Tagore Song Dakbo Na–I will not call Singer Sagar Sen translated and posted by Ranu

English: Map of the Yamuna River, a tributary ...

English: Map of the Yamuna River, a tributary of the Ganges in northern India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ganges River Delta

Ganges River Delta (Photo credit: Euclid vanderKroew)

I will not call ,

I will not call ,

I will not call this way,

from outside.

If possible I will

use my inner self to call.

I will not call this way.

My heart aches to give,

I know not where the

receiver is.

Who will make this giving

and receiving possible?

I will not ,not

call this way from outside.

will there be harmony

between our pain?

Will the Ganges and the

dark waters of Jumna unite?

Can we understand

each other’s pain?

The musical instrument

sounded on its own.

He came on his own,

when leaving he promised

to be back.

I will not,not call this

way from outside!

DP Daily Prompt: Drawing Blank Post by Ranu

I seldom take part in any heated discussion. So drawing blank is irrelevant. However I did draw blank in my masters exam. Upon the advice of my roommate I stayed up till 2 a.m .in the morning of one of the exams.I was feeling sick,I did not have enough sleep. The invigilator handed me the question paper.I glanced from numbers 1 to 10. I was required to answer six of them. Well six, I could not understand any of them.

So I started to panic.I promised  that instant.I will never let anyone interfere with my regular sleep hours. The question was,I said to myself,’what I’ll do to that roommate for her bad advice ,is not the immediate issue,how will I deal with all these questions staring at me’,they were telling me, ‘answer six or else failure will be knocking your door’.

I pulled myself together,started reading the questions slowly,telling myself,’Ranu never mind the sleep, you were prepared to handle this,you have studied enough,now take a deep breath and concentrate’. I said a little prayer my Mom  taught me for emergencies. I started praying,I promised God I’ll never make such a foolish mistake again. It calmed me . I grabbed my pen and started writing.One by one my brain was spitting out the answers as if by magic. I finished the four hour exam in two hours.I did not want to review. I handed my answer sheets to the Prof. who had his sharp stinging eyes on me. ‘Are you finished,have you checked everything’?   ‘Yes Sir I have’ was my reply.