DP Daily Prompts: Right to Health

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Is access to medical care something that governments should provide, or is it better left to the private sector? Are there drawbacks to your choice?

I’m used to the medical care provided by the government and I know I’m paying for the care the government provides.

I have no knowledge how the private sector works, I’m also concerned what kind of health care it will provide. There is also the fear of paying more and getting less.

The physicians now a days seem to be charging higher fees for the same type of care and also there is no restriction how much they can charge. It’s the patients who suffer.

Whereas the government controls the fees a certain physician can charge, the private sector does not.

Besides if a patient is unable to pay the government takes care of it, otherwise the physicians refuse to look after a patient if he/she does not have proper insurance. There has been occasions when a patient is left to die because of inadequate coverage by the insurance company.




Writing Prompt: Right To Health

I believe access to medicare should be provided by the governments. I do not think it should be left to the private sector. From my experience I feel the government is doing a good job with the health care system.

The private sector is always thinking how much money they can squeeze out from the patients. The ones who have public sector to deal with are facing a lot of difficulties.

Between the private sector and the physicians on private practice, it’s who can make the most money. We the patients are the ones who have to pay.

Our government taxes us enough to provide health care,we are not getting it free.