Daily Prompt: Un/Faithful

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Tell us about the role that faith plays in your life -or doesn’t.

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When I think of faith, it is about people different products in the market and of course religious belief.

Let me write about foods we buy at the supermarket. I tend to visit  one near my home, I find it has a variety of food and are fresh, depending on what day of the week I visit the store. Mid-week I find the fresh foods are picked and scattered by consumers, this keeps me from buying the fresh produce, because what is left on the shelves are not worth eating. This is is when my faith in buying fresh vegetables takes a beating. I then buy frozen vegetables, lately I’m finding even these vegetables are not worth buying.

My attention goes from food to people, I’ve met some really great people, and not so great as well. I try to give them a chance, I do not give them three strikes right away, I wait and figure them out. In my mind it’s better to know who they are by their day to day reaction with people. I have no faith in people who boast about themselves, immediately I think,”empty vessels make more noise.”

Some of them are capable of hiding their real selves, like Bundy who was able to fool people by his outside behavior, then there was the man in Chicago who pretended to be a beggar, he was able to get inside the house of the nurses and kill most of them.I am careful who I trust, the world is becoming a dangerous place.

Even the real beggars are difficult to trust. The example of a  woman beggar is still alive in my mind. I was a student visiting my uncle in Dhaka, there was a knock on the door, the servant opened the door, I saw a woman standing outside begging for money, she was wearing an old torn sari, my uncle saw her and told the servant to get a new sari from the closet to give her. He told her to change the sari and throw the old torn sari, she wore the new sari and carried the old one with her.

My uncle looked outside to see what she’d do with the old one, he was amazed to see she was wearing the old one, and the new one was not with her. This was one way of cheating people. This way she collected a lot of saris  given to her. This was her way of making money, she sold the new saris and continued to wear the torn one. It’s difficult to have faith in people who trick us.

I take my time to know people, I avoid being fooled.

I have strong faith in God, I know if I do wrong I’ll face the consequences. Although there are people who are liars and thieves, but they do all right. In my mind I believe  they will face the consequences  of their misdeeds  they will not be spared.

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Daily Prompt: On the Edge

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We all have things we need to do to keep an even keel–blogging, exercising,reading, cooking. What’s yours?

I need to do all of the above ,plus I have to feed the felines two to three times a day to keep them happy. If I’m slightly late they go after my books, climb the piano to mess up the pictures on the wall, if all these things do not work i.e the food is still delayed, they knock the lamps down, and in their language would look at me with wide eyes and say, “What is wrong with you, did you not get the message yet?

On Tuesdays I collect the garbage to get ready to be picked up on Wednesday. I go for grocery shopping at least once a week, which becomes a headache, the produce look like they’ve waited long enough to be bought, if I’m unable to buy them within two days of their arrival, all I can hope for is half rotten fruits and vegetables.

Their excuse is , because of the distance covered to come to Newfoundland by truck , the produce is not fresh, so we grin and bear it.

There are some local farmers who grow some vegetables that are climate friendly. If one wants to eat vegetables grown in warmer countries they’ll have to be contented with half rotten vegetables.

I’m probably not painting a rosy picture, we’ve grown used to it, we also buy frozen vegetables which look better than the so called fresh ones.


DP Daily Prompt: City Planners

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If you could clone one element from another city you’ve visited— a building, a cultural Institution, a common street food, etc.– and bring it to your hometown, what would it be?

The idea of cloning is terrific, some of the institutions, buildings,shopping centers, common streets I’ve seen in another city or cities and bring back to my hometown, there are a few I’d like to have in my hometown e.g. “Oxford Street In London, England” is a grand addition to my hometown, or even “Selfridges”, here is one problem I’m bound to encounter, my hometown is not large enough for the store or the street that could be placed with ease.

Maybe I’d like to bring back the Jean Talon farmer’s market in Montreal, it’s not too large, it’s a place where you can see a variety of yummy foods and produce, oh but bringing some of the produce back to my hometown can be a stumbling block esp. produce which are not grown in my hometown, to bring them by truck is a worry because the produce will rot by the time it gets to my town.

My next option is to leave things as they are and be contented with the thought some things cannot change.

k: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/06/12/dp-daily-prompt-4/

DP Daily Prompt: We Can Be Taught Post By Ranu

English: A special education teacher assists o...

English: A special education teacher assists one of her students. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some people are born good teachers ,some learn as they go along. To be a great teacher,it is important to be dedicated to the task at hand. It can come naturally,  to some ,others need to learn the art of teaching from following colleagues and reading  articles by successful teachers.It is not easy but it can be accomplished.

Teachers are expected to know their students well.By knowing I mean you have to observe them.Some days they may have a bad day,when learning is not possible. It is necessary to show each student that a teacher thinks about them and wants to help them when they need it. It will give them confidence and the desire to learn and co-operate with their teacher.When there is a friendly atmosphere between the teacher and the taught,things will run smoothly. Parents will have faith and discuss with friends and family,how their kid is doing well in school.They will be optimistic about their kid and have good things to say about the school and the teachers in it.

To teach is to take on a huge responsibility,it is not just a 9 to 5 job it is helping to produce great leaders  for the country. Great teachers work for the future of the country,they know that they should take their job seriously.