Daily Prompts: MISPLACED

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Today’s Prompt: Misplaced      wikipedia image

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Lost But Not Found

Years ago my mom gave me a miniature holy Quran in a case. I kept it safe with me, I took it out whenever I went out so I’d be safe. When I change my purse I take all the important things in the previous bag and stuff it in the new one. Frequent changing of bags unfortunately has resulted in misplacing my miniature Quran.

I have no idea where I might have put it for safe keeping. I’m still hoping I’d be lucky and find it. It’s precious because mom gave it to me.

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Five sentence fiction:Breakfast

Lillie McFerrin Writes

It was a school day, Penny woke up late, she was about to rush to school, her mom stopped her.

“No, Penny,” Mom said, “you must not skip the first meal of the day.”

Reluctantly she came back and sat in the kitchen, hurry mom she said, “just pour a glass of milk, I’ll be okay.”

Mom ignored her request, she toasted two slices of bread, fried an egg, and poured a small glass of orange juice, “start eating, think about nothing but the food in front of you, at this moment your concentration should be on your breakfast, do not lose this precious time thinking about school.”

Penny was astonished to hear how her mom was speaking,she never told her to concentrate on eating her food before, she must have read a book with a title which says,”Concentrate,” how strange she thought and started eating.


DP Daily Prompts: Most precious thing(pet)I ever lost

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I know when you lose a thing you can always somehow replace it.

I will write about the most precious pet I  ever lost and in my  mind she can never be replaced. Her name was Thursday,my daughter named her because she got her , one Thursday morning. She was a  tabby, she loved to eat, if there was leftovers Thursday was too glad to oblige. This habit made her overweight but she didn’t care, neither did we, let’s face it she wouldn’t compete in the “Beauty ” show . She was a tabby and loved everyone which includes us and her fellow cats.

One of my daughters was extremely allergic to cat hair, we moved her and JD to our home in Gander. JD loved our Gander home, Thursday did not. I am sure if she could talk she’d definitely complain. She had to adjust, but did she really I thought one day.

We were visiting St. John’s for a few days we brought the pets with us too. As soon as we arrived I noticed Thursday was very happy, she went up to the porch lay down and stretched herself, she recognized her favorite place and relaxed. JD came in, moved around, didn’t seem happy or sad.

Then we decided to sell our home in Gander and move to St John’s, Thursday was happy to be back in her home. We had a lot of fun with her. She knew what we do not allow, she never sat on the sofa but loved to be in the same room with us, so she was contented to lie on her bed on the carpet.

Whenever I lay down on the sofa, she’d jump and sit on my tummy, as far as she was concerned she was not breaking any rules. I thought how cute and clever she is.

A time came when Thursday like the other cats had her time on earth and it was time to say goodbye to us . We took her to the vet,but there was nothing they could do. My daughter went to bring her home, as soon as they were in the driveway, Thursday lifted herself up to make sure she was home, she then closed her eyes and was gone ):

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2015/04/05/dp-daily-promp…peti-ever-lost

DP Daily Prompts: Musical Marker

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We all have songs that remind us of specific periods and events in our lives. Twenty years from now, which song will remind you of the summer of 2014.

Life is precious and whether we’re having a good time or completely opposite, we try to hold on to it hoping tomorrow the sun will shine, with these thoughts in mind I feel I cannot count on twenty years later. It does not make me a pessimist when I say that but a realist.

I will attempt to write about the life I had as a young kid. I was very fond of songs,poetry, and music. I sat in the corner of my house each day and sang the songs I learned in school.

One of the songs I loved was:

Oh give me a home where the buffaloes roam and the deer and the antelopes play

Where never is heard a discouraging word and the sky is not cloudy all day

a home on the range where the deer and the antelopes play!

The modern songs cannot match this beautiful song and its lyrics are so meaningful.

From where I am now I’d rather appreciate the songs of long ago.I leave you with this song which is my favorite :

My mind to me a kingdom is such perfect joy therein I find.


DP Daily Prompt: Familial Feasts

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Yesterday was Father’s Day in many countries.If you could dedicate a holiday to a more distant relative, who would it be —- and why?

Not everyone is fortunate to celebrate “Father’s Day”, there are a lot of factors that prevents us from celebrating this particular day.

I had a distant relative, we called him uncle,he was a very sweet person, we made fun of him, we talked to him as if he was our friend.He always had a very serene face, he gave us the feeling that he was my mother’s brother.

I remember after my father died we came to live in Bangladesh for the first time, he was the only one who came to the airport to receive us. My mom was very pleased she thought at least she has a distant cousin who genuinely loved her and her children.

On his behalf I’d like to have a holiday which I’d name as ,”Uncle’s Day”, dedicated to my precious Uncle who was always there for us.


DP Daily Prompt: My Precious Ranu’s post

I am unable to think of anyone who can do no wrong. Yes I think one who comes close is my older daughter. She is a very considerate person. At times I feel she just does too much.

From a very young age she had the qualities of a very good and reliable person. I could always depend on her. She does not forget my birthday,anniversary.

She loves to do something nice for her friends and colleagues. She does not mind baking till the wee hours of the night for everyone she knows. She welcomes everyone with a smile.

To me she is very precious!

NaBloPoMo Nov,16 song, translation by Ranu https://sabethville.wordpress.com

So many tunes and so many songs,

If they stop some day,

I know that will be the day

You will also forget me.

How long is this life,

How long will these sweet

moments last.

Still I found you,

I know you will forget me,

I found that song

for which I gave my heart.

I don’t feel any remorse

today I have forgotten

everything about her.

We all  lose everything that’s

precious in this life,

I know you will forget me.

So many tunes and so many songs,

If they stop some day

I know that will be the day

you will also forget me!

The above is my translation.I thought this is a song, most of you will like. This is my post for ‘NaBloPoMo’

DP Daily Prompt:Prized Possession Posted by Ranu

My Prized Possession: It was not anything extremely expensive. It was a bright yellow,’Tennis Ball’. I was very fond of it. This is how I got my favourite tennis ball. As a child I loved playing outdoors. On one such occasion,I saw some children were playing with a tennis ball. Something about it attracted my attention, I wanted one just like it.That day I waited anxiously for my Dad to come home.He barely came inside the house,I told him, ‘I want a tennis ball’. My Dad looked at me,gave me the sweetest smile one can imagine,turned around and was out of the door.I cannot recall how long it took for him to come back.All I know is,he came back with four of them. I was excited,I took the ball meant for me and went out immediately.I looked for the kids who were playing with theirs. I started bouncing it and also showed them I have one too,mine is brand new.They didn’t care, they kept playing their game. The next few days for me was ,’I have a piece of heaven in my hands,it’s mine and I will take care of it till the end of time’.

English: Tennis ball

English: Tennis ball (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Suddenly the day came when I had to part with it.There was a bully in our neighbourhood,he enjoyed teasing kids. I was playing with my ball,he said,’You love your ball,do you, let me see what happens if I take it away from you’. I don’t know what happened to me,I was furious,immediately I challenged him,this was all it took for him to carry out his threat.He snatched it from me and said,’here goes your precious ball’. He threw it ,I saw my ball up in the air and then disappeared. I came home crying,my Dad told me,he will buy another one.I did not want a replacement,I wanted the same one.My ball was gone,I thought in my mind I will try not to get so much attached to anything.

In this world everything is temporary,I am here for a short while.I should therefore enjoy my stay here as much as I can and forget about attachments.