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The lyricist was born and raised in allahabad

Aashiyan jal gaya

Lyricist : R. Allahabadi

Singer : Habib Wali Muhammad

Translated by Ranu

My abode is burned,

Garden plundered,

Where can I go from this prison?

I’m so familiar with my surroundings,

Freedom from it will kill me.

Few more days,

I’ll spend in this tavern,

These days of depression will pass,

Let my cup bearer, raise her face,

To give the empty vessels

time to refill.

O dawn’s breeze,

Promise me on her behalf,

you will not mention my grief.

I do not care about my demise,

I fear the news of my sadness,

Will scatter her curls.

With tearful sadness where can I go?

No one values tears here,

I urge you to let me,

hold on to you,

otherwise my pearly tears,

Will drop on the earth.

Those curly black locks,

The sad smile of the rows of garden,

My heart has captured,

the photographs,

of them all.

She cannot hide from me anymore!

……………………………………. 🙂

“Nirjharer Shopno Bhango” Poem by Tagore translation and posted by Ranu

The Heart

The Heart (Photo credit: petalouda62)

“The broken dream of a stream” By Tagore

How did the sun’s rays

penetrate my heart this morning,

how did the song of the bird

penetrate the dark cave!

I don’t know how

my heart awakened after

such a long time!

heart is awake,

the water is swelling up,

I cannot stop my heart’s

wish and emotion.

The mountains are trembling,

hailstones are sliding down,

the water is beating up

into froth

it is thundering in anger.

Here and there almost mad

it is turning and turning

and roaming around__

it wants to come out,

cannot find the prison door.

Why is the creator so cruel,

why is there trap all around,

break the heart,break the tie,

have the desire today,

lift the layers of waves

continue striking it.

When the heart is excited

what is dark,what is cruel!

When the yearning is increasing

why fear the world!

I will pour compassion,

I will break the cruel prison,

I will sing all around the world

anxious crazy water.

I will untie my hair, pick up flowers,

fly my rain-bow painted fan,

I will spread laughter

on the rays of the sun.

I will run from peak to peak,

I will conquer hill after hill,

I will giggle and sing rhythmically.

I have so much to say,

so much to sing,

so much vitality,

so much happiness,so much desire.

I know not what happened ,

my heart is awake__

from the distance I can hear

the song of the ocean.

All around me

what is this frightful prison__

break break break  the prison,

strike strike it.

O what a song the bird sang,

here comes the rays of the sun.