Daily Prompt :Record

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Record

A record of my monthly expenditure

I keep a notebook to record my daily expenses, especially to check how much money I spend for groceries, Miscellaneous items, like clothing, entertainment, and travel, there are other things such as medicine, vitamins etc.

I use my card to pay my bills, at the end of the month all I do is pay the card bill at my bank. This helps the hassle of going to all the different businesses, such as fuel oil, security, phone and internet provider.

Keeping a record of the money I spend helps me  know that I’m not spending more than I earn.

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September 23rd to September 29th WordPress Health Week Post by Ranu


WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)

I am preparing to go for the walk.I think I’ll be able to walk 2Km today.I am back from my walk,I am excited to write I managed 3.1 Km today. I’ll have two more to go,which i hope to complete tomorrow. Thank you WordPress for this.

I am back to record what kind of fitness i was able to do today the 24th of September. Nature is not happy for some reason,it’s shedding buckets of tears. I have to keep my promise of doing something. My trustworthy stationary bike came in handy. Here is the summary: I biked for 21 minutes at level 1 which breaks down to : 5 minutes at resistance-1=    6 minutes resistance– 2 =5 minutes resistance -3=  5 minutes — resistance 5    total minutes is 21.

It’s 5.8 Km distance      Calories burned 27.3;  fat calories burned -=5.8.

I don’t know if Nature will stop being so sooky,if it doesn’t tomorrow I may be able to walk the  remaining  2 Km , of course  weather permitting!