DP Daily Prompt: too Big To Fail

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Tell us about something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail( and tell us why you haven’t tried it yet).

I seriously would attempt to write a book of all my experiences I encountered in my life. I haven’t written it yet, I cannot try it without the guaranty I will not fail.

Some of my well-wishers want me to write about my experience as a teacher, there are some interesting anecdotes I’d be able to share.

It might bring out a smile for some who probably experienced it as well.

The schools I have attended , the things I liked and others I did not, it’s the way life is you do not like everything that happens to you.

My interaction with children, who I thought are the sweetest and most innocent human beings on the planet. I’m willing to bet if they were at the helm of our beloved planet, they would make it the best place on earth.

When they love they are sincere, they do not know how to pretend, some are influenced by adults who unknowingly say or do things just to impress the adults they come into contact with.

When I was six  there were two sisters who were our  neighbors their religion was different from  mine . To impress their older cousin they pointed out to her in a very awkward way this is what one of them said in Bengali: “Ora na mucholman”( they are Muslims). her way of saying showed she does not like  us. How do I know because the proper word in Bengali is, Musalman, not Mucholman, this was her way to scoff at us. Neither she nor I understood at that age why she did that.

Sometimes certain events are  deep-rooted  in our mind this was one of them. We adults do great harm to children by teaching them to discriminate.

I need reassurance that I will not fail, this is the only reason I have not tried to write a book!



DP Daily Prompt: A Brand New You, Effective Tomorrow


I  thought of all the great people  I can pretend to be. I do not get as much satisfaction as being me. I know me,I do not need to do research to find out who I am. I am well aware of the fact, I am not as important as personalities I can pretend to be.  To me if I cannot want to be me ,there is something  wrong.

So here I am, I’ve decided to write about myself . I came from a big family.  I had eight brothers and three sisters. The number has decreased. Now I have four brothers and two sisters.  We were a very happy family. My father was a senior officer in the government.My mother was a house wife. Cooking delicious food was her main occupation. She had to ,we the children and my father included were very fussy about food. We had our preferences. It was not easy for my mother to keep all of us happy.

My father had some basic rules, i.e.,  we must speak our mother tongue at home. We were encouraged to learn as many languages possible, but mother tongue was a priority.

In the neighborhood we spoke a different language to communicate with the kids. In school it was English. We were warned by our teachers who were nuns. English was the only language we were allowed to speak. For every word we spoke other than English we had to pay a fine.  It was not that much, but here is the trick ,we had to ask Mom,automatically Mom would find out we broke some rule in school,so we were punished I call this double whammy.

I lost my father when I was twelve years old.  I didn’t think it was permanent,Dad would come back. I was naive, a twelve year old today knows more about the facts of life than I did when I was that age.

My mom decided our stay in that city was over we have to move to Bangladesh. We packed our stuff and left the only city we knew well.

Then came all sorts of problems financially . My father left a lot of money,my inexperienced eldest brother decided to invest the money in business. Within a year he lost all my Dad’s savings. Luckily my two other brothers helped us with our education.

One thing we all learned fast was we have to be educated. I studied with the intention of getting a master’s degree. It was a pretty lofty ideal for a fourteen year old. My big sister was always on my face reminding me I was never going to do well in education. I do not study hard enough, she would say.

Things worked out for me I did get that elusive  masters degree and also one more.

After completing my education,I taught in a few schools.  In between my job I got married and had children of my own. I sometimes wonder how my mother could cope with twelve children. I haven’t been able to cope with three, they have a mind of their own. They do not mind ditching you when things don’t go their way.

I must admit I have nothing to complain about how I dealt with my life,given the fact,I had a husband and three children who needed my attention. I have done that .

Now I am in a position to please myself. I blog, study, try to write some stories. I am my own boss and I like it.  This was in short my story. I thought I know all about me and how I got where I am. There is no need to be someone else. It wouldn’t be natural.

Another brand New Year will begin tomorrow. I’ll try to repeat what I have done in 2013. Maybe I’d find some opportunities to improve my writing.

Daily Post: Bedtime stories posted by Ranu

The moral of my story,I read as a child is: “A friend in need is a friend in deed”. I will write the story as I remember it.Two friends were walking in the forest one day.Suddenly they saw a bear coming towards them,one of them quickly climbed the tree and looked down.Not knowing what to do,the other friend thought it wise to lie down on the ground and pretend to be dead.The bear came and started sniffing,thinking the man was dead,it left him untouched.It seems bears don’t eat dead people. When the bear left,the man on the tree jumped down and asked his friend, “What did the bear tell you in your ears”? Without wasting any time he said,”Oh the bear said be careful who you consider to be your friend”.

Since then I knew it was a good lesson for a child to learn and  if I have a friend,I should do everything possible to help him/her. I do help whenever I can. Even today I do what I can to help a friend.

Bear in the Meadow

Bear in the Meadow (Photo credit: brewbooks)

Deception by R.Tagore, translated by Ranu

Lest you feel I may understand you easily    is this why you  pretend to be what you are not__

outwardly you are a picture of happiness             inside you  are filled with tears.

I understand dear,I understand                            this deception

whatever you want to express                               you refrain from saying.

Fearing that I may grasp you with ease                  you  avoid giving me any clue___

lest I try to include you in a group                             you act indifferent and unfriendly.

I know dear, I know dear                                             your deceptive trick___

the path you would like to take                                   you do not.

You want much more than everyone,                        is this the reason why you leave____

you avoid showing disrespect        is this why you pretend to play and immerse your beggar’s bag?

I fathom,I fathom your                                                                 pretense___

What satisfied everyone                                                                failed to satisfy you.

Daring Deception

Daring Deception (Photo credit: Wikipedia)