DP Daily Prompt: If I Had A Hammer

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If you could learn a trade __ say carpentry, electrical work, roofing, landscaping, plumbing, flooring, drywall__ you name it __ what skill(s) would you like to have in your back pocket?

Landscaping and flooring are two trades, I’d love to learn. I have done some flooring with my husband. When we bought the house in Gander, my husband was not crazy about the cement floors in the basement. He bought some square pieces of fake wood, he wanted to do it himself, I offered to help. Between the two of us we covered the cement floors in our basement.

Our house In St. John’s needed some work on the wooden floors, the people we hired refused to do it, they wanted us to remove everything from all the rooms at once, they were not prepared to do one room at a time. Our problem was where could we move all the furniture it simply was not doable,so we cleared one room at a time, sanded the wooden floors, and then applied stain, it looked better than what it was when we first saw it.

About landscaping, I’d say is a much harder job, I think I have a lot of experience mowing the lawn, if someone could help clearing the weeds and also help with the soil, I may be able to do an okay job.

Carpentry, roofing,plumbing, drywall these trades I’d leave it for  the professionals. 🙂


Writing Prompt: Call me, Maybe

I use my phone mainly to make calls, to various companies I deal with. I always have trouble with Roger’s,they provide the internet,the T.V. sometimes the power company. I had to call the power company a few days ago. My bill was more than three times compared to other months. They were not short of excuses, like it was too cold and it was five days more than the last month. I could argue in five days I more than tripled my bill. I know it would be a futile attempt on my part. So I let it go.

Then there is a call every week from people collecting  used clothes. I am told they sell them,they do not give them free. Besides if I donate every week like they want me to. I won’t have much left for me to wear. So my answer is , “Sorry not this time.”

Then there are personal calls,some I love getting but there are others which I don’t answer. Paying for call display,is worth the money I pay every month.

It is a nuisance when the phone buzzes at 3 A.M. I am very unhappy.

My phone is necessary in times of emergency,such as when I need the plumber to fix problems I have with the plumbing.

I don’t have too many problems with my phone.

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