365 Writing Prompts: Island of misfit posts

We all have something we’d like to write about, but that doesn’t really “fit” our blog. Write it anyway.

Ramadan Mubarak to everyone. Today is the sixth day of fasting. Here in St John’s it is easier to fast because so far the days are much cooler than  in  places, i.e. Dhaka Bangladesh, Karachi Pakistan.

I woke up at 2:02 a.m it meant I have to get up wash and eat something, food this early wasn’t appealing to me, however I knew I must eat or else I’d have to wait until it’s 9:02 pm to eat or drink anything.

I went to the kitchen got my usual two Jacob’s crackers, took out a slice of cheese, put them on a plate and microwaved it for twenty seconds. Next I poured some milk in my mug and heated it. I was ready to eat.

It took me less than ten minutes to eat my early breakfast.

Next I said my prayers before the morning prayer. At 3:03 I said my morning prayer, read a part of the Qur’an and went back to bed.

Although I intended to sleep till 8:am I could not and had to get up at 6:30 am. Since I left my bed, I’ve done a few things like wrote a five sentence fiction, added another paragraph of comment to my previous comment on the course blog.

Now I’m writing the 365 writing prompt. I’m writing something that doesn’t really “fit” my blog, I’m writing it anyway because the title of the prompt is ,”Island Of Misfit Posts.”

Before I conclude I must add, the fasting this day will be over at 9:02 pm in my neck of the woods. I hope Readers I did not bore you to tears! 🙂


365 writing Prompts: Memories of holidays past

What is your favorite holiday? Recount the specific memory or memories that have made that holiday special to you.

My favorite holiday is “Eid al Fitr” (festival of breaking the fast).

The following is a brief history of “Eid al -Fitr”: It comes after a month of fasting known as Ramadan.Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar.

Muslims believe that during the month of Ramadan, Allah(God) revealed the first verses of the Holy Qur’an, the holy book of Islam.

Around 610 A.D. a caravan trader named Muhammad went wandering in the desert near Mecca( in today’s Saudi Arabia).While he was meditating one night he heard a voice telling  him he was chosen to receive the word of Allah. The voice was that of Angel Gabriel.

In the days that followed Muhammad found himself speaking the verses that would be transcribed as the Qur’an.

Muslims are required to fast during the month of Ramadan, food and drink is not allowed from sunrise to sunset. Fasting serves many purposes, when they are hungry and thirsty they are reminded of the suffering of the poor. It helps to practice self-control, and also helps to cleanse body and mind.

After the end of Ramadan, Muslims celebrate, “Eid al -Fitr” it is one of the two most important Islamic celebrations the other is Hajj or pilgrimage to Mecca.

On the day of ‘Eid al-Fitr’ Muslims dress in their finest clothes, decorate their homes with lights, give treats to the children, and give money to the poor people.They also enjoy visiting their family and friends.

Those who are wealthy give generously to the poor and also make it a point to feed them.

I remember we loved “Eid al Fitr” a lot it was during this time our Dad gave us money after he and our brothers came back from the mosque after the Eid prayer.

We were always excited because mom would buy beautiful fabrics and she’d give it to   the tailor who’d sew beautiful clothes for us.

There were delicious foods cooked by mom, which  we’d be anxious to eat, we always knew no one could cook better than mom.

It was a  tradition in every family to cook dessert with vermicelli,with or without milk, I liked the dry vermicelli, mom fried it with clarified butter, then she added sugar and water for the vermicelli to soften  she left it for a couple of minutes on the stove for the liquid to dry. It was afterwards garnished with sliced almonds and pistachios.

We had our meal at noon. Then we’d visit our friends to wish them happy Eid. We couldn’t visit  our relatives they lived far away.

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/12/15/365-writing-pr…-holidays-past

Writing Prompt: Freaky Friday

If you could be someone else for a day,who would you be,and why? If that seems too easy,try this one: who would you like to have spend a day as you and what do you hope they’d learn from the experience?


If I could be someone else for a day I’d like to be Philosopher,poet and thinker Iqbal. Since this is make-believe I’m imagining him alive.

He has written volumes on very important things that affects all of us.I’d like to learn his way of thinking,whether he read a lot and some of his brilliant ideas were from that. I’m assuming he read a lot, if not was he  in a position to know the situation in those times just by observing or in meetings with like-minded philosophers or from reading the Qur’an.

I’d like to learn about his philosophy and what does he think of our generation, are we on the right track or are we too materialistic.

One day is not long enough to study a mind as rich as Iqbal’s. 



https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/04/19/365-days-april19-freaky friday/



Eid al – Adha–The major festival,The Greater Eid

English: Map of the Muslim Population by Perce...

English: Map of the Muslim Population by Percentage in the World (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Qurbani campaign in Somalian refugee camps, Ei...

Qurbani campaign in Somalian refugee camps, Eid Al Adha 2011 (Photo credit: IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation/TURKEY)

Quran Passage

Quran Passage (Photo credit: jmortonscott)

Let the Quran Speak

Let the Quran Speak (Photo credit: umar nasir)

English: A picture of people performing (circu...

English: A picture of people performing (circumambulating) the . This picture taken from the gate of Abdul Aziz seems to divide the Kaaba and the minarets into mirror images of one another. Français : Pélerins en train de réaliser la Circumambulation (ou Tawaf) autour de la Ka’ba. Photo prise depuis la porte Ibn Saud, d’où la vue présente une symétrie en miroir presque parfaite. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A plate served to guests during Eid-al-Adha, i...

A plate served to guests during Eid-al-Adha, in Turkish traditions. It contains dolma (sarma, stuffed vine leaves), börek (a traditional Turkish pastry), and kavurma with a little piece of traditional home-baked bread… kavurma is a meat meal served during Eid-al-Adha and almost always made from the meat of the sacrificed animal (Eid-al-Adha being the Muslim holiday of sacrifice). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the Twenty sixth of October the Muslim world celebrated Eid al -Adha.It is also called ‘Feast of the sacrifice’,the greater Eid and Bakri Eid. It is an important religious holiday,celebrated by Muslims worldwide.It is to honour the willingness of the prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his young first-born son Ismail,as an act of submission to God’s command and his son’s acceptance to being sacrificed, before God intervened and provided Abraham with a ram to sacrifice instead.

Eid al -Adha is the latter of the two Muslim holidays,the former is Eid al-Fitr.The basis for the Eid al -Adha comes from the 196th verse of the second Surah of the Holy Quran.The word Eid appears in the 5th Surah of the Holy Quran with the meaning “Solemn Festival”. The three days and two nights of Eid al -Adha are celebrated on the tenth,eleventh and twelfth and the last month of the lunar Islamic Calendar.In the international Gregorian calendar,the dates vary from year to year, it is approximately eleven days earlier each year.

The Eid al -Adha celebrations start after the descent of the Hajj from mount Arafat,it is a hill east of Makkah. The ritual observance of the holiday lasts until the twelfth day of Dhu-al Hijjah. Eid sacrifice may take place until sunset of the thirteenth day. The days of Eid has been singled out in the Hadith, as “days of remembrance.”

In many Muslim cultures the graves of the dece...

In many Muslim cultures the graves of the deceased are also visited during the day of Eid al-Adha. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have changed our itinerary

Cheragi Pahar Circle, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Chittagong, Bangladesh
Chittagong, Bangladesh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Entrance to main Tomb of the Shrine o...

English: Entrance to main Tomb of the Shrine of Bayazid Bostami in Chittagong, Bangladesh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Zia Museum, Lalkhan Bazar, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Zia Museum, Lalkhan Bazar, Chittagong, Bangladesh. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Partial tree of Indo-European languages. Branc...

Partial tree of Indo-European languages. Branches are in order of first attestation; those to the left are Centum, those to the right are Satem. Languages in red are extinct. White labels indicate categories / un-attested proto-languages. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maastricht dialect

English: Chittagong bypass connecting the Chit...
English: Chittagong bypass connecting the Chittagong port facilities with N1 through Patenga. বাংলা: চট্টগ্রাম বাইপাস চট্টগ্রাম বন্দরকে পতেঙ্গার মাধ্যমে এন-১ হাইওয়ের সাথে সংযুক্ত করেছে। (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Chittagong Shipbreaking

Chittagong Shipbreaking (Photo credit: AdamCohn)

shipbreaking in Bangladesh near Chittagong

shipbreaking in Bangladesh near Chittagong (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kaptai Lake, Bangladesh

Kaptai Lake, Bangladesh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Star Mosque, locally known as Tara Ma...

English: Star Mosque, locally known as Tara Masjid (Bangla: তারা মসজিদ), is a mosque located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is situated at the Armanitola area of the old part of the city. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Karwan Bazar, one of the most important busine...

Karwan Bazar, one of the most important business centres in Dhaka (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dhaka travelling by rickshaw

Dhaka travelling by rickshaw (Photo credit: eGuide Travel)

Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tiger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jamuna Bridge of Bangladesh is one of the most...

Jamuna Bridge of Bangladesh is one of the most notable in South Asia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Agriculture in Bangladesh

English: Agriculture in Bangladesh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Boat Bangladesh

Boat Bangladesh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A map of the languages spoken in Bangladesh, i...

A map of the languages spoken in Bangladesh, in English. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was able to convince Alphie that he should spend some  more time in Bengal.Since Bangladesh is so close to Kol kata,it would be unfair not to go to Bangladesh. Besides it is the country I am from. I didn’t have to say much to convince him.He thought about it.I only said it once and he was happy to change his booking.Gepetto however had a big smile on his face. He was at an age when missing school is a lot of fun.There will be no studies, no cranky teachers,no Principal’s office to visit as punishment.Ranu just made his day.  “I made the right choice by asking for a guide.Life is awesome he thought.”  Ranu thought he was exceptionally quiet,she inquired, “everything okay Gepetto,did I do anything wrong?”  ” Oh no he said,it is fine,I like your change of plans.”

We are going to Dhaka. I will show you my college,it is Holy Cross College,near Kawran Bazaar.After graduating I took admission in Dhaka university.My sister wanted me to take admission in the university after school.I was afraid of the male population.I had heard after the new year,the boys give names to the female students.As I did not want to face it.I decided to spend two years in the Girl’s college.I thought I would be two years older and might be able to deal with it. Dhaka university is the oldest in Bangladesh.There are a lot of universities now.After my education I taught in Residential Model School,Mohammadpur,Dhaka.I was unable to get a picture of my college,therefore I can only say,it was just an ordinary college.Most of our teachers were nuns from the united states.

From Dhaka we decided to visit Chittagong,the second largest city in Bangladesh.It is a port city in southern Bangladesh.It is built on the banks of the Karnaphuli River.It is the country’s busiest seaport.It has a population of over 5.5 million people.It is a trading post since the 9th century.It has a multicultural heritage of Islamic,Hindu and Buddhist traditions.A few parts of Chittagong were developed in the early  twentieth century under the British .The city also became a focal point for revolutionary activities against the British.

Chittagong has attracted people from around the world.The various waves of settlements left a lasting impact on the language and culture of the city.The origins of the people are diverse and multi-ethnic. The most significant contributors to the population are indigenous Tibeto-Burman people and traders and settlers of Arab,Afghan and Mughal origin.They travelled from the North-west many hundreds of years ago.

Lungi or Dhoti are the most common costume for men and Saree for women.Rice and fish are the staple food of the people.Because of its close proximity to the sea, sea food is very popular.vegetables commonly found are: egg plant,flat beans,okra,pumpkins,potatoes, gourds and several others are grown.The main fruits are Jack fruit,coconut,papaya,bananas and other varieties are grown.

The architectural features of Chittagong can be found in mosques,shrines,dargah and other masonry.The most revered shrine is the Bayazid Bostami.He was a Sufi,his birth place was Bostam in Iran. There are several conflicting stories about the saint.Some believe,he actually visited Chittagong. Some 18th century Bengali poets remembered a Shah Sultan of Nasirabad in their poems. Because Bayazid Bostami was also known as Sultan-ul- Arefin, therefore it is believed that the above two are the same man.

Chittagong is a major tourist attraction. Its green hills and forests, its broad sandy beaches and the cool climate always attract the tourists.The people of Chittagong speak Chittagonian,this is believed to be an Indo-European language of the Eastern Indic group.A large number of Arabic words are used in this dialect. Speakers of this dialect consider it a dialect  of standard Bengali,which is the official language of Bangladesh.

Personally speaking the words did not sound like standard Bengali.The first time I visited Chittagong,I could not understand what they were saying.My aunt and I stood in the station looking for a rickshaw driver whom we could understand.We did find one who was from my home town. I always was fascinated by different dialects and languages.I stayed with my mother’s uncle.He and all the members of his family spoke the dialect.I stayed with them for fifteen days and learned the dialect.Whenever they said something I didn’t understand,I would ask what does it mean.This curiosity of mine helped me to learn the dialect.I did not try to teach Gepetto the Chittagonian dialect.He was happy visiting all the places. Cleanliness was an issue,I reminded him he was in a different country to see all the unique things which he will not find in Canada.If he is uncomfortable because the place is not squeaky clean,he will not enjoy his trip.I told him to try to admire the beautiful architecture of the mosques and shrines.Susan seemed to find the two cities interesting.Alphie probably was thinking,when he would be able to go back and try outwitting some other naive fellow,then again I took him to so many religious places,would he try his trick again?Who knows! I thought of all the places I was able to go to,my job as a  guide made it possible.It’s a ‘COOL’ job.

Alphie family are ready to say, Allah Hafiz, May God Be With You!

Scenes of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Scenes of Dhaka, Bangladesh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The family prepare for their trip to Agra

English: This is a Mughal painting depicting M...

English: This is a Mughal painting depicting Mumtaz Mahal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Shah Jahan copper coin, Surat mint

English: Silver rupee of Shah Jahan, issued fr...

English: Silver rupee of Shah Jahan, issued from Patna (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shah Jahan, who commissionated the Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal Gate

Taj Mahal Gate (Photo credit: 14983)

Indira Gandhi is elected as the first female P...

Indira Gandhi is elected as the first female Prime Minister of India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New Delhi Airport Terminal 1D
New Delhi Airport Terminal 1D (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Taj Mahal, Agra, India. Deutsch: Taj Mahal im ...

Gepetto was on top of the world.He was finally going to see the  Taj Mahal ,the seventh wonder of the world. How cool is that .He remembered to pack his diary. He was exhilarated! He felt he is the luckiest boy in his class.

Gepetto couldn’t wait any longer to board the plane to Agra,he became very restless and kept on asking when Ranu was going to show up.Suddenly he looked and saw Ranu coming.He ran towards her,he started talking so fast,it was difficult for anyone to understand. Finally Susan shook him,”she said what is wrong with you Gepetto?I think you have to calm down,we still have plenty of time to get to the airport.” Gepetto realized he was too excited,he apologized to his parents and Ranu. “I’m sorry”,he said, “I did not want to miss our flight.” They all had a good laugh and told him,he shouldn’t repeat this behaviour again.

The Alphie family and Ranu ,went into the cab and were on their way to Indira Gandhi airport.While going to the airport,Susan and Alphie apologized to Ranu for their son’s unusual behaviour.Ranu said,” It is my fault I shoudln’t have taken so long to be ready.Actually I was ready,but when I checked my computer,I noticed there was a message for me,it was from my course facilitator,he had sent an assignment for me to do. I thought it won’t take too long to finish,I sat down and started typing my comment,I did check the time,I had more than enough time to come to your hotel.” She then turned around and said, “Gepetto,I’m so sorry to keep you waiting,trust me it won’t happen again.”

At the airport they took  their luggage out of the trunk of the cab and wheeled their luggage to the check in counter.The large suitcase was checked in,they were finally going to the gate,they had to go through security,then they all sat in the lounge and waited to be called to board the flight.

The call came to board the flight to Agra. You could see apprehension and pleasure in Gepetto’s eyes, comparatively speaking,it seems the adults have lost the face of innocence and pleasure,could it be at a certain age mankind is afraid to show any kind of emotion or is it the toils of reality has taken away the joys,one must feel.The plane landed safely.Gepetto was the first one to leave his seat.

The Taj didn’t seem too far from the airport relatively speaking.

When they reached the place they were anxious to see this magnificent shrine of love.It is one of the most beautiful and  expensive tombs in the world.The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan ordered it built in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal.She died in 1629 A.D.

Islamic architecture in its purest form,is epitomized by Emperor Shah Jahan’s Taj Mahal.The work started in 1634 and continued for almost twenty-two years.It is situated in the city of Agra in India on the banks of the river Jamuna.It is enclosed in a garden amongst fountains and ornamental trees.The walled complex includes two mosques and an imposing gateway.The tomb is encased in white marble which is decorated with flawless sculptures and inlaid design of flowers and calligraphy cut from precious gems.

Below the dome there is a dimly lit chamber where lies the mortal remains of Shah Jahan and his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal.The beautiful tomb is a reminder to the world  of their undying love.It rests on a platform of red sandstone.In each corner stands a slender minaret(prayer tower).Each tower is 133 feet high.The building itself is 186 feet square.A dome covers the centre of the building.It is 70 feet in diameter and 120 feet high passages from the “Holy Qur’an” decorate the outside.Built in charming environs ,it is one of the most beautiful architectural work in the world.It ranks amongst the most perfect buildings in the world.It is flawlessly proportionate and is built entirely out of marble.

It is intended to be a commemoration,of the memory of Shah Jahan’s beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal.In reality it is,Shah Jahan’s gift to the entire human race.

The family loved the monument,Alphie was the perfect tourist,he was taking pictures from every angle he could think of.After all he knows he will have to talk about his visit to India to his family and friends and the pictures taken by him would add to the remarkable treasury he was able to collect.

To be continued!