DP Daily Prompt: The Kindness of Strangers

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When was the last time a stranger did something particularly kind ,generous,or selfless for you? Tell us what happened!

It was a  cold Friday afternoon school was over, I was walking home, The snow on the ground and on the pavement made me nervous, I thought I have to walk carefully to avoid falling, which is what I was doing, suddenly a fierce cold wind gust, blew the papers I was carrying all over the place. I was stunned, these were the spelling test papers of my kids, there were thirty altogether. I watched the papers flying further down as I was trying to pick them up. Bewildered I knew it was a futile effort on my part to gather those, I thought I’d let them go.

When I turned around to hurry home,I noticed a black car stop near the papers, a man stepped out and started picking up the papers, I was too embarrassed to walk away, so I joined in and reluctantly picked up the remaining pieces. The stranger handed me the papers he was able to collect, I was so overwhelmed by such a noble act,I forgot to thank him.

Next day my husband came home and said, “Hey Ranu did you find all your Papers?”

“How did you know about them I asked?”

“Oh, he said Mr. Jenkins asked me to ask you.”

“Really I said ,he didn’t tell me who he was !”

I thanked the Lord, if I hadn’t waited to get those papers, I would be in trouble, Mr. Jenkins’ daughter was one of my students who wrote the spelling test, imagine!

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DP Daily Prompt: Don’t You Forget About Me

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I don’t know about leaving a legacy and what kind of effect I’ll I have on the world. But I can write this much everything starts with a drop for e.g., a drop of water,a grain of sand, a little bit of affection, a kind word can go a long way to build one’s influence on the world.

I remember, I was still a student,my friend Evie was given the opportunity to take over the teaching duties of another classmate who needed time off for her exams. These were three little kids, two boys and one girl,they were siblings. The sister was older so she was a bit more experienced how teachers handle children. I was there to see these kids and how my friend would handle them.The first thing Evie did was she told the kids to sit down in a loud voice. I could see the two brothers frightened, they put their heads on the desk and began to cry. They were not loud.I felt sorry for them,I told my friend she needed to tone down her voice. But my friend thought she knew better and she kept up her attitude. The boys would not lift their heads and continued crying.

I asked my friend if I could try to calm them down,she reluctantly let me try. I spoke as softly as I could,I explained the teacher didn’t mean any harm. They raised their head and wanted me to stay and not leave. Next day the boys wanted me to teach them, I got a job without meaning too.

Then there was a five year old crying for his mother. It was his first day in a boarding school, the matron was not ready to make any allowance for him because of his age. She just treated him as one of the students.

I couldn’t bear to see him so distraught,I took him aside and told him he’s free to come with me and watch what I was doing. It took him only a few days to adjust.

These are a few things I did when I started my job as a teacher. Although I passed my education degree, I do not recall being told how to handle kids.

I mainly taught nine year old kids. I enjoyed teaching them,there were times they’d look at me with the expression ‘you are a teacher, you are not supposed to be happy!’ there was an announcement on the intercom,the school will be closed after noon hours due to the snowstorm. The kids were delighted and were raising their arm and shouting hey, I joined with them,when they saw me suddenly they were quiet, all eyes were on me. One of them said,’but you are a teacher you’re not supposed to be happy?’

I grew up in a family of twelve kids, we enjoyed every minute of growing up. There was a break when my Dad passed away. Things were not the same anymore. We forgot to laugh,have fun.

To me my legacy would be the way I handled my kids for I hope they remember me as a teacher who tried to make things fun for them. Money,furniture all these things are material things  and  they really don’t have much value when compared with affection a kind word, this is what I’d leave behind.

This would be my legacy, small as it may seem now, but I give  a lot of importance to it.


These are three ladies having an interesting conversation.These are statues in front of the building.

These are three ladies having an interesting conversation.These are statues in front of the building.

About Me: Still in School posted by Ranu

Journal of Contemporary History

Journal of Contemporary History (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I successfully completed my under graduate degree. My aim was to study Economics. My sister discouraged me. She thought I was not a serious student and Economics was a tough subject, her advice was study ‘English Literature’ this was when I finally put my foot down.    ‘No I said I’ll study History’. I got my way.The next on my list was to choose between:Contemporary History,Architectural or Museum,I leaned towards Architecture but couldn’t,there were not enough books I could get,same was the case with Museum History. I reluctantly took Contemporary History.

One of my Professors was a very strange individual. Whenever he passed by us,he wouldn’t let us wish him good morning or afternoon,he would just turn his head the other way. Whenever we saw him coming towards us we’d do the same he did to us.This particular day he wanted to scold me for reason unknown to me. He looked right at me and said,  ‘I want to talk to you’ I was alarmed what can he talk to me about? There was no introduction of any sort, he said, ‘Do You Know What Your Problem Is,you jump from one group to another’,it is true I changed courses but I had a legitimate reason for doing so. Like a judge he  gave his verdict and off he went. Another more kind professor said, ‘You had a better chance to get ‘First Class’ if you studied Architectural History,you have lost your chance.It so happens that all the honours graduates had taken Contemporary History since I didn’t,they were the ones eligible.  They give first class to honours graduates and they pick only one,I had no chance.I really didn’t care.

I successfully completed my degree. As Tagore would say, ‘ This is the conclusion of my story and with it the dancing  plant is chopped off’.

Bye to all my followers it was fun writing about me.I sincerely hope I didn’t bore any of you.Thank you.