Five sentence Fiction: Spunk

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Patricia’s question, ” Are you a pianist  too?” suddenly awakened Mark, he  realized he was not friendly with Tracy’s cousin.

He was embarrassed when the question was directed to him, he instantly replied, “Yes I am a pianist, not as brilliant as your cousin.”

Patricia was in a mood to extend their conversation, within seconds she gathered enough courage to ask him to teach her to get better in playing the piano.

Mark was unable to make an excuse, why he couldn’t tutor her, reluctantly he agreed, Patricia was delighted to have someone who would regularly teach her, she learned the basics from her cousin she wanted to make a career out of it.

Thus began the friendship of Patricia and Mark, their week-ends were occupied  playing piano, going for coffee,walks in the nearby park, both were happy to find each other,weeks turned to months and a year, piano lessons were going well, they became extremely fond of each other, suddenly, Patricia said one day , “you know Mark you have to admit I have guts, I was able to convince you to give me piano lessons, even though I didn’t know you.”




Five sentence fiction: Diversions

Lillie McFerrin Writes

After the disappointing run at the Boston marathon, Patricia needed some kind of distraction to get over her failure to complete the marathon run.

She was disheartened by her friend Tracy, whose letter at the last minute destroyed her confidence.

Her mother suggested she could spend some time with her cousin Andrea, Andrea was an accomplished pianist ,  she volunteered to give Pat   piano lessons.

The two liked each others company, Pat was doing well  in the  lessons better  than anyone her cousin had taught, within a year Pat was playing the piano well enough to compete in the yearly music festival.

Pat registered in the competition, her cousin warned her not to expect too much,  “enjoy playing for the audience,” Andrea told her cousin, Pat learned from her earlier failure in the marathon  not to expect too much,  she entered  the competition without any expectation, the audience loved her performance, , the adjudicator was impressed with her showing, he placed her third, everything went well, Patricia  gave up running  and  concentrated on becoming an accomplished pianist  like her cousin!

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DP Daily Prompt: Silver Screen

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Take a quote from your favorite movie—There’s the title of your post.Now Write!

The title I have chosen is: “I’d do anything for you, dear Anything”~(Oliver Twist) 🙂

Once upon a time in the land of the unknown, there lived a sweet little girl, her beauty was known in this unknown land.She was out for a walk and suddenly she realized she is too far from her home.

While traveling she met a strange guy who loved to travel, he was not fussy about what kind of a place, he was prepared to go anywhere, he was  a man gentle in nature and not so good to look at who  wanted  to visit this land of the unknown but had no idea how to get there. He was what you’d call a well-to -do man, he had strange habits, he’d go anywhere to show off the treasures accumulated by his parents.It was his luck or misfortune (didn’t matter what you’d think) his wealthy parents left this world to explore the hereafter.

I wish to introduce this man to all of you mortals, he is, Revilo, “Did you say, Revilo,what kind of a  name is it, said a young lady?”

Revilo was perturbed by this question,”It does not matter what kind of a  name it is, my parents could not think of a name so they picked five letters from the English alphabet: R is rich; E is efficient; V for valiant; I for intelligent; L for lonely; and the O for opulent.”

“Oh my! said the young lady, are you really rich?”

“Yes my dear said Revilo.”

“E in your name stands for Efficient, are you really efficient, tell me what can you do asked Patricia the young lady.”

“I’d do anything for you,dear Anything,” replied Revilo.

“Then come with me said Patricia I will take you to my land and show you a place which needs all the letters of your name, you have to transform it into a thriving happy place for the inhabitants, this is what I’d like you to do for me.”

Revilo thought it over, he had money, he knew how to do things well,he was brave, he considered himself very intelligent, he was lonely, no one was waiting for him to go back, and he was wealthy, he was not lacking any of the gifts required to carry out the project.

He wanted to impress Patricia, he agreed to take on the job.

Patricia and Revilo walked for days to reach this land, on their way they met travelers who warned them not to go to this unknown land. Revilo wasn’t afraid he disregarded their advice and went on with Patricia by his side.

After a long thirty days they reached the place. What Revilo saw clearly discouraged him he could not go back on his word, therefore he planned in his head how he’d start this project. He wished in his mind the letter L in his name would stand for Lucky, it was too late, it couldn’t be done.

Patricia was confident Revilo would be able to make the land a gorgeous place for everyone.

Revilo sat on the stump of a tree, he was worn out by the traveling and decided to rest, soon he fell asleep, he dreamed he was in a magical place, there he met a starving man crying for food, how can this be magical when there is a starving poor man, surely everyone should have plenty to eat and drink here, He asked the man why he was starving in a magical place.

What the man told him completely befuddled him. There is a man here who is called a magician, he can do anything anyone wants at the push of a button. The poor man told Revilo to be careful, he’d be asked to find the button, if he is unable the magician has the power to change him into whatever he wants.

“Is this why you are poor he asked the man?”

“Yes, he said, I could not find the button.”

Someone’s pinch awakened Revilo, who could it be, he was disturbed , he was getting so close to solve the mystery of the button, now he is back to zero and has this insurmountable task before him.

Slowly he opened his eyes, it was time to wake up and start planning he thought.He heard a bone chilling noise, he jumped up and found a huge man staring and smiling.

“Hello, said the man, and what brings you here?”

For a fraction of a second Revilo froze, words were stuck in his mouth, he shook himself and looked at the man.

The man said,”I’m sorry, my name is, Fiddlehead , I’m here to help anyone who needs me.”

Revilo  straightened himself, in his fit of excitement he stood up, “can you really help?” he voiced.

I wouldn’t say it if I couldn’t uttered Fiddlehead.

Revilo calmed down and related his story from the time he met Patricia, Fiddlehead was unmoved, he declared, “this is not a tough job, tell me when do you want this done.”

“Oh my God pronounced Revilo, I cannot believe I’m so blessed, thank you, thank you thank you, is it possible to do it in a week?”

“One whole week, that long? Remarked Fiddlehead, why I can get it done in Two days, what will you give me for my effort?”

Revilo had a long gold chain his mother gave him to keep with him in case he ran short of cash on his travels. He quickly took it out and gave it to Fiddlehead, “this is my gift to you for your effort, said Revilo and handed it to Fiddlehead.”

“You do not have to give it now, I’d love to get it after my job is done.”

” No,no you keep it, I want Patricia to know,When I said, I’d do anything for her, I meant it, announced Revilo.”

With these words they parted and Fiddlehead promised he’d see Revilo, on the third day.

Revilo and Patricia arrived on the designated place on the third day, there was no sign of Fiddlehead, morning turned to afternoon,then to evening followed by night.

Neither Revilo , nor Patricia expressed anything, they could not believe they were cheated.

On the fourth day there was an uproar, a bunch of people were busy taking away  Fiddlehead who was all tied up to the nearest police station. It is believed he had deceived far too many people, they were ready to get him. The opportunity presented itself when Fiddlehead was trying to bluff another innocent soul.

Patricia thanked Revilo for his efforts and admitted it was an impossible  task and Revilo was only human,to expect something like this was her fault.

They went their separate ways and promised to meet each other some day!














Fiction: Falling

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Jack was a wealthy man, his wife and he made a lot of money in the stock market, they lived a life of luxury they had everything they wanted, they had two beautiful children, Patricia was ten and Nelson was five.

Patricia wanted to be a physician when she grew up, Nelson was too young to decide what he’d like to be, they were a happy family,money was not a problem and they spent it without thinking of the future.

Then came the big crash of the stock market, Jack’s shares in the stock market started falling, he told his wife, “don’t worry it’s only momentary, things will be fine.”

Jack was glued to the TV watching the prices of his shares going down swiftly, he still hoped it’ll come up when the correction is made, things were not looking good, all of Jack’s shares were taking a big hit,he started to panic, who wouldn’t it meant his life of luxury was coming to an end.

His palatial home, expensive cars, and all the assets he thought was his was taken over by the bank, he was unable to pay the mortgage, he ended up losing everything, he and his family had to leave their house and everything in it!


Fiction: The Porcelain Doll

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Monica wanted a porcelain doll as her birthday present, the parents gladly bought one and reminded her to follow the instruction, “How to take care of her prized possession.”

She dressed her doll the best way she could, she was happy to see how gorgeous her doll looked, she named it, “Nefertiti”, the Egyptian queen.

Her friend Patricia heard about Monica’s doll and came to see if it was as pretty as her classmates told her, to her surprise she didn’t think she’d seen a doll prettier than Monica’s, her friend’s reluctance to let her touch the doll infuriated Patricia, she made plans to steal it and bury it in the ground.

After her friend left that day,Monica remembered seeing something in Patricia’s looks which made her concerned, was her friend thinking of something evil was all she thought about the whole day, she fell asleep early evening, suddenly she woke up in the middle of the night and found her doll missing, she looked out the window and found Patricia digging a hole in the ground, slowly the doll was laid in the hole and the ground was covered up,Monica let out a horrific scream, she started crying and yelling, “How could you do this to me?”

The noise awakened the parents,mom and dad came running to see what was going on, they found Monica crying and yelling, “She buried my doll,” the parents rummaged the room frantically, they found it neatly tucked away in the doll- house!






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