Daily Prompt: PURPOSE

In response to daily post’s, one-word prompt: Purpose

Sometimes I wonder, why am I here? Was I expected to accomplish something which would be useful  for me?   When I was in lower grades in school, the thought of accomplishing something did not come to me at all. I was in school because that’s what I was supposed to do. How long would I be in school, who knows, I didn’t know.

Year after year I continued going to school, without any definite plan. At twelve my Dad passed away. A year later we moved to Bangladesh. We didn’t have a home at the time, so we stayed in our maternal Grandpa’s home for almost a year.

In the meantime my eldest brother visited the nearby town to buy a home where we planned to live. Within a year the home was bought, we found out there was a convent not too far from the house where we lived.

My brother told me to take our younger siblings to register in the convent. When it came to me attending school, there was a problem, this school which I mentioned had only up to Grade Six, I was in Standard six in my old school, which was equivalent to grade eight, and in  the other schools, the medium of instruction was Bengali.

I told my brother, I would study privately and sit for the high School exams. Everything went well I passed the exam and registered in the local college.Four years later I got my undergraduate degree, then after two more years, successfully got my masters degree. After this I wondered What would I do with these pieces of paper, do your education degree and become a school teacher was what  my mind told me to do.

After spending sixteen years in school I wondered why did I spend so long in  school,  what really is my aim. The extra year gave me a chance to get a job in an educational institution. I’ve heard wise people say your fate is already decreed by the Creator. But is it really true? Sometimes I think it is , other times  I feel it’s not so.

Take for example the case of one  my older brothers, he did not want to study right from the beginning, my Dad asked him, what would he like to do, he had no answer. He told us one day that he prayed all night, and fell asleep while praying, he saw a man in his dream, the man told him he’d give him anything he wants, ‘What do you want the man?’ said.

My brother said he wanted to finish school. The man said, ‘I cannot fulfill your wish, but ask for something else.’

My brother couldn’t think of anything, the man in his dream disappeared. Now my question is, why was my brother  sent by the creator? For what purpose? I have no answer, can someone else answer it?

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DP Daily Prompt: I Can’t Stay Mad At You

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Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?


Unfortunately I have trouble saying,” I can’t stay mad at you, let’s forgive and forget.” There are many incidences in my life where the people who hurt me, deliberately did it because they were jealous of me . I don’t know why they have that feeling, I certainly did not deserve it.

Some of my family members enjoy hurting me, they do not hesitate to tell lies if it suits their purpose. I have tried many times to forgive and forget but they cannot stop talking against me. I am simply tired of this ‘Forgive and forget’, thing. 

I have stopped having anything to do with them. I follow the saying( na rahe bans toh na baje bansari) it means without a flute you cannot play a tune. I am not sure if it will  make sense to my readers or why hold on to something that cannot be fixed.

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