Daily Prompt : Peculiar

In response to the prompt : Peculiar

Odd and Even are going for a walk,

It’s sounds strange how they talk.

One’s English accent is peculiar,

The other’s accent is not queer.

Even tells Odd, ‘I’ll teach you brother,’

Odd replies, ‘it’s all right why bother.’

So they decided to go separate ways,

Rather than tease each other anyways!

……………………………. ūüôā


Writing Prompt: Imperfection

Imperfections- in things,in people,in places,–add character to life. Tell us about the imperfection you cherish.

Let me count the imperfections 

In my life 

Please don’t worry ¬†have no tension¬†

My doors are black

But the grass is green

Such a contrast you haven’t seen!


Then there’s the carpet

On the floor

Multi-colored with 

Peculiar designs

Something I have 

Never seen before!


Talk about my kittens

They are a rare breed

Dancing and jumping

On my unkempt carpet

They do not know how to behave 

For they really are a rare breed!


My lawn outside is full of snow

What can I do with it

I do not know

If you have any solution

      Please Let me know

I’d always be grateful¬†

For your explanation!


This is all I can write

Of my imperfection

Pray give me 

Your feedback

For my satisfaction!






DP Daily Prompt: Perspective Ranu’s post https://sabethville.wordpress.com

Roast Turkey

Roast Turkey (Photo credit: SliceOfChic)

What drives me crazy is when someone promises something and goes back on his/her word. I can be very peculiar,I immediately decide I’ll have nothing to do with this person. I don’t think there must be some problem. I make up my mind, I cannot deal with someone who doesn’t value his/her own word. You can say I won’t have many friends I am so rigid. Those who know me are always willing to take my side.

What makes me happy? A lot of things e.g when I get a reply to my email promptly. I am very happy. I was happy when my former student volunteered to shovel my driveway. The fact she remembered me and came to my house was enough to make me happy.I always feel good when I can do something in return. That student of mine brought six friends of hers,to shovel the driveway. I was so happy I bought a turkey,roasted it and took it to her. At that time she lived across the street from me.