The Daily Post: Fence

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt: Fence

Rotbuchenhecke_in_der_Eifel.jpg (1024×768)


In the front of our house we have a hedge which does the job of a fence. The hedge is not friendly  it is a thorny one. I was once asked why we chose to have fence like that. Actually we are not responsible, the first owner must have decided to have a thorny hedge to keep the moose off his property.

The city has grown quite large, the moose or any kind of animals are afraid to come out of the forest, for their visit in this century can cost them their life. There are vehicles moving 24/7, those animals don’t have a chance.

We are protected from human intruders too, then there is the problem of littering, Tim Horton’s makes tons of money selling coffee we bear the brunt of it for them cups always find their way on our lawn. Coffee cups are not the only things found on our lawn, from candy wrappers, to plastic bags they all consider our lawn a safe haven.

Thank God for our lawn care people, they clear the garbage twice a year. I feel a fence surrounding a house gives it a personality.

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