365 Writing prompts: I want to know what love is

We each have many types of love relationships_ parents, children,spouses, friends. And they are not always with people; you may love an animal,or a place.Is there a single idea or definition that runs through all the varieties of “Love”?

It is true there are many varieties of love, such as: people, place, and animal. I’m not sure one definition will be enough for all of them.

When I think of love for parents, I feel it is not the same as love for the spouse, children or friends.

I know my parents would do anything for me to see me happy, whatever they do they do it unconditionally. They are never selfish, their whole world revolves around their children, they’d be devastated if anything bad happened to their children.

The children on the other hand will love their parents up to a certain point. When they feel that they are self-sufficient they’d either forget their parents or will have very little to do with them. This love I call “selfish love”, e.g A daughter sends an email to the mother which says ,”I only want to have a courteous relationship with you”. A parent will never dream of writing this to her child.

This  is a  comparison of love of the child and love of the parents.

Love for friends is different, if it’s your best friend you confide in him/her everything about your life, and hope it will be kept a secret.

With animals love is the reason we have them anyway, the animals on the other hand have no selfish motives like humans, their love for you is unconditional. Our love for an animal will always be the same,pure love.

Love for a place can change if you find some other place better or you can easily visit. I used to love a  place for a very long time, the distance, the difficulty of visiting it, is the reason I don’t think about it anymore.I do have a very fond memory of it.

Human beings are different , not everyone will treat their parents like the one I mentioned above,which happens to be a true example.

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DP Daily Prompt: I want to know what Love Is

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We each have many types of love relationships— parents ,children, spouses, friends. And they are not always with people; you may love an animal or a place. Is there a single idea or definition that runs through all the varieties of “love”?

I think love is a very powerful feeling it’s a deep affection for an  animal, place,plant, or people. It’s the kind of feeling you have when you are busy doing something, suddenly you jump up because you realize you did not water your plant, or forgot to feed your cat or failed to call your friend.

In this age of technology there are so many ways of remembering your near and dear ones. If your feeling is not deep enough, you will not run to water that plant or feed your pet, or send an email or call your friend to know how he /she is.

My definition would be a deep rooted feeling for a friend, an animal , a place, a child, spouse or even a plant.


DP Daily Prompt: No,Thanks

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Is there a place in the world you never want to visit ? Where, and why not?

There are places I am not interested to visit, they are towns and cities where human life is not considered important. Where the word peace has no meaning. Where might is right is  the motto.

My reason to visit any place in the world would be to learn about it, the language they speak, their way of life, clothes they wear, to compare with my own town, mark the similarities and differences in us.

I wouldn’t want to go somewhere to see how unfriendly and hostile  they are, it would be sheer ignorance on my part to go somewhere, where I am not welcome.

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365 Writing Prompts: The full moon

When the full moon happens, you turn into a person who’s the opposite of who you normally are. Describe this new you.

There is something very unique about the full moon, whenever it happens and the sky is clear, I find myself in a place I’ve never been. I am lost in my thought and go into an imaginary place where it’s me, Tagore, Rumi, Mirza Ghalib and Iqbal. I carefully listen to their conversation.

Tagore and I are the only Bengalis , the rest of them speak Persian. I am fascinated to hear this language which I don’t understand.

Tagore realizes my shortcoming and helps me out. I begin to understand a few words, but cannot carry on a lengthy dialogue. I’m advised to go back to earth and work on my language skills especially in Persian, so I can participate in their discussion.

Back on earth I turn on my computer and Google the language Persian. I know I must be ready for the next full moon, I tell myself did I really see those people or it was all my imagination. Unfortunately it was just that and I didn’t have to count when I’ll meet them again.

They have left the earth and are now in a better place, without any kind of worries, and I am here with all the trials and tribulations of the world!




DP Daily Prompt: Roy G. Biv

What is an ideal place for me?

The sun shines brightly every day.

Where there are grassy fields

untouched by man.

Happy children in bright red suit

their faces smeared with yellow paint

playing with friends without fear.

Little girl Violet in her

indigo suit singing

and dancing for all to see.

The clear sky  above and no clouds

Is an ideal place for me.

Tell me can you find such

a place for me!


DP Daily Prompt: There’s No Place Like Home Post by Ranu

The phrase  ”There’s No Place Like Home’,is one I truly believe in. To me it doesn’t have to be something extraordinary,but a small comfortable place will suffice. A home where I have my things,where I can do as I please,I can entertain,my friends and family is something I cannot give up.

A life of a nomad does not interest me. I do  not think if I get the chance to travel from place to place,I’ll opt for it. I love the security of my home.I know the people in my neighborhood. I give importance to these things. Nomadic life is not for me.

Live and Learn And Pass It On by H.Jackson Brown,JR. post by Ranu

The following is a collection of views by various people. Mr. Brown has put them together in a book.I will share some of them with all my friends at WordPress:

I’ve learned that home is the best place where we

grumble the most and are loved the best.   ___Age 89

Traffic light in Munich, Germany, showing a sp...

Traffic light in Munich, Germany, showing a special bus signal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve learned that first graders are the only ones

who think it’s neat when their teeth fall out.___Age 25

I’ve learned that you should never put off saying,

“I love you,” in any relationship as long as you

sincerely mean it.Otherwise, you may spend the

rest of your life regretting it. __   Age 19

I’ve learned that  when the traffic signal light says

“walk,” I’d better run.   ____Age 57

I’ve learned that of all the bad four- letter words,

DIET is the worst.___  Age 54

I’ve learned that if either of

your parents are angry,don’t

__ and I repeat don’t __ ask for

money.                                  __ Age 10

DP Daily Prompt: Place Post by Ranu

Place is the word that came to me.It can mean a particular portion of space, it can be a situation, or a city town,village,neighbourhood,street, room or outdoor building, or role,position or function,a point reached in a book,or duties or entitlements in office, or a place in a race e.g first ,second ,third,fourth,or a last place,place an order, put a person in his place,imagine myself in my friend’s place to understand how she feels.

My friend was having a rough time in her life.Her children were not behaving. She wasn’t getting any help from her husband. Her whole house was in disarray.She told me how difficult her life was. When she asked me if I could give her some advice how to deal with this terrible situation. I did not think much,I said this is easy, discipline the kids,tell your husband to help you.I solved the problem within minutes. She was stunned to hear my answer,as if it can be done in minutes. I could see she was annoyed to hear what I had to say. She looked at me straight in the eye and said, “Ranu, put yourself in my place and tell me how you are going to solve this.” I was speechless!