The Daily Post: Prophecy

In-response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Prophecy

During the days of winter, I’m always afraid to hear the weather prediction. Most days we are told we’ll have a cold shivering day, we must dress warm when we go out. But when the weatherman says we’ll have a blizzard, there’ll be tons of snow, the stores will be closed, I feel afraid what if I need something urgent what will I do.

It seems the winter season makes us worry, about who will clear the snow, will too much snow and freezing rain make the driveway icy. The predictions of the weatherman is true most of the time. He has all the tools that help him make a correct forecast.

It is different for us ordinary humans, our day to day life can be worrisome. When our child is young we are concerned about the baby sitter looking after them, is she nice, is she careful, will she feed my child at proper times. While the weatherman can predict the weather, we cannot predict what sort of a person is our baby sitter.

When the child goes to school we wonder, how he or she’d perform, we start thinking of their future, if they are serious they’d do well, is the only prediction we can think of, we hope we are right, but we are not sure.

……………………………………… 🙂