DP Daily Prompt: The Interview

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Interview your favorite fictional character.

Merchant Of Venice: interview with Portia

Ranu: Hello Portia, how are you?

Portia: I am quite well, thank you.

Ranu: Can I ask you a few questions?

Portia: Sure, what would you like to know?

Ranu: How were you able to disguise yourself as a lawyer?

Portia :Antonio, a friend of Bassanio and Nerissa my lady in waiting, helped me with my lawyer’s outfit and Antonio also gave me a few clues, how I  should  ask questions.

Ranu : I was impressed by the way you portrayed your character as a lawyer.

Portia : Before the scene,I practiced how to unnerve Shylock, it was easy there were a few loopholes which helped me.

Ranu: Loopholes ? What do you mean?

Portia: Shylock did not realize he hadn’t mentioned blood when he wanted  the pound of flesh.

Ranu: Oh how clever of you.

Portia: Since Antonio was the guarantor, he had to sign a document which said he will give a pound of his flesh,if Bassanio was unable to repay his debt to Shylock.

Ranu : When the time came for Shylock to take the pound of flesh from Antonio, how were you able to save him.

Portia: I knew how to get Shylock, I simply said, “You can take a pound of flesh, since there is no mention of blood, you cannot spill blood, that’s where I got him.

Ranu: You are so clever, you saved Bassanio’s friend Antonio! 🙂