Daily Prompt : Crumb

In response to prompt : Crumb

Our felines, Gabriel, Raphael, and Sophie are so picky, it’s difficult to get food that they may like. One day my daughter bought some cans of food recommended by the cashier in the store.

I wasn’t sure the felines will eat the food. I thought I should wait a while before feeding them. At lunch time I opened a can and split the food between the three.

After giving the food I waited in my room for a few minutes, when I came out I could not believe what I saw, not a crumb, particle,  or grain, was left in their bowls, they  were squeaky clean.

WOW! I thought they really like this food.

…………………………………. 🙂


Daily Prompt : Tentative

In response to prompt :Tentative

No matter how cautious a person is, his clock of life will stop at the appointed hour. A few  days ago there was News of a British student who went for a vacation in Shri Lanka, he wandered to a lake where he put his hand in the water to wash it, hidden there, was a crocodile, it grabbed his hand and pulled him down.

His cries for help didn’t work, for no one was around to hear it.  His fellow travelers found his dead body. It reminds me of the poem :

Life’s clock

The clock of life is wound but once,

And no man has the power

To tell just where the hands will stop

At late or early hour.

To lose one’s wealth is sad indeed:

To lose one’s health is more;

To lose one’s soul is such a loss

As no man can restore.

The present only is our own,

Live, love, toil with a will.

Place no faith in    “tomorrow,” for

The clock may then be still.

(Author Unknown)

………………………………………… 🙂




Daily Prompt : Glorious

In response to prompt :  Glorious

The Glorious days of Summer is ending,

It’s time we welcome fall without thinking.

Then there is winter ready to greet us,

The thought of snow makes me fuss.

I guess I must get used to the seasons,

Or else I’ll always be sad without reason.

Make it quick Fall, Winter  and Spring,

So  Summer comes down with its wing!

…………………………………….. 🙂







Daily prompt : Sting, Tagore song posted and translated by Ranu

In response to prompt : Sting

When I read the prompt Sting, somehow my attention was directed to Tagore’s  song : Ei monihar amai nahe shaje

Monihar means a collection of Tagore’s songs. There is a story why Tagore  wrote the lyrics of this song. According to another singer, Tagore did not get any recognition for his writings, no one paid attention to him. when he received the Nobel prize for literature, a group of famous authors went to his Shantiniketon school to congratulate him.

Tagore was offended by this sudden recognition from the famous Bengalis who had no time for him, who  came with garlands to congratulate him, after he got the Nobel Prize.

This is when he wrote the lyrics of this song.

This garland does not suit me,

It hurts when I try to wear it,

It pains when I try to tear it.

It restrains my voice,

I’m unable to speak.

It disturbs me so I cannot pay attention to my work.

This is why I wait to put this

Garland around your neck,

Only then I will breathe a  sigh of relief.

Receive me with the string of the garland,

This sudden recognition embarrasses me,

And I’m ashamed to show my face!

He wrote the lyrics and showed it to his  favorite sister-in-law.

…………………………………….. 🙂



Daily Prompt : Recreate

In response to prompt : Recreate

I wish I can Recreate my days of childhood,

So many things has to fall in place to do it.

Life was simple, we were happy and contented,

We were not unhappy if we didn’t get what we wanted.

We had loving parents, we were happy siblings,

We are grown up now and  selfish for little things.

The whole world has changed people are not innocent,

Me first is the cry I hear, which to me is hardly decent.

I wish God will help us  become the people we were,

And take away all the evil things that make us err.

Will tomorrow change  our evil ways?

And replace, refresh and remodel our days!

………………………………… 🙂



Daily Prompt : Flavorful

In response to prompt : Flavorful

Some meats taste better on the second day, such as beef.  Beef as a rule is flavorful, if it is left one day after cooking, it tastes better.

Other meats such as chicken, is not flavorful, the first day,  and tastes worse the second day. Perhaps there is a way to make this tasty, my mom knew it, which I didn’t inherit from her. I always disliked chicken, my mom forced me to eat it, but she was such a good cook, anything she cooked was delicious, I’m sure even grass would be delicious if she cared to cook it.

One can tell I’m a fan of beef, too bad red meat is bad for health. It’s delicious anyway you cook it.

I like all kinds of fish, the only exception is Salmon. I don’t know why I get a terrible feeling when I eat this fish, perhaps farming is the reason.

Coming back to beef, there are so many ways to cook it, grilling, roasting, and curry. If all humans liked beef the way I do. The planet will have another animal listed in the Extinct Category!

I hope not.   😦

…………………………………………. 🙂

Daily Prompt : Disobey

In response to prompt : Disobey

If you disobey the traffic rules you get a ticket,

If you ignore the teacher  they’ll call you wicked.

If you dare to put your life in jeopardy,

You won’t get support, they’ll call you nerdy.

All these negative habits will ruin your happiness,

If you behave like a good citizen, you’ll reach success!

……………………………………. 🙂


Daily Prompt : Peculiar

In response to the prompt : Peculiar

Odd and Even are going for a walk,

It’s sounds strange how they talk.

One’s English accent is peculiar,

The other’s accent is not queer.

Even tells Odd, ‘I’ll teach you brother,’

Odd replies, ‘it’s all right why bother.’

So they decided to go separate ways,

Rather than tease each other anyways!

……………………………. 🙂


Daily Prompt: Overcome

In response to prompt : Overcome

Overcome with fatigue and hunger the traveller, stopped in a park, he saw a huge oak tree, felt it was the right place to stop. He sat under the tree to rest, it was comfortable, closed his eyes and before he knew it he fell asleep.

A sweet voice awakened him, he looked up, there she was a tiny girl, she asked,   ‘Why are you sleeping under the tree, don’t you have a home, come with me and stay in our home, I will call you my grandpa.’

Overwhelmed by emotion, the traveller looked at the little angel, he was speechless. Tears rolled down his cheeks.

The girl shook him,  ‘Oh don’t cry,’  she said,  ‘my mom and I will take good care of you, you stay with us and tell me stories, I love them, mom is always busy. I will call you my pretend grandpa.’

This invitation by the girl, touched his heart, he burst out crying. He said, ‘ your mom doesn’t know me, she may not like me to stay in your house.’

‘My mom will be happy to have you in our house, we’ll be a happy family,’   she said.

She suddenly ran to get her mom, who was sitting on a bench. At first mom wasn’t too sure to have a stranger living with them, when she  noticed her daughter’s sad face, she made up her mind to give it a try.

The girl and her mother took the traveller home. He was given a furnished bedroom. The little angel  loved to have her pretend grandpa as she called him. They enjoyed each others company, life was much better!

……………………………………. 🙂


Daily Prompt: Crescendo

In response to one-word prompt :  Crescendo

US OPEN Semi-final tennis Ladies Match

The stadium was full not a seat was vacant,

I sat on my bed waiting calm and patient.

Sloane served first determined to win,

Venus standing tall with broad grin.

‘Oh no, beware this victory is mine,’

The noise rose to a crescendo as the crowd lifted the sign.

The mighty Sloane won the first  set,

Her fans cheered she will win we bet.

Second set was easily won by Venus,

Venus’ fans roared , ‘she is a genius.’

To decide the winner the third set began,

It was time for the fans to have a plan.

The noise of each group reached a climax,

It was up to the victor to use her attacks!

………………………………….. 🙂