DP Daily Prompt: Envelope Pushers

pad2014-s.png (308×60) When was the last time you took a risk(big or small), and pushed your own boundaries– socially,professionally, or otherwise? Were you satisfied with the outcome? A few years ago my daughter and I were invited to a get-together party in a friend’s house. There were a lot of people there, food was served I was waiting my turn to get some food, my daughter was ahead of me, when she was about to get the food, one of our old acquaintance stopped her and asked  some unexpected questions. I knew nothing about it until we were ready to get into the car, my daughter told me about it and made up her mind never to attend these parties. I was angry, this person always looks for an opportunity to embarrass us. When we got home I dialed his number, he was not at home, I left a message to call me next morning, when my call wasn’t returned by 9 am, I called again, I was firm I told him he must never harass me or my daughter in the presence of strangers. I reminded him if there was anything he wanted to know , he should ask me directly. He tried to make excuses for his behavior but I did not let him. The same person has been doing this kind of irritating thing since we met him, I attempted to stop him, my husband would not let me. This time I felt he had crossed the limit I must prevent him from being a jerk. I was satisfied with the outcome, I was never bothered by him again! k: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/11/24/dp-daily-prompt-

DP Daily Prompts: Truth Serum

pad2014-s.png (308×60)

You’ve come into possession of one vial of truth serum.Who would you give it to(with the person’s consent of course)–and what questions would you ask?

If there is such a thing as a truth serum and I happen to be in possession of one vial, I’d make sure it goes to the right person.

It doesn’t seem to be an easy task to find someone who deserves to one vial of truth serum. The first thing to do is to find someone who likes truth at any cost. The next thing is to know if this person is interested to accept it. If the answer is affirmative, I’d like to know what will they do with it.

My first question is: “would you like to accept this serum?”

Second question is : “Will you use it for experiment?”

Third question is:     “How will you use it and on whom?”

If I were asked these questions, I’d answer: “yes I’d accept this serum.”

The second answer is: “Yes I’d like to use it as an experiment.”

The third answer is:       “I will use it on the biggest liar I know, who always lies to make himself/herself look good.”

nk: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/09/30/dp-daily-prompts-truth-serum



365 Writing Prompts: Back to school

If you could take a break from your life and go back to school to master a subject, what would it be?

If I did get the opportunity to go back to school I’d like to study Philosophy. My interest is in Metaphysics.

We all by nature have a desire to know. The indication of this is the delight we take in our senses; apart from them being useful they are loved for themselves; and above all others is the sense of sight.Even when we are not going to do anything , we prefer seeing. The reason this, most of all the senses , it brings to light many different things.

We do not regard any of these senses as wisdom; yet they do give the most authoritative knowledge of particulars. They do not tell us ‘why’ of anything— such as why is fire hot; they only say it is hot.These and many other questions that I have will help me learn if I invest some time in this subject.