Daily Prompts: Flow

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Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

ও নদীরে, একটি কথা শুধাই শুধু তোমারে |
বলো কোথায় তোমার দেশ
তোমার নেই কি চলার শেষ! ও নদীরে…
তোমার কোনো বাঁধন নাই তুমি ঘর ছাড়া কি তাই,
এই আছো ভাটায় আবার এই তো দেখি জোয়ারে ||
এ কূল ভেঙে ও কূল তুমি গড়ো
যার একূল ওকূল দুকূল গেল তার লাগি কি করো?
আমায় ভাবছো মিছেই পর, তোমার নেই কি অবসর,
সুখ দুঃখের কথা কিছু কইলে না হয় আমারে ||

I thought about the one-word prompt: Flow. I felt the song describes the flow of the  river beautifully, why not I copy the lyrics and translate it.

This is a Bengali song , in it the singer is speaking to a river.

I’m translating the song into English:

O river I’m asking you a question

Tell me where is your country

Is there no end to your Flowing

You have no attachment is this why you don’t have a home

One moment I see you  on ebb-tide

Next you are flowing rapidly

Your flow breaks one shore and rebuilds another

Tell me river what will you do for someone who has no shore

You think I’m a stranger, don’t you have any free time

Why don’t you tell me about your pleasure and pain?



DP Daily Prompt: Recently Acquired

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What’s the most important( or interesting, or unexpected) thing about blogging you know today that you didn’t know a month ago.

I started blogging over two years ago. I had no idea what it was or what the word meant, fortunately a participant from my online course started blogging. I read his post and thought how remarkable, one can actually write posts on different subjects and people take time to read it and write their comments. This is awesome I whispered to myself. Then it occurred to me can I write something too,and will other bloggers read my post?

I asked my online course facilitator if I also could  start blogging like Robert? He said,”yes you should.”

I asked my daughter she signed me up with WordPress, according to her it is the best one. I started blogging in June 2012.

What I learned is unbelievable, writing posts, poetry or prose anything goes. Then there are prompts supplied by WordPress daily, which is awesome, it requires a little bit of thinking,once I got used to it, I wrote as much as my brain would co-operate, sometimes a whole lot,  other times not so much.

I sometimes wonder about my blogger friend Leslie and Sonya, I don’t know how they come up with such great poems, my writing looks pale compared to theirs, I’m contented with what I can do. You know everyone cannot do as well as Wordsworth, Shakespeare or William Henry Davies, I certainly am not in their league, I enjoy it, thinking I must be thankful for what I can do.

The above is my story of blogging, my thanks to Robert for showing me the way, to Leslie who is always encouraging me.I’m grateful to my friends, who read my posts regardless of how good or bad they are,only because Ranu wrote it and we must continue to follow her blog,is I think what motivates them!