Daily Prompt : Measure

In response to daily-post’s one-word prompt : Measure

Measure is an important word in our life. When we cook a dish we make sure the ingredients are chosen carefully to make a tasty dish, if we forget one important ingredient our dish loses its taste.

This discussion of taste takes me back a few years. My sister had invited some friends for dinner. One of the dishes was Pilaf, the main ingredient here is Rice. After she finished cooking it, she let our cousin taste it and give his opinion, I can still imagine his face when he asked, ‘You don’t use salt in this dish?’

Of course salt happens to be the one ingredient necessary for this dish and my sister forgot it. She didn’t have enough time to cook this dish again, but did not want to leave it salt free. She figured out a way to put the salt and was successful.

When we measure someone’s intellectual ability we make the person go through a series of tests, like we did when I was teaching in school. The reason was the administrator decided, since not all children though of same age can comprehend the lessons taught, i.e the slow learners, they had to be put into groups: A B C D . Though we did this on a regular basis. Somewhere in my mind I thought this process did not give valid results. Some children are stressed when they hear the word Test, they normally do not do well.

We measure success by the results of people, it may be an athlete, a teacher, a student or even a chef. I’ve seen some challenges on the food network, there are good chefs who come from known restaurants, some are chopped in the first round. The reason once again they are given a certain amount of time to prepare a dish, with the most unthinkable ingredients.

If you fail to measure the right amount of ingredients to bake bread, you will end up with bricks. It is a true story.




Daily Prompt : Blindly

In response to daily post’s prompt : Blindly

The Aimless Traveler  🙂

Blindly I followed the unfamiliar road

I had to stop when the raven  crowed

I looked at the ghastly raven

I asked, ‘where is your safe haven’?

He quacked and replied mine is on the tree

But you my dear cannot get it free!


On and on aimlessly I trudged

Madly and wildly looked for a lodge

I found one that said, Come right Inn

I reached there but my patience was thin

When I heard the rent was five dollars

I nearly lost my mind and hollered !


I only have a dime was my reply

I cannot pay the rent I let out a sigh !

Then walk on poor lady there was a voice

I cannot help you I have no choice.

The world is a difficult place I moaned

I shouldn’t have taken Blindly this awful  Road!

…………………………………….. 🙂



Daily Prompt :Record

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Record

A record of my monthly expenditure

I keep a notebook to record my daily expenses, especially to check how much money I spend for groceries, Miscellaneous items, like clothing, entertainment, and travel, there are other things such as medicine, vitamins etc.

I use my card to pay my bills, at the end of the month all I do is pay the card bill at my bank. This helps the hassle of going to all the different businesses, such as fuel oil, security, phone and internet provider.

Keeping a record of the money I spend helps me  know that I’m not spending more than I earn.

……………………………………….. 🙂

Daily Prompt : Protest

In response to daily post’s prompt : Protest

Sometimes protests can lead to all out war, when people lose their senses and fight with  each other. If there are two groups of, ‘For and against,’ then one should stay clear of those people.

I saw one protest first hand at my university. I asked my classmates why were the students hanging out at the Political Science department and threatening the Prof.?

Well according to them the head of the department of Political Science  told one of his students to skip the final exams, for he had decided, there will be one student on the First Class List,  and it will not be him. The student ignored the warning and sat for the exam, the Prof. stuck to his decision and placed him, on the Second Class List,  though he was a brilliant student.

This particular Prof. decided who gets, First Class, not on merit, but who he favored.

When he said the same thing to another student the following year, the students were enraged. They went to the department and demanded his resignation or they will boycott his classes.

The Vice Chancellor had no choice but to ask the Prof. to resign.



Daily Post Prompt : Fragile

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Fragile

This prompt reminds me of Shakespeare’s play, “As You Like It,”   in it in Act 11, Scene v11, is a phrase which begins with a monologue. It is  spoken by melancholy Jacques.

The speech compares the world to a stage and life to a play. Man’s life  sometimes is  compared to  the seven ages of a man.

Among the seven ages, the infant stage is the time when the human is most fragile. He/she depends solely on the caretaker whoever it might be a parent or a baby sitter. He is unable to do anything by himself, whether it’s feeding changing or bathing, he is dependent on his mom or his baby sitter.

This is the stage how he behaves towards people hinges on what he learns from his elders. He grows up believing people  looking after him as honest and truthful, by the time he learns what he’s taught is wrong, it’s too late, because his habit is already formed. This is why I’d say he is vulnerable.

The other stage I think people are insecure is the old age.  It’s the stage when most people are usually weak, sickly, and forgetful. They develop fear because they do not want to annoy their caretakers, otherwise they may be subjected to pain mentally and physically.

I had observed a few cases of vulnerability where the old man or woman was treated badly, but he/she was afraid to complain.

………………………………….. 🙂




Daily Post Prompt : Slog

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Slog

I decided to go out for a walk on a windy day. Immediately I felt a gust of wind which I thought would blow me off my feet. My legs were heavy with each step I took  to reach Churchill Square which is about  1 km from my house. I was cold but did not give up I kept going. Soon I saw the building I was delighted because it was  only a few yards away. I walked on finally I entered the building, took care of my work and turned around to walk back.

  • IMG_0857the siamese breed

The wind died down, I felt pleased at the thought that my walk wouldn’t be so difficult.

At home the felines were having their catnap, they looked at me as if asking, “Why are you breathing hard, was it a difficult walk?”

…………………………………. 🙂


Daily Post Phttps://wordpress.com/stats/sabethville.wordpress.comrompt: Obvious

In response to daily post’s prompt : Obvious

So far I’ve enjoyed the daily post’s prompts. I’m not sure about the prompt Obvious,I know what it means, there are several synonyms for the word, somehow it hasn’t helped me. It’s Obvious I have a mental block.

While thinking of mental block, I’ve realized now that I have a permanent mental block about, how to use,”pingback,’ my good blogger friend tried to explain how it’s done. I also asked one of the bloggers who uses pingback  frequently. He hasn’t replied.

Can the wordpress team explain how to create pingbacks? I will be much obliged if someone comes to my rescue. Thanks.

……………………………… 🙂




Daily Post Prompt : Learning

in response to daily post’s prompt : Learning

The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence. _Rabindranath Tagore

I have learned, Learning continues until I leave this world for good. I remember when I came to Montreal, my husband took me to Mount Royal, it’s a large park where in winter part of it is used as a skating rink. Skaters go to improve their skating, jumps, triple axel and all the tricks  on ice. It was my first visit, I watched the little kids enjoying themselves, skating, they were so energetic and happy, I could watch them all evening.

As I was watching a little girl came near me, she spoke French, by my hand gesture I tried to tell her I couldn’t speak French or Skate. She extended her hand to help me skate, while it was so easy for her she must have thought I could also start skating. I held her hand and in seconds found myself down on the ice, once again she extended her hand for me to get up, I didn’t want to waste her time I immediately used my hand gesture to let her know I couldn’t skate.

Wikipedia image


Sledding_on_Mount_Royal.JPG (5184Ă—3456)

I was amazed how much patience she had for me, I was a total stranger, she treated me like a friend. Through my years of teaching I learned children are the most honest, sincere and friendly human beings on the planet. I did not learn this from any book or my teachers but by observation.

I had so much fun teaching little kids, I do not regret the fact that I did not teach older kids.

……………………………………… 🙂

Daily Post : Confused

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Confused

Wkipedia image

TripletBoys.JPG (562Ă—312)

There have been some instances, during my teaching days when something or the other confused me. The real challenge was presented to me when I had three kids from the same family. I was taking the roll call, suddenly I noticed there were kids with the same last name, of course my focus was on the register. I looked up saw these three kids with a wide grin on their face. ‘Are you related ?,’ I asked.

Immediately three little nine year olds looked at me, “We are triplets!,” they exclaimed.

‘WOW!’ I thought, Triplets, in my mind I wondered what if they all look alike. I looked at them, fortunately, there was a sister and two brothers. I was relieved not all of them were boys. I took a second look at the boys, I was worried they looked exactly the same. How would I deal with this? if I called Jack and Jim showed up or vice versa. They were in my homeroom, I’d have them all day every day. I told myself, there has to be something by which I could tell them apart.

The first day of school I made up my mind to look closely to see if there was any feature on their face which could unlock the mystery. For some reason both came to my desk to ask something, they were standing close enough for me to detect the difference, I felt like saying out loud,”Eureka I have found it.”

You must think what did I find? Good question, One of them had a soft disposition, the other one did not. It was enough for me.

All through the school year they asked, “How can you tell Miss?

I’d smile and say, ‘Aren’t you glad I can tell you apart?’

From their expression I knew, they didn’t, they couldn’t play the game, “Miss you are wrong, I’m not who you think I am.”

………………………………….. 🙂




Daily Post Prompt : Admire

In response to daily post’s  one-word Prompt: Admire

From a very young age I loved poetry,fortunately I studied in a school where my teachers were nuns, they inspired us to appreciate poetry, we were  given ample opportunity to read and recite poetry. I loved learning them. It was my favorite subject.

When we came to Bengal the poems of Rabindranath Tagore was very popular. Tagore wrote poems of different seasons, one of his poem is : Brishti pauray tapoor toopur, translation is rain is falling drip drop. During the rainy season we recited this poem in the house as it kept us busy.

Tagore also wrote song lyrics these are called Tagore Songs. I enjoy listening to his songs. When  I started blogging I didn’t know what I could write about, I knew a participant from the online course, he suggested I should translate Tagore’s poems. I was pleased I had something to post in my blog.

I also am very fond of English and American poets, sometimes I recite some of the poems all by myself, it keeps me from worrying about things that I cannot change.

We lived in New Delhi and Rawalpindi where my father worked. We the siblings picked up the Urdu language from our Urdu speaking friends in our neighborhood. My Dad encouraged us to learn other languages, but he wanted us to know Bengali which is our mother tongue. The only language we spoke when we were in the house was Bengali. My Dad did not want us to forget our own language.

In school I studied in an English medium school, but we were encouraged to learn one other language. I signed up to to study Urdu. I had the opportunity to memorize poems in three different languages, I enjoyed reciting poems in all three languages.

My favorite Bengali poet is Tagore, English poets are ; Wordsworth, T A Daly,  and Longfellow, Urdu poets are Allama Iqbal and Mirza Ghalib.

I like all kinds of poems, lately I’m enjoying writing limericks.

………………………………………… 🙂

They ask me what do I admire the most

I reply without a doubt poetry of course

Where else can you find rhythm and rhyme

So learn poetry don’t waste your time! 🙂