DP weekly writing challenge contd. Shorola AKA Corolla cliff hanger part 2

Shorola was unhappy, she wondered , “why do they hate me, I wanted to be their friend, Mom you’re wrong I tried to be nice, they still dislike me, oh please  God , can you help me?”    D own came a bearded fellow  from up above.  “My dear child,what’s the matter,why are you crying?”

“No one likes me ,everyone hates me, they tease me ,they call me Corolla,my name is Shorola ,I wanted to be their friend .I brought some candy for  them .Tom the bully took them away. I have nothing to give them.”

“Okay my dear child I know why you are sad. I must tell you something. You cannot buy friendship.  I’ll try to help you,you must remember my instructions. Any mistake you make will work against you. I’ll give you three things:  1. A gold bracelet, 2. A silver bracelet ,3. An emerald bracelet.  Each one has its own magic.  I’ll also give you three pouches to put them in. The pouch with the letter G,will be for the gold bracelet, S for silver and E for emerald. Do not mix them up or all the magic will be lost. Put them in a  safe place. Don’t tell anyone about them. When you try them on, each one will tell you what they can do for you. I am not going to tell you what they can and cannot do. You have to find out yourself. I’ll show up one more time to see how you’re doing.” Suddenly he disappeared.

“But I am scared nice man, I want you to come back and help me.”  There was no answer. She thought of telling her mother about this, but he told her it wasn’t a good idea. What will I do, I am so sleepy, maybe the nice man will come in my dream and will tell me, what kind of magic the bracelets have, will he or won’t he? I’ll sleep, before I do, I’ll put my pouches in a safe place. I know I’ll put them under my mattress, no one will see them, I HOPE!

To be continued!

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