Daily Prompt : Doubt

In response to daily post’s prompt : Doubt

My years as a teenager and later an adult not a day passed when I was not in doubt of something. Before any exam I’d hold on to the question paper and after reading all the questions, I’d fear that none of the questions asked I’d be able to answer.

Slowly I’d sit straight and tell myself, ‘I studied the subject, why does it appear I never saw these words. Then my inner self would wake me up and whisper, ‘Ranu you have three hours to answer six questions, start writing, do not hand over your empty booklet, because if you fail, your older brother will marry you off to a farmer, you’ll be stuck in a village and cry day and night.’

Was this a warning? I knew because Dad passed away, my brother would really do this awful thing to me, and Mom would say nothing. I managed to write my exams, I had no clue what the result would be and added to this was my lack of confidence.

Two days before the results came out, I’d start praying asking God to please help me pass, I don’t remember this but I must have promised I’ll study harder for my next exam. God probably thought, ‘this is what humans do, they pray to get out of trouble and when they are successful, they forget the promise and go back to their laziness.’

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DP Daily Prompts: Return Address

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Yesterday, your pet, inanimate object could read your post. Today, they can write back( thanks for the suggestion,

lifelessons!). Write a post from their point of view ( or pick just any non-verbal creature/ object).

Dear Ranu,

Thank you for your letter. Raphael and I were very good boys yesterday. Rapha is the one who tried to open your closet, I did discourage him but he said, ‘No.’

Rapha did not pull your clothes down on the floor, you still did not give us treats for good behavior.

We tried to sleep all morning, your neighbor was making too much noise and the sun was bright and shiny we had to find out what was happening. this is why we could not sleep.

Rapha was restless, he’s the one who jumped on the piano, he does not listen, I don’t know if he scratched your piano, I am sorry.

Thank you for raising the blinds for us, it was nice and sunny, we didn’t enjoy that much because nothing exciting was happening, and there were no birds we could catch and gobble up, oh yes we are inside how can we catch them.

You always promise to give us treats, but you never do. Humans never tell the truth.

Rapha knows you don’t want him to chew paper, he did it as a protest because you failed to keep your promise.

Rapha wasn’t in a mood to reply, so I did it on behalf of us both.

I hope you still love us.

Your darling felines,

Rapha and Gabriel.



Muhammad Rafi song posted and translated by Ranu

This is a favorite song of mine sung by Bollywood playback singer Muhammad Rafi.

Whenever my heart is sad

who knows who is near me

When my lips silently speak

my breathing is swift

when my eyes feel the sounds

my sighs burn my breathing

I imagine pictures of you

passing me by

When I   look in the mirror

it seems to ask me an innocent question

I did not promise anything

but why do I look out for you

when I am at peace without any reason

Why is my heart restless?




DP Daily Prompt: Great Expectations

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Tell us about one thing (or more) that you promised yourself you’d accomplish by the end of the year. How would you feel once you do? What if you don’t?

My goal each year is to read a number of books , with that promise I buy a certain number of books, so far I have not read all the books I bought, but I still  am aiming to read the ones I have.

I read two out of six, four more have to be finished before I take a trip to the bookstore to buy more books.

I have read two if I can read two more I’d be happy and would aim to finish the rest without getting stressed out, if I’m unable, I’ll continue reading them!!



DP Daily Prompt: Perspective Ranu’s post https://sabethville.wordpress.com

Roast Turkey

Roast Turkey (Photo credit: SliceOfChic)

What drives me crazy is when someone promises something and goes back on his/her word. I can be very peculiar,I immediately decide I’ll have nothing to do with this person. I don’t think there must be some problem. I make up my mind, I cannot deal with someone who doesn’t value his/her own word. You can say I won’t have many friends I am so rigid. Those who know me are always willing to take my side.

What makes me happy? A lot of things e.g when I get a reply to my email promptly. I am very happy. I was happy when my former student volunteered to shovel my driveway. The fact she remembered me and came to my house was enough to make me happy.I always feel good when I can do something in return. That student of mine brought six friends of hers,to shovel the driveway. I was so happy I bought a turkey,roasted it and took it to her. At that time she lived across the street from me.

DP NaPoWriMo posted by Ranu

‘Uncle and the Candies’

English: Candies, Covered Market, Barcelona, S...

English: Candies, Covered Market, Barcelona, Spain Italiano: Caramelle, Mercato Coperto, Barcellona, Spagna (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went for a walk with my Uncle one day.

It was quite far for me I must say.

Close to our house when we came,

he uttered, ‘Ranu  what a shame’.

‘What is it Uncle dear I said’?

‘I meant  to buy some candies for you’.

I said ‘Do you think you can bring me some’?

He promised he will and left that day.

He kept his promise my dear Uncle,

with the candies he came late that night.

The night was long,I was sleeping,

‘these are for Ranu’, he told my brother.

My sibling saw the candies and thought for a moment,

he tried but could not resist the temptation,

ate them all with tremendous speed,

Ignoring all the while  Uncle’s instruction.

Next morning out he came with a smiling face,

full of charm,loaded with grace.

I wanted to know the reason quick,

he confessed his guilt,yes he did,

I was not so generous to forgive his sin.

He stood there laughing , made fun of me.

I ran to my mother to find a solution.

‘Of course there isn’t any’  she said,’what can I do,

those candies really were not meant for you’?