DP Daily Prompt: As Seen on TV post by Ranu

This is an assignment I’ll easily get a big round zero. Late night infomercial is something I never wanted to watch.How can I put myself in their shoes and expect them to come in droves to read my blog.

I’ll just say,come one come all,visit my blog.You will find short stories that will impress you. Translations of Tagore can teach you about the great poet of the east. Daily Prompts that will slowly reveal a thing or two about me.

To top it all there will be rhythmic  songs in my mother tongue and the translation.Where can you find all this? “Only in Sabethville”

DP Daily Prompt: Origin Story Post by Ranu

I was interested to be a part of the blogging community when I read my friend’s blog. I was not sure how . I accepted the challenge.Here I am enjoying it thoroughly.

Signing up with ‘Daily Post’ was my best move.I don’t have to think.Every morning I get the topic, I try to write the best way I can. I did not plan anything, I left that part to my mind.So far I am doing great.

I got ideas from my course buddies,one of them in particular.It was helpful to know what would interest them. Tagore is popular,I’ve translated a lot of his poems.When I started I didn’t think I could do it. Knowing the language certainly was a plus point. Here I am translating and writing the daily post. Did I think it’d go this way ,of course not?

I also wrote sort of a travelogue,where I was the guide and my clients was a family of three. I used some of my teaching experience to write that one.Right now I depend on the daily post.I might get some more input from my on-line course friends. This is what I am counting on.

I’ll probably write something for my friends who are interested.

DP Daily Prompt: Switcheroo post by Ranu

The Switcheroo Series: Alexisonfire vs. Moneen

The Switcheroo Series: Alexisonfire vs. Moneen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I could switch blogs with any blogger for a week, I’d switch with Subhan Zein. He writes his poems so beautifully. He has a great talent for writing simple poems,that are very meaningful.His comments are wonderful,he seems to have a way with words. I will learn a thing or two, I think.

Then he has such a huge follower list. I won’t mind having them for a week. Who knows I might have them for keeps. Wouldn’t it be lovely!

Napowrimo ‘All About Translation’ post by Ranu

I told Tagore,’I translated your poem  it doesn’t make sense’.

The English words are hard to find.

So   I left it as a draft you know .

Along came my daughter Selina,

I let her read the translation,

She looked at me with a question mark,

I don’t know Mom,this much I can say,

You cannot translate all his poems.

But remember this much I will say,

Can you translate, ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ in Bengali?

I got my answer  I think,

and left the translation  as a “DRAFT”!

Shakespeare and Tagore(great minds) Posted by Ranu


Shakespeare (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning I suddenly thought of Shakespeare and Tagore. Shakespeare was born in 1564 and died in 1616. Tagore was born May 8th  1861 and died on  seventh august 1941.

Shakespeare was an English poet and playwright .He was widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world’s pre-eminent dramatist.

Tagore is a towering figure in the millennium-old literature of Bengal. He composed about seven thousand poems,songs,short stories ,novels,dramas,musicals,letters and essays altogether.He won Nobel Prize in Literature for the English version of his collection of Bengali songs Geetanjali( an offering in songs).

Shakespeare in his play As You Like It,writes about the birth and death of a human being in the most interesting way.He portrays   humankind in this play very skilfully.  About the infant he says: ” At first the infant,mewling and puking in the nurse’s  arms”.

Tagore also writes about the infant in a much different way: he says,” tomar holo shuru,for you it’s the beginning”.

In the second stage, Shakespeare says;”then the whining schoolboy,with his satchel and shining morning face,creeping like a snail.Unwilling to go to school.

In the third stage: Shakespeare writes; “And then the lover,sighing like furnace,with a woeful ballad  made to his mistress’ eyebrow.

The third stage in Tagore’s song is:”You have a companion”.

In the fourth stage Shakespeare writes: “Then a soldier,full of strange oaths and bearded like the pard,jealous in honor ,sudden and quick in quarrel,seeking the bubble reputation”.

In comparison, Tagore writes: “You have a boat”.

The next stage in Shakespeare’s poem is: “Then the justice ,in fair round belly with good capon  lined,full of wise saws and modern instances.And so he plays his part.

The fifth stage in Tagore’s poem is: “You are sitting calmly”.

Shakespeare’s sixth stage is: “Into the lean and slippered pantaloon,with spectacles on nose and pouch on side; His youthful hose ,well saved,a world too wide.For his shrunk shank,and his big manly voice,turning again toward childish treble,pipes and whistles in his sound”.

In the last stage Shakespeare says:  ” That ends this strange eventful  history.Is second childishness and mere oblivion,sans teeth,sans eyes,sans taste,sans everything”.

Tagore sums up old age thus: ” For me it is the ending.I have the night before me.I have stars shining.I am restless and moving. My hand is old and worn out. I am free from fear.I don’t have to look for work. I have done everything. My journey therefore is ending”.

Both Shakespeare and Tagore have written about the beginning and ending of life. Although their way of portraying the stages of life  and death is very different. The conclusion is the same.

Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel prize for li...

Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel prize for literature. It is the first Nobel prize won by Asia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)