Daily Prompt: Recognize

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Recognize

Lately I’m finding rather difficult to recognize a certain group of people. All these years they were friendly, called me Auntie, suddenly it looks like they refuse to know me. You readers might want to know the reason, I honestly do not know myself  what in the world have I  done to these people. Can this be how people behave when their own life is muddled up? If so, ‘Why should I be their punching bag.’

These are a group of women who happen to be from my original country. I met them here in St. John’s, before this I did not know them.

I was once  asked by our school librarian about some woman from India, who was teaching in Labrador. I had to remind him, India’s population is over a billion, how can I possibly know all of them. For that matter I don’t even know all the people in my little hometown.

I happen to recognize people by their name, I can tell where they’re from. Now a days even a name doesn’t help. Once I heard a teacher in my school calling her pupil, Jamila. Immediately I asked where is she  from? The teacher said, ‘Relax my dear, She’s a Newfie( short for Newfoundlander), her parents thought of giving her a unique name.’

WOW I thought, a unique name! Oh I get it some of our country women are named Suzy, Sally, Shelly. They’re also I guess trying to be unique.

But my Dad was not in favor of disguising the identity of his children by giving us English names. His idea was if on paper they see the name, ‘Elizabeth,’  they’d be looking for Elizabeth, an English or American woman, suddenly they find this Elizabeth is brown, wears a sari, the thought at once is, ‘why isn’t she,  Geeta, Sita,Ranu ?’  See what I mean!

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Tagore song posted and translated by Ranu


হৃদয়ের এ কূল, ও কূল, দু কূল ভেসে যায়, হায় shajoni  uthale noyon bari: Alas my dear both sides of my heart is drowning,my eyes are swollen with water

যে দিকে চেয়ে দেখি ওগো সখী,   :Wherever I look dear friend
কিছু আর চিনিতে না পারি।।: I cannot recognize anything
পরানে পড়িয়াছে টান, ভরা নদীতে আসে বান, My heart feels a pull, the swollen river will be over-flooded
আজিকে কী ঘোর তুফান সজনি গো,: It’s such a terrible storm, my dear
বাঁধ আর বাঁধিতে নারি।। it’s not possible to keep the enclosure
কেন এমন হল গো, আমার এই নবযৌবনে।: Why did such a thing happen in my youth
সহসা কী বহিল কোথাকার কোন্‌ পবনে।: Suddenly which wind blew what
হৃদয় আপনি উদাস, মরমে কিসের হুতাশ- I am sad, why am I hopeless
জানি না কী বাসনা, কী বেদনা গো-: I know not what I am longing for, what is aching my heart,my dear friend
কেমনে আপনা নিবারি।। How will I check it


k: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2015/04/04/tagore-song-po…ated-by-ranu-7

Tagore song: ekhoni ki holo tomar jabar bela

Is it time for you to leave already,

Oh my dear stranger,

Look into my heart

I have arranged all night

to have a seat for you.

Hesitatingly you came

perhaps to ask for something.

Silently in the twilight you

played with my thoughts.

You failed to express

the expectation you brought.

The bird sat on the edge of the branch

forgot to build its nest.

We met , we  didn’t recognize ,

you  had questions, but  didn’t ask

Why did you neglect

your own  desire?

Oh my dear stranger!