Everyday Inspiration, Day Seven: Let Social Media Inspire You

Day Seven : Let Social Media Inspire You

Out Of Five Tweets I Chose: : “I can’t decide if procrastination kills creativity or is essential to it.”

_____Grant Snider

This is the question I asked myself many times, as I grew older and perhaps wiser, I realized, procrastination does not kill creativity, it is sometimes necessary.

Let me give you  an incidence I had recently, I selected one prompt out of six, I thought I’d have no trouble writing this one. 

When I started writing I could think of nothing, the deadline was passing, I decided I’d ignore it and think about it. 

I felt hopeless and decided to sleep over it. Suddenly I heard my mind telling me, ‘why don’t you write about your own experience.’

Next morning I opened my computer, thought about my assignment, but this day was different I had no problem I could write a few pages with ease.

Sometimes we overload our brain with anxiety which only causes more stress. If we give more time it works better, so delaying to do something does not necessarily kill creativity!

……………………………………… 🙂

Daily Prompt : Amble

In response to the prompt : Amble

Little Henry is an interesting child,

His manners if you ask me is mild.

He hates  work, so he’ll  dawdle in school,

The teachers and his friends call him a fool.

He walks home in an amble fashion,

His favorite word is procrastination.

Oh what will become of Henry we wonder,

‘Do not worry,’ he says, ‘I won’t blunder!’

…………………………………. 🙂


Daily Prompt: Breakdown

pad2015-s1.png (308×60)

Tell us a habit you’d like to break. Is there any way it can play a positive role in your life?

My problem in my life has always been “Procrastination” I could not give up this habit, did not matter how hard I tried. I always relied on  ‘tomorrow’, I will do it then, many tomorrows passed I either missed the deadline or I gave up myself.

Then came a time when I registered myself for an online course. I inquired if I’d be allowed to procrastinate. The reply was for a certain period after that I’d be dropped. This information woke me up. I made up my mind to do the tasks right away, to avoid being dropped.

I succeeded in getting my work done since 2011. I feel better I can get my work done at once and not leave it for the next day. 🙂

……………………………………. 🙂

365 Writing Prompts: Procrastination

What have you been putting off doing? Why?

I bought some fabric to stitch a blouse and a petticoat to match my sari. I bought it in November or December, one of these months. When I got the fabric I thought I’d stitch it right away, but circumstances are beyond my control, therefore I still have it folded in my closet.

My daughter was supposed to clear out one of the rooms upstairs, I wanted to convert it into a sewing room, it has not  happened yet. I don’t want to use the kitchen.

I’m still waiting for my daughter to clear the room, I think I’d have to remind her again that I need it. She can easily get a  medal for procrastinating, no one can compete with her.

Today she ran ten kilometers  I couldn’t ask her to make the room available for me, she told me she was very tired.

If I did something like this when I was younger my mother would have told me once if it was not done, she’d clear it herself. Why don’t I follow my mother’s example, well things have changed, I’m not at liberty to do so.

Maybe I’d write another post when the room is vacant for me to put my sewing stuff there and start sewing, I’m hoping to get my stitching done before 2015.


DP Daily Prompt : Now? Later!

pad2014-s.png (308×60)

We all procrastinate. Website,magazine, knitting project, TV Show, something else– What’s your favorite procrastination destination?

It’s not my favorite procrastination destination, but I’m doing this lately, I have a few books on my shelf, I’ve had them for quite sometime, I keep telling myself I’d make an honest attempt to read the one I started more than a week ago. It ‘s still there waiting to be read.

Every time I start I think of the food network, I conveniently close the book and watch TV to see where Guy is going this time. I am amazed to see how much he eats,he still doesn’t look that big for what he eats. There must be some kind of magic or camera trick.

Any how my book goes back to the shelf while I spend my time watching the food shows.


DP Daily Prompt: Sleepy Time

pad2014-s.png (308×60) More and  more of us go to bed too late because of sleep procrastination. What are the nighttime rituals that keep you up before finally dozing off.

From my childhood I and my family went to bed early. We had a specific time to wake up in the morning,we had to get ready to go to our kind of work, my siblings and I were required to be ready by six am to catch the school bus, my Dad went to work at 8 am. My mom was up for her morning prayer which had to be completed before sun rise. After prayer she’d be in the kitchen to cook breakfast.My father was not interested in having the same breakfast daily. My mother was a good cook and prepared a different breakfast every day. Next she got ready to prepare lunch for my Dad and us.

Our habit of sleeping early stayed with us. I do not have problem with sleep procrastination. There are a few times I stay up longer than usual, these are days when we have company for dinner, other than that I maintain my habit of going to bed early.

My nighttime ritual is simple, these days the sun sets after 9 pm. This changes my routine slightly, I have to wait to complete my prayer after sun set. I still make sure I am in bed by 10:30 pm which is latest for me.

There will be a routine change for Ramadhan for a month, after that things will go back to normal as far as my sleep time is concerned!



DP Daily Prompt: Procrastination Post by Ranu


Procrastination (Photo credit: MrSchuReads)

In elementary school I was flooded with idioms. We were given these daily to write a story. When I read the prompt,immediately I thought of.”Procrastination is the thief of time.” We were always reminded to use our time wisely.

There are a number of things I have left to be done later. I know it is not the right thing to do. I bought novels I wanted to read. I have them on my shelf,I guess they are wondering when will I read them.

At this very moment I am thinking of cleaning my room.I have neglected it for a long time. Hopefully the word,”Procrastination”,will make me start.

So my blogger friends,I am getting ready to do my chores. My intention is to read my books next. Au Revoir (see you later).