Quaid-e- Azam, Mohammed Ali Jinnah(Pakistan’s first Governor General)

Translation by Ranu

Once a little boy asked Jinnah: Why do you want to partition India, we are the same people?

Jinnah sat for a few minutes, stood up, picked up a glass of water and took a sip. He then called the lad who asked him the question of partition. He asked the Hindu boy to drink the water from the same glass, the boy refused and went back to his seat.

He then offered a Muslim boy to drink from the same glass. This boy drank the water.

He told the boy, this is why I want the partition of India.

He was very popular with the people of Pakistan. If he shook hands with someone, that person would tell his friends and relatives: ‘I shook hands with Mr. Jinnah.”

Daily Prompt : Popular

In response to daily prompt : Popular

Roger Federer is the most popular tennis player, one wonders how did he  become so prominent. He has many qualities, one of them is he won nineteen Grand Slam Tennis titles. He is humble, he treats his fans well, I think other players in his circle should try to follow his example.

I know, not every one can win so many tennis titles, but if they are nice and friendly, perhaps they can try some things, for starters, well-liked if they do not have too big an ego, they can agree they’re human therefore they will make mistakes like normal people.

I’ve seen someone in the world stage, whose popularity is waning each day he tweets, or talks, he lacks humility, these are negative things about this person. Every day I watch him I wonder, how did he become like this. For people to like him he must transform himself.

He must tell the truth because, “Honesty Is The Best Policy!”

…………………………………… 🙂