t go through infatuation, giddiness, or mad passion, because it was arranged. We had respect for each other and we did fine, there was no unnecessary quarreling like little kids. We understood each other and did not complain about anything. My husband did his job and I did mine. We discussed when we wanted to buy a house, whether it was suitable for us, if we liked it we bought it. Our first house was a bungalow it was well-built and we loved it. When it was time to sell it we did,because we were leaving the town.

The house that I’m in now is our second house we bought. It’s comfortable, we have good friendly neighbors,everything we need  is close by, we are doing fine.