Daily Prompt: Penchant

In response to prompt : Penchant

Of all the sports in the world, I have a soft spot for tennis. It began in the eighties when we only had two channels on TV , NBC and CBS. One day we noticed the players were playing a game called tennis, we  watched this game. One of the players was Christine and the opponent was Hana.

The girls won their semi-final matches, Christine was the number one player, Hana somehow managed to win the semi-final match against another player, Martina.

The day was the last and final day of the tournament. Christine the number one player, won against Hana a new player. Christine won the match, got a round  plate, which was the trophy and some money.

We wanted to watch something else, but both channels were showing the same match.

After watching the match for about an hour we learned some of the tennis vocabulary.

Somehow all of us turned into tennis fans. Now we all have our favorite  tennis players.

This is how we started watching this game we knew nothing about learned the way it’s played by just watching TV.

After all these years, I can safely say I relish watching tennis on TV. I actually have a Penchant watching Tennis!

……………………………………… 🙂

DP Daily Prompt: Game of Groans

Think about an object, an activity or a cultural phenomenon you really don'[t like Now write a post(tongue in cheek or not— your call!) about it’s the best thing forever.

I groan when I see watermelons yes water melons I don’t like them, I never got used to them even though I’ve seen everyone in my family relish this fruit.

I do not dislike too many foods but watermelon is not my favorite and never will be.


Blogger challenge letter R

It’s been a while since I 

Read a Recipe oh my

I am more than Ready 

Today to cook Rice so spicy

Biriyani with lamb completely groovy!



Real Reason for cooking 

 Is to vow everyone looking

I was not aware the realm 

Will be so ravenously hungry

The Royals are demanding I hurry!


The Rice is Raw and the 

 Lamb is not out of the box

The invitees are  Raucous

And I’m going  absolutely bonkers

Help me Reena  help me Robert

Keep these Ruffians in their motors!


Come one and come all

Let’s rejoice and thank the Lord

Relish the food at this moment

Remember I may not make it again

So Relish rejoice and revel this moment!