Daily Post Prompt : Disagree

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Disagree

Once upon a time I was afraid to disagree with my mom, though I knew she treated some of us differently. I was not allowed to step out of the house to see a friend, when I was old enough to do so.

I remember, I had completed my education, but my mom thought I was too young to make the right decision. At heart I disagreed but I was scared to tell her she was wrong.

However my mom wasn’t strict with my younger sister at all. She let her go anywhere she wanted to. The only difference between me and my sister was, she’d go on hunger strike for two three days, my mom was unable to deal with this situation.

I remember once my mom said, ‘we’d have chapati instead of rice for supper.’

I disagreed because in those days I believed rice was the best food and I did not want to sacrifice eating a substitute for it.

Mom refused to cook rice for me, she let me starve that night, thinking, I wouldn’t starve two days in a row. She was right I didn’t.

Humans these days have a mind of their own, it’s not easy to make them agree if they don’t want to because they  think their elders are unfair.

……………………………………. 🙂