DP DAILY PROMPT: Reading material Post by Ranu

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I read blogs that my online friends write,I also read the blogs of bloggers I know. How I pick books is a totally different thing. I go for catchy titles. There was a time when I only read books that were recommended by my older siblings or teachers.

Lately my direction is changed slightly,I read books that have an interesting title. When I was teaching I saw a book on the shelf,the title caught my attention,it was “This Can’t Be Happening At Macdonald Hall”,naturally I had to find out what exactly was happening at Macdonald Hall. The author was a student of grade eight.He wrote this in school,it was a story they had to write for their language class. The teacher was so impressed,he told his student to send it to the publishers,Scholastic publishing company. He wrote a lot of books that were best sellers.

Moving on I noticed a book titled “Aleph” ,the author was Paulo Coelho. I bought the book and after that any book written by this author had to find a spot on my shelf. I read Hosseini’s books,I read the second one first,but then was told “Kite Runner” was his best seller.  My daughter bought it for me,I had to read it immediately.I was not disappointed.

There are other books I bought simply because I liked the title.

I don’t have a definite pattern how I choose my books,it can be the title,the blurb written by various publishers also makes me curious to read the book.

DP Daily Prompt: On The Edge Post by Ranu

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I have neglected to finish reading my books. To keep me from thinking about it every moment of the day,I have picked up,”Paulo Coelho’s Eleven minutes again”. This time I intend to fulfill my obligation. I hope my habit of procrastination will not block my intention.

Waiting in line to get my reading on an even keel are: Tagore,Coelho,Michael Ondaatje. I was almost tempted to add one more new author on the list,when a voice told me to get the ones I have, completed before I increase the number of authors. I will have to stay away from the book stores,  how long I do not know myself.

For now I’ll read the ones I possess. I am afraid they’ll show up in my dreams as monsters ready to imprison me for this heinous crime. Did I mention I started reading one already?

Book Report ,( A Novel) “The Valkyries” Posted by Ranu

Paulo Coelho

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Valkyries ( pronounced  val’ki:ri) : It is a Scandinavian myth.Valkyries are twelve maidens who hover over battlefields and conduct the fallen warriors to Valhalla.Valhalla is a hall in which the souls of those who died in battle feast with Odin, the supreme god for eternity. The author of the book is Paulo Coelho,who is a famous writer from Brazil. The publisher of the book is Harper Collins.The first edition was published in 1996. There are 209 pages in this book. This particular book is not among the best sellers.

There are several blurbs written for this book.I will only quote one: “Coelho is a pilgrim of a literature that soothes the soul,and of a philosophy that rediscovers the spirituality in people,our personal quest and reunion with the forgotten,everyday beauty of the world in which we live and paths we weave.His books are a mirror: Refreshing,intense,messengers of love and man’s most essential path.His magic irradiates when,after reading his books,one feels happy.”__El Espectador, Colombia

I started reading his books,partly because of his Philosophy and spiritualism, and also some of the things he writes about in a way resembles ,”The great poet and philosopher, Allama Iqbal.” I started studying about Iqbal since late 2011 and am continuing to do so, even today.

Valkyries is the fourth book  of Paulo Coelho I have read so far.

The main characters are: J., Paulo,his wife Chris, Gene a man in his twenties,and the Valkyries. These are the primary characters.There are others without whom ,it will be challenging to proceed.

My intention is to give the introduction,I will give a gist of the story in parts. For now, this is all,I will write.

To be continued!