Daily Prompt : Relieved

In response to one-word prompt : Relieved

I applied for a job when we came to Gander,

He told me, if I substitute I’d get one faster.

Unimpressed my husband told me to quit,

Sitting at home unhappy, cost me my wit.

Then I got a call from a school supervisor,

He wanted to know if I became any wiser.

I said, ‘unemployment is hurting my brain.’

He said, ‘let me see if I can relieve your strain.’

Then he magically got me a fascinating job,

‘Would you like to teach grade fours,’ asked Mr. Bob.

I told him, ‘I’m relieved, and  pleased to get this offer.’

And so started my long and arduous teaching career!

…………………………….. 🙂





365 Writing Prompts: First

Tell us your first day at something___ your first day of school, first day of work, first day living on your own,first day blogging, first day as a parent,whatever.

My first experience of a snowstorm was on November 13th I was in Montreal ,Canada , I was on my way  to the typing school as usual, while walking to the bus stop I noticed the sky was white and calm ,I didn’t know anything about snow then, yes I knew they have snow but how much or when I had no idea. I also didn’t think of the famous phrase, “it’s the calm before the storm.”

I entered the school building and went straight to the typing class, some of the girls were already there,I sat in my seat and began typing, our teacher came an hour later, she looked at me and said, “girls I hope you brought your boots today, there is a lot of snow on the ground, it is turning out to be very stormy.”

I heard it but had no reaction , I wasn’t quite sure what a snowstorm meant, I continued my typing, at four pm we all got up to get ready to go home, the teacher looked at me and said, “Don’t you have boots?”

Of course I wasn’t wearing boots, I was wearing sandals and my  sari, it still didn’t strike me that I’d have trouble getting home.

As usual I got out of the building and walked towards the bus stop, one gentleman came and asked me if I saw  any buses moving, I wasn’t looking for any buses moving, I was waiting for the one I took daily to go to school and back home.The gentleman could tell by the way I was dressed I had no idea of what a snowstorm means. He mumbled something which sounded like there are no buses moving, he then left.

I stood there and tried to understand the situation I was in, I was still not aware it would be difficult for me to get home. I saw a cab I raised my hand to stop him, he stopped and asked, “Where will you go?”

As soon as I uttered ‘Victoria Avenue’ he said , “none of the cabs will go there, it’s too dangerous.”

This scared me I walked back to the school building , called my husband, my brother-in-law picked up the phone, he told me my husband wanted me to stay in the school building,he will get me when the snowstorm stops and the buses start moving.

After waiting for several hours my husband came to pick me up, I was relieved to see him and told him I will not go to the typing school anymore.

It was the first time I saw so much snow, I also learned it was a blizzard and one has to be properly dressed to be out in one!


DP Daily Prompt: Pants on Fire Post by Ranu

It happened a while ago. My husband told me to call his brother’s office. He wanted to know when he was coming back to Chicago. I called his office to find out. The man at the other end said,’I don’t know,his mother died or something’. My husband was preparing meat to marinate for next day’s supper. When I hung up, he asked, ‘Did you find out’? I didn’t know how I was going to give him this news,I told him the man in the office did not know.

I called our friend in Montreal for advice,he told me to wait for his brother to get back. His brother came back,I noticed he wasn’t saying anything. I asked him when was he going to tell his brother.He was playing the waiting game.I was disgusted with him,he acted as if everything was fine.

I could not believe how calm my brother-in-law was , they went to the park which was an hour’s drive.I felt so guilty I could not go with them.Our neighbour knew about this. She felt something had to be done. She came one morning and said,’Ali I have something to tell you’,my husband was surprised,he asked what it was.Without wasting any time , she replied: ‘Your mother passed away few days ago’,this was something he did not think he would hear. Immediately my husband blamed me for not telling him.  My brother-in-law was relieved he didn’t have to give the news. It seemed I was the culprit!

DP Daily Prompt: From The Gut Post by Ranu

Aéroport International de Dorval

Aéroport International de Dorval (Photo credit: Guillaume Cattiaux)

I am not exactly sure if I had the experience from crying to laughing. That being said,I remember one occasion my two year old,when she was that young, got lost at Dorval airport in Montreal. I was busy checking in the luggage.When I looked around,I saw my friend coming with my older daughter. I was told Anita was left with me. I was terrified at the thought of losing her.

I took four large steps back,looked around,on my left I saw my daughter running. She couldn’t find me,scared she kept on going forward. I sped up,before she could reach the escalator going down ,I caught her. It was the most frightening experience I ever had.I cannot remember whether I cried or laughed. I certainly was relieved!