Daily Prompt : Irrelevant

In response to daily prompt : Irrelevant

When we had our school meeting,

D and L  loved discussing,

Irrelevant subjects which made no sense,

This was how they   contributed their two cents,

Worth of utter rubbish.

While the rest of us were keen to call it a day,

They were warming up to have their say.

I’m so glad I do not have to face them,

I no longer have this pointless  problem!

………………………………………. 🙂


Ghazal by Runa Laila: Baat karni mujhe mushkil posted and translated by Ranu

This is my favorite song. I’m posting it again for my day fifteen assignment.November 20, 2015

I never had this much trouble speaking like I have now

Just like your gathering is not the same as before

Who took away your patience and serenity today

You were never this restless dear heart

God knows how those eyes hypnotized me

I was never this docile before

Bewitching eyes  were always my enemy but

Never was I a victim to those eyes as I am now

Just as  your gathering now is  not the same as before

The singer of this ghazal is Runa Laila from Bangladesh, the lyrics  is by Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Mughal Emperor of India.

Many thanks to Khurram Shafique for reading  my translation, and  his advice to make some changes.

For writing 101 assignment, day 15






DP Daily Prompts: Re-springing Your Step

pad2015-s1.png (308×60)

Tell us about the last experience you had that left you feeling fresh, energized, and rejuvenated. What was it that had such a positive effect on you?

I had the repairmen in to fix my dishwasher, it’s a new Samsung, I was told it’s a very good company, I bought it , the dishwasher only worked twice, I got hold of the company from whom I bought it.

They sent a man,he turned it on and found out it’s not working, he called someone who gave him a number to order the part needed to fix it.

This morning the repairman came with his buddy to replace the part, but when he turned it on the dish washer still did not work and surprisingly the repairman  does not know what’s wrong.

The feeling of energy came and left in a matter of half an hour, I still have the appliance which couldn’t be fixed.

On the up side I had some difficulty with signing in on a website, this is where I do my online courses, so I got hold of my good friend and explained my problem, we went back and forth last evening by email, but found no solution.

We decided we’d tackle this in the morning with a fresh mind, my friend thought since emails were not working, he’ll call me, something we are overlooking   we might be able to detect. Guess what, that precisely was the problem break down of communication.

It took a bit of time, now I am delighted I was able to go to the website to introduce myself. I’d say I am feeling fresh, energized and rejuvenated that the problem was solved by my friend, it wasn’t looking positive in the beginning!

I guess out of two problems, one could be solved was great i.e,  50% of my problem was solved, and I am a very happy person!



365 Writing Prompts: these boots were made for walkin’

Tell us about your favorite pair of shoes, and where they’ve taken you.

My favorite pair of shoes is an ordinary pair, they are actually sneakers I always wear when I go for a walk.

A few years ago I  had some problems with one of my heels, I do not recall which one, I went to the physician to see if he could help me.

He gave me a long lecture about how women wear high heel shoes which is not good for them. I told him I don’t wear high heels. His advice was I should always wear sneakers to avoid any problem with my feet.

I took his advice seriously and bought a black pair of sneakers. They took me to the streets of London, Montreal, Atlanta, Chicago,Baltimore, Calgary and also my city st’ John’s . I find them comfortable, I do not have any aches and pains that I had when I wore the fancy shoes.

My black pair of sneakers are the most comfortable shoes I own and I’m delighted to have them!


DP Daily Prompt: Verbal Ticks

pad2014-s.png (308×60)

Is there a word or a phrase you use or(overuse) all the time, and are seemingly unable to get rid of? If not, what’s the one that drives you crazy when others use it?

If everyone could instantly find their fault, we’d have this world full of faultless people, we hardly think we make mistakes, it’s also my problem, I am unable to write what phrases or words I overuse. However I do remember a friend of ours always used the phrase, ‘Do You Understand Me?”

He’d spend ten minutes telling my husband about something, then suddenly in his loudest voice would say, “Do You Understand Me Ali.”

My husband would look at him calmly and reply, ‘yes Dr. Gad I understand you.’

It was so annoying, I’d always tell my husband to let him know it sounds awful when he repeats this phrase so frequently, it also makes the listener doubt himself, as if he was stupid.

Most of us have this habit, I know I do too, but cannot remember what phrase or word I overuse at this moment!

k: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/06/13/dp-daily-prompt-verbal-ticks



DP Daily Prompt: A to Z Post by Ranu

1776 map of Bengal and Bihar by James Rennell

1776 map of Bengal and Bihar by James Rennell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An aristocratic family,

born in Bengal,

cared dearly for the planet,

did not spend time idly,

easy going and compassionate,

faced his country’s problem bravely,

gave his all to humanity,

his songs are amazing,

in every home they are sung,

joking I am not,

kindness is his middle name,

love all is his motto,

maybe you don’t know that,

never was he selfish,

O what a joy to know him,

please bear with me,

quite a lovely man he was,

right now we have his songs,

sorry he was not a fraud,

try you may but you can’t prove it,

unlike any other you can see,

vocal chord was his main profession,

wow what an interesting fellow,

xylophone he did not play,

yahoo I am almost done,

zenith is where he belongs!


DP Daily Prompt: No Longer A Mere Mortal Post by Ranu

The Daily Prompt about ‘Not a mere Mortal’,sounds good.I have a problem with it. It is highly doubtful to attain immortality easily. I am a mere mortal.I can try but to be immortal, by doing what? This is my question.

When I think of immortality I think of Iqbal,Gandhi,Rabindranath Tagore,Shakespeare and so many others. They did not decide they will become immortal overnight. I don’t think they were trying to be either. It is their hard work,their dedication, their endless fight to achieve the truth at the time, that made them immortal.

They are therefore remembered by all of humanity. They were role models. Their work was appreciated.There are people who are trying to follow in their footsteps. It hasn’t made them immortal. It is a very steep mountain to climb. Not everyone can go that far up.

How many have climbed Mount Everest? Not that many! Therefore I can only say,I have neither the tools,nor the enthusiasm,like all those great men to be able to come even a centimetre close to them. I am not a defeatist,I am practical. Therefore for me it is an unachievable feat!

3D panoramic view of Mount Everest. Picture ma...

3D panoramic view of Mount Everest. Picture made using SRTM data, freely provided by NASA. Français : Vue panoramique 3D du Mont Everest. Image réalisée à partir des données SRTM fournies gratuitement par la NASA. Deutsch: 3D-Panorama des Mount Everest. Bild unter Verwendung von SRTM Daten, von der NASA frei zur Verfügung gestellt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DP Daily Prompt: Key Takeaway

I think I am a new blogger. My question to all the experienced bloggers is: How do you get other bloggers to read your blog and write their comment? This one is my primary question. I have joined in late October 2012. I have written a variety of things,I find the response not that encouraging. I took the advice of wordpress ,I visited many sites,I left my comment. There is hardly any substantial response.I would like to know what the other bloggers do to increase traffic. One thing I did not do is I did not invite my friends,neighbours or acquaintances to read my blog. Can this be my problem?

“Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates,you never know what you’re gon na get” Forrest Gump.A title from the movie

I am thinking I picked the coolest title to write about.Did I just admit that? Now wait a minute,Ranu ,why do you think that? Is your imagination perked up, nothing is automatic in life? Yes technologically we are way ahead with machines,they all seem to have that feature called,”Automatic”.I am sad to admit my brain does not fall in that category.

I was always advised not to talk or write shop,but this is my only hope.I have spent countless moments teaching,surely I can find  something befitting for this title.

It was the month of September,a new school year,like my colleagues I was waiting to see the kids that were assigned for me to teach. Soon enough I hear the vice principal’s announcement, ‘You are in Mrs. Asgar’s class’ these words were followed by a line of thirty kids marching into my classroom.I watched them as they walked past me.Like a box of chocolates,they were assorted,boys, girls,happy,sad,indifferent ,they were in different sizes and shapes. My job was to teach them and not worry about their size.There was one thing that caught my eye,the indifferent girl.This meant either it was my impression or she really didn’t look excited about school. Could it be, I did not look like the other teachers, I was from Bangladesh,wearing a sari,which she did not see before,then again my pronunciation may be a problem. I thought about all these things in a matter of seconds.

I took out the register and called each ones name.Nearly all of them acknowledged their presence,except miss indifferent. I always knew,if there is a problem,’you nip the evil in the bud.’ I tried to put my brain in auto mode,but nothing was happening,if it was a machine all I had to do was click to ‘On’ position and the machine would do the rest. My brain refused to co-operate. A week went by and I couldn’t find an easy solution. I did what I thought was the best way of dealing with the situation.I told the principal about my concern.He looked at me and smiled,(I was thinking is he smiling because it’s too early to be confronted with this kind of problem?) I don’t know what he thought but I am faced with a kid who might become a problem for me. His suggestion was to make an appointment With her parents. I saw the parents a week later,,without losing a second I told them what was on my mind.Her mother smiled and told me, she expected a call when her child first started school,five years ago,since no one called she thought her daughter was doing fine.For her it wasn’t something she didn’t expect,but why it took so long. It seems she did not like school,since she was five years old.She could not enjoy the summer months,after summer she will have to go to school,thinking about it made her feel unhappy.this was the case every year. I didn’t have to feel it was my dress or anything else,it was the word school that gave her the feeling of nausea.With the help of her parents,I was able to change her ill-feeling of school. After this I saw ,’Miss Indifferent’ with a beautiful smile on her face every morning,always ready to do her school-work.

My box of chocolate had a tiny one that gave me a bitter taste in my mouth,but became sweeter as the days and months went by. “Mama dear I agree life is like a box of chocolates.You never know what you’re gonna get”, I lucked out mine had one bitter chocolate,but I was able to fix it before it became too late!