Protineedhi,( representative) a poem by Tagore post and translation by Ranu

An example of handwritten Bengali script. Part...

An example of handwritten Bengali script. Part of a poem written by Rabindranath Tagore in 1926 in Hungary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You loved this green earth,

your smile exposed your inner happiness.

By joining the current of the universe.

You learned contentment,

That is why your heart was ready to steal.

This green earth belonged to you.

Today this indifferent earth and sky,

makes you look back.

your smile,  the happiness of viewing

they are singing the farewell song

leaving the village and its clump of trees.

You have painted that joy

and left it in my eyes.

I am alone today, I see with our eyes,

By staying in my heart you are enjoying it__

In the pupil of my eye you have

painted that charm .