The Daily Post Prompt : Punishment

In response to daily post prompt : Punishment

There is a saying, “The punishment does not fit the crime.”

In my family’s case it’s true, the fact my Dad passed away @age 47 leaves us wondering, why did we get the ultimate punishment, we were young and innocent, we spent our time playing and going to school, we did not disobey our parents, teachers or elders. Why did we become orphans at such a tender age?

My complaint is to God, He couldn’t dislike us we according to us never mistreated any one. Our father’s passing so early left us bewildered. My mom was a pious woman, she did not envy or talk against any one. My Dad did not like nepotism he refused to help my eldest brother get a job, he was influential but did not allow himself to give his son a job because it was against his principle.

Perhaps our crime was we were carefree, happy and enjoyed our childhood immensely. Can this be our crime I wonder? Did the punishment we received fit the crime?

Then again my Moral Science book said,” Man can be happy to some extent but cannot attain perfect happiness.”

I understand now, for all the happiness we got had to be balanced by sadness, hence the price we paid was the passing of my Dad.

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DP Daily Prompts: August Blues

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As a kid, were you happy or anxious about going back to school? Now that you’re older, how has your attitude toward the end of the summer evolved?

Just like any other kid now or then, I felt the same fear, the question was always about who will be my teacher? Will my teacher be the strict Nun who spoke with her ruler. Fortunately I got a teacher who wasn’t a Nun, her name was Mrs. Quieros. She was an awesome teacher, she was straight forward but sometimes her words were pinching. One day she saw one of my classmates in a street,it did not please her too much, to make it worse he did not do his homework.

When she asked the reason ,he must have given a lame excuse, she was furious, she looked at him and yelled,”I saw you gallivanting the streets, you were not sick!”

We got summer holidays for two months, one year we had already spent one month of vacation where we lived. My Dad announced he was taking us to Bangladesh for two months. He thought we are going so far, our relatives would like to have us longer.

Arrangements were made we were off to our parents home for two months. We had a great time.

I was back in school a month late, I went to school terrified of the questions our teacher would ask, so I sat in my seat and tried to hide behind one of the classmate.

All of a sudden I heard the words: Chaman has arrived.

This was an indication I must explain why was I back after three months instead of two. I stood up and quietly went to her desk.

She asked ,”how long was your vacation, two months right, and after how long are you back?”

I replied three, she gave me a whole bunch of homework and sent me back to my seat.

I skipped school if my homework was not done, I was afraid of the punishment.

When I was older though the fear of punishment didn’t exist, we were old enough to be responsible, if we didn’t study the fear of failure made us do our work.

My attitude changed I knew I had to do well every year and after completing school I’d be competing with others for a job. This feeling kept me from wasting my time. In other words I grew up, I never skipped classes.

Writing Prompt: Comedy of Errors

“Beverly my darling wake up now you only have a half hour to get ready,have breakfast and run to catch the bus,”

her Mom bellowed !

“But It’s too short a time to do all that,can I skip school today?”

“No You certainly cannot” her Mom yelled.

Beverly was having not so great a day,her alarm clock didn’t work, she was late getting up,Mom wouldn’t give her a break.So what if she skipped school just one teensy- weensy day, she thought. She grumbled through getting dressed,  eating breakfast, now she has to literally run so she does not miss that miserable bus, she was angry. As she was running she saw the bus whiz by her to the stop. She raised both her arms for the driver to stop a few more minutes so she could catch up and get on the bus.

As luck would have it,the bus driver was having a bad day,he refused to stop until Beverly could catch up. Tears came rolling down her cheeks, Why was this happening to her, why does everyone hate her.

She realized she does not have enough time to pout,she needs to get herself together and run fast before the school bell rang. When she was almost in the school,the bell rang , she dropped her school bag on the mud. She had to clean it or else Mrs. Hilton will lose her mind.

It happened what she was afraid of she was ten minutes late. Mrs. Hilton was furious, she said, “Beverly you’ll have to stay after school ,this is your punishment for coming in late to school.”

Could this day be any worse? she told herself.

What will happen when she goes home late today she wondered, maybe to add to my misery Mom wouldn’t leave any food for me.

“Okay God, looking up she said, can you see I’m not punished anymore,I’m tired and hungry.”

She cried some more,suddenly she heard a loud screech, she looked up and there was her Dad looking at her.

“Beverly what happened I was so worried when you didn’t come home I had to go looking for you,I am so glad I  found you.Let’s go home,dinner is ready,your Mom is waiting,”he said.

The thought of food and Mom wouldn’t punish her felt so good, She burst out crying,and said ,”Oh Dad I’m so exhausted, I want to go home.”

Thus ended Beverly’s bad luck! of Errors/