Limerick Poetry Challenge: Winter

Limerick Prompt: Winter           wikipedia image                                          Snow_Scene_at_Shipka_Pass_1.JPG (2576×1932)

My city you are so windy and cold

I wish you were peaceful to behold

I can only blame the season

Which is the real reason

Why you are so merciless and cold!



365 days Writing Prompt: No,thank you

If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?

The word I’d definitely ban from general usage is the word , “Retarded”. These are some of the definitions of this word: less developed esp. mentally; slow to develop or occur; stupid, pathetic.

To me the word sounds derogatory, psychologically it affects the person who is called retarded, there can be a lot of reasons for someone to take longer to comprehend a sentence,word, a paragraph, that cannot or should not be the reason  to call the person  retarded.…pt-nothank-you