Daily Prompt : Apprentice

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Apprentice

My Interview with Professor Elliott

After finishing my B.Ed. degree, I went to Dhaka, Bangladesh, to register for M.Ed., in my mind I was  confident I’d get in, I had the proper qualification.

Standing on my way was professor Elliott the head of the research center. I walked into his office and declared I was there to get registered in M.Ed., he had a million dollar smile on his face, he was impressive, kind and gentle with me. He looked at me and said, ‘I’m sorry, you are too young to register here.’

It was a shock to me, ‘but Why I asked, then I blabbered but I only studied B.Ed. to do M.Ed.?

Professor Elliott then mentioned I had to be 35 years old, have teaching experience and then said, ‘You couldn’t be more than 22 or 23, you are too young.’

‘I’m 22 years old,’ I said, ‘and am really disappointed to know I can’t get in.’

He took pity on me I think and told me I had to do a battery of tests, if I did well he’d take me.

I took the tests the same morning and was praying to do well. A week later, I received a letter from the Institute of research that I was allowed to register. I must have done well I thought.

I was thrilled but for a very short time. I  foolishly took a job two and a half months before this incident, in a Residential Model School. I did not think it would be  a problem to leave the job. I was wrong the Principal declined to accept my resignation.

I didn’t get to be an apprentice in the Institute of Research, because of my stupidity!

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Writing 101,Day Four, Serially lost

Today’s Prompt: Write about a loss,something( or someone) that was a part of your life, and isn’t any more.

I had just completed ‘Bachelor Of Education, from Punjab university”. I was back in Dhaka my original home. My next plan was to visit the,”M.Ed. Research Institute” to register for the course. I had no doubt in my mind I’d be able to since I had the prerequisite required to get in was a B.Ed degree which I successfully completed.

I was young and did not know that despite the degree there were other requirements, I did not have, thus I was not qualified to get admitted in the program.

I got an appointment to see Prof. Dr. Elliott, the head of the institute, I must have sounded quite bold, Professor Elliott looked at me, he smiled and said: “B.Ed. is not enough, you need teaching experience and you are too young.”

I remember pleading with him Please Dr. Elliott I said,”No one told me I need teaching experience, all they told me was get your B.Ed. degree and I did.”

My facial expression must have softened Dr. Elliott’s heart, he immediately said, “go to the admissions office and ask for the tests.”

I was delighted to know I may have  a chance if I pass these tests. After completing the tests I waited to know the outcome.

I was selected, this news made me so happy I would have screamed and told everyone who’d listen, I am selected.

Little did I know at that time, good and bad news travel together. I went back to the school I had just started teaching, I handed in my resignation, I told them I was accepted to study M.Ed. at the research institute.

The Principal must have thought, ” you naive young woman, you cannot leave, you have signed a contract.”

I felt dejected, I wrote to the institute, I’m not allowed to leave the job now, but I was certain I’d be able to register next year. I received a letter saying they’d hold my spot for next year.

I considered myself very lucky, I waited for the year to be over and I’d be able to start my studies at the institute.

One day I went to the staff room to get the newspaper, I had the habit of looking through the classified section, what I saw completely amazed me: The headline was, “British Council Scholarships”I knew there will be thousands of applicants but I felt why not I apply, I told myself, I did not stand a chance, I still went ahead and applied. I was always interested to study in England, but I had no financial backing, so I kept my feelings in check.

To my utter disbelief I received a letter advising me to come for an interview.

I presented myself accordingly, there were seven of them, all eyes were on me.I tried hard to look at the walls, I knew if I looked at any of them it would be all over,I would freeze, the questions continued to be directed at me. I know I answered all of them, but what I said or what they asked was completely blanked out of my memory.

My joy knew no bounds when I received a letter of acceptance and the tickets to fly to London, Heathrow.

I’d have to wait another year to register at the institute,was I feeling the loss of studying at the institute, not yet , they had given me another year to register.

Fate was playing a trick on me, I was back from London after a year, I should get myself registered for the course I thought, if I failed to go this time the Institute and Professor Elliott will give up  and I will not get another chance. This time I got married and this ended my quest for studying M.Ed.





DP Daily Prompt: But No Cigar

pad2015-s1.png (308×60)

Tell us about a time things this close to working out —but didn’t . What happened next? Would you like the chance to try again, or are you happy with how things worked out?

There was a time when I wanted to Study M.ed and prepared myself by completing B.ed.  I met Professor Elliott, who was the head of the research institute , I told him my reason to see him. He was a kind man , he told me I was too young and I had no teaching experience. The people they select were at least thirty five years  old   and I looked no more than twenty two or twenty three.

I had never seen rejection at that time. I continued to tell him I would be able to do it.He was impressed, he agreed to let me do the tests to find out how capable I was. I must have done well, they sent me a letter of acceptance.

But I was teaching in a school and they refused to accept my resignation. I informed the school authorities I’d like to join next year. They agreed.

The following year I received a scholarship to study in London, I could not give up this opportunity. I delayed my studies in the research institute by another year, they were eager to have me and were ready to have me a year later.

I had studied about destiny that we can change our destiny whenever we want,now that I think about it I’m sure it’s not always possible. I could not change mine, my aim to study M.ed was not happening.

This time it was my marriage which meant I’d move out of my country indefinitely.

I do believe in the phrase: “Man proposes, God disposes.”

I’m not sure whether I am happy or sad because I could not fulfill my ambition. Only thing that keeps me motivated and happy is , at least I am doing great with the education I have.

k: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2015/03/26/dp-daily-prompt-but-no-cigar-2


365 Writing Prompts : About Page for the Future

Write the About page for your blog in ten years.

My about page will not change in ten years, it’ll  basically be  the same,except it would be like Shakespeare’s ,”As you like it, “I will go through the stages of my development. I won’t be able to write about me as a baby, I don’t have any recollection of that, I must have gone through the stages of infancy as other babies did.

However I remember my sister told me me when I was a baby I used to faint a lot.Once my aunt had me in her lap and all of a sudden I fainted. She was so scared, she apologized to my mother she said, “Apa( big sister)I didn’t do anything, she just fainted.”

My eldest sister was annoyed she said, “Do not worry auntie she always faints like that.”

I can’t remember my toddler stage either, and no one told me how good or bad I was. So that stage is out of the way.

At my school stage whenever that started I made excuses when the temperature outdoors was unbearably cold or the opposite. I’d pretend I have a tummy ache, headache or I’m cold once again depending on the temperature.

In college I was a quiet teenager, had some friends and a lot of inquisitive classmates, their repeated question was, why I am studying Urdu, if I am a Bengali. I did not care enough to answer that question.

From college to university was a giant leap stage for me, everything and every one were too big and difficult to handle, from the reference books to the profs to my fellow students, I was one under age student who had no business being there.

After going through the university I ventured to go for a degree in M.ed, professor Elliott stared at me as if saying inwardly, you got to be kidding, I don’t want someone like you studying here, then the words came out speedily, only because I was unable to hear his thoughts, “You are too young!.”

The later stages will follow when I have time!

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/11/08/365-writing-pr…for-the-future/


DP Daily Prompt: Too Big To Fail post by ranu

English: Wordmark of Northwestern University.

English: Wordmark of Northwestern University. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I always wanted to do a masters degree in education. I thought the prerequisite must be to finish B.Ed.,I took admission and saw myself in the right path to get into the MEd. program. I applied for admission,but found out from Professor Elliott,I was too young and also did not qualify,because I had no teaching experience.

At that age,I had no fear,I said whatever came to my mind. The Prof. looked at me and smiled ,he said I’ll be given a battery of tests,which will determine my eligibility. I was ready to face anything, I did the tests.I started to feel scared,I had no idea what the outcome will be. A week later I received a letter of acceptance. I informed the school,where I taught,I wanted to resign. The authorities rejected, their explanation was,I cannot resign a government job. Disappointed I wrote to the Research centre about my predicament. They agreed to take me the following year. I was unable again,I got married,my husband worked outside Bangladesh.

They say,third time is the charm,but is it,I questioned? I applied for admission in North Western University in the suburb of Chicago. I received application forms for a Phd.  I thought I’ll take a chance, I failed again, my husband pointed out I will lose money because I’ll have to take leave of absence without pay and also pay tuition etc., and my children were too young,my husband could not look after them all by himself. So I lost another chance. I gave up thinking maybe it’s not for me. Thinking it to be my “Destiny”,I consoled myself.

I took an online course where I learned not to blame

“Destiny”,that I can change it if I have the will to do so!