The Daily Post : Deprive

In response to daily post’s prompt : Deprive

This is the month of fasting and on this month waking up at 2 am to eat, pray  takes me two hours. I’m not worried about anything except lack of sleep. I am a person of habit I cannot sleep till late afternoon to catch up on  my sleep. As a result, I’m drowsy all day.

Because of sleep deprivation I find it difficult to concentrate on my work. Since June 6th the first day of fasting, I’m unable to continue reading books I have piled up to read. I’ve tried but when I sit with one in about five minutes the book slips  my hand, I’ve decided to start reading after the fasting month is over which is July 6th.

I’m losing sleep because of my change of schedule. Since it’s one month only, it won’t hurt my overall health. I’m thinking of people who are constantly facing sleep deprivation. It cannot be good for their health.