DP Daily Prompt: Blogger of Repute

I’d like to think I have a good reputation, by it I don’t mean I’m an awesome writer. It means I’m easy to get along. I do not recall writing anything so far that will make one cringe.

I have translated a fair number of Tagore’s poems and songs. I love doing it. I’ve been asked by friends to doit. His poems or songs have nothing objectionable. I happen to be lucky. My native language is Bengali, same as the poet’s. Some of his writings do get lost in translation. It is a case with any translation. Still it helps to understand his poetry and the lyrics of his songs . Sometimes it lacks the deeper meaning, but I try my best.

I’ve written some stories about myself. My┬áblogger friends and my other friends like what they read. At least this is what they say. I feel happy knowing it.