The Daily Post : Perfection

In response to daily post’s prompt : Perfection

When I think about perfection, my cooking comes to mind. Over the years I’ve tried cooking, baking, I’ve followed recipes from all kinds of cookbooks, Italian, French, American, Australian, Indian and Bengali. I have a large collection, I bought most of them and also some are gifts from friends and family.

There is one thing I noticed about myself, I do not go for perfection but I’m happy if it comes out all right in taste and look. I remember one time I spent a lot of time baking cookies, mostly for my kids, who were great lovers of cookies, they’d leave their regular meals for cookies.

Once my brother visited us from Halifax with his kids. I served him and his family with tea and my home made cookies, he looked at them, there was a variety of them. He  asked, “Where did you buy these?”

I told him, “I baked them.”

He was genuinely surprised, he pointed them to his wife and said, “Ranu baked these.”

I knew then he was impressed. I wouldn’t say they were the best, but they were tasty.

When I have dinner parties, there are times when out of six items one of them turns out not so good. I feel embarrassed but the guests are very generous, they’d say, “No it’s perfect.”

I wasn’t able to do a perfect job in my cooking, something or the other always went wrong. I sometimes wonder is there a perfect cook?

……………………………………… 🙂