Tagore song posted and translated by Ranu

দিনগুলি মোর সোনার খাঁচায় রইল না-      My golden days have ended.
সেই-যে আমার নানা রঙের দিনগুলি।       They were my most colorful days.
কান্নাহাসির বাঁধন তারা সইল না-             They could not bear my bond of laughter and sorrow-
সেই-যে আমার নানা রঙের দিনগুলি।।      They were my most happy days.
আমার প্রাণের গানের ভাষা                        I had hoped they’d learn the songs of my heart.
শিখবে তারা ছিল আশা-
উড়ে গেল, সকল কথা কইল না-                 those hopes have vanished.
সেই-যে আমার নানা রঙের দিনগুলি।।       They were my most happy days.
স্বপন দেখি, যেন তারা কার আশে               I dream as if they are moving around my
ফেরে আমার ভাঙা খাঁচার চার পাশে-          broken home hoping to see my happy days.
সেই-যে আমার নানা রঙের দিনগুলি।।
এত বেদন হয় কি ফাঁকি।                            How can so much pain be deceit.
ওরা কি সব ছায়ার পাখি।                         Are they then  shadows of birds?
আকাশ-পারে কিছুই কি গো বইল না-         couldn’t any of my days be rescued.
সেই-যে আমার নানা রঙের দিনগুলি।।     They were my most happy days.


DP Daily Prompts: Missing Sequels

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If you could create a sequel to one favorite (standalone) movie, which would it be? How would it build on the original?

I have a few favorite movies, I find some of them end like the fairy tales such as,”and they lived happily thereafter.”

One of my favorite movie is , “Oliver Twist” by Charles Dickens, if Dickens were alive how would he have written the sequel to his book. It is a very interesting story, I personally think about Oliver, in the original movie, he was freed from the clutches of the terrible man and was lucky to go back to his grandfather.

He was only a little child there is a lot of possibilities to write a sequel. Perhaps one could write about his school life, how he fared in his studies and classmates. The fact that he had learned some evil things while he was with the kidnapper, would he go back to using those skills to stay away from school and study.

Could those experiences suddenly flash  in his mind and he hangs out with kids who are also not fond of school. They decide to create a group and start pick pocketing. While grandpa has no idea what his grand kid is doing behind his back.

Finally grandpa gets wind of it and sends Oliver to reform school, what would that experience do to him, will he become a changed man or will it make him worse?”


365 Writing Prompts: Daring do

Tell us about the time you rescued someone else (person,or animal) from a dangerous situation.What happened? How did you prevail?

Our school was closed for Summer holidays, my Dad made arrangements to take us to Bangladesh, he had two reasons to visit the place, he’d be able to see his brothers and also for us to know our relatives, whom we had never seen.

We were excited to fly by airplane, it was our first time, and we’d meet our cousins, and aunts and uncles.

On the day of our journey, I had a lot of questions,my mother warned me not to be so inquisitive, besides she must have thought, it would be a brand new experience for us, she’d want us to have our experience of  exploring her home and make our own opinion. Perhaps she thought she might tell us things  she liked about it, may not be the same as far as we were  concerned. My older sister hated to join us, she couldn’t say no because my father would not have agreed to leave her home by herself. She was fussy and cranky, every time my Dad offered something to eat, she refused. I think Dad lost his patience and said, “Tui eli Kaino?” meaning why did you come?

We were having a grand time while big sis was being uncooperative. We reached Dacca safe and sound, took rickshaws to go to our uncles house. The uncle was my Dad’s youngest brother, he was pleased to see us. I wasn’t quite sure of the aunt, she was always criticizing us, one of her major disappointment was we didn’t learn to eat, by that she meant we did not eat enough, our parents spent money on expensive clothes never invested money on food. After a few days with our aunt we were ready to go to our grandparents home in the village.

This time we travelled by train, it was a long journey, we were kids enjoying every moment of it. When we arrived at Feni( name of the station) Dad told us we’d get off and hire two taxis to go to the village.

Our grandparents’ village was very attractive, every one except the servants were my mother’s relative. They all came in droves to see  us, as if were some kind of aliens from Mars, one asked the other, “Can they speak our language?”

My father felt proud, all his kids spoke fluent Bengali, that’s because it was the ground rule, we must know our mother tongue, he refused to let us turn out to be upstarts, this was the word he used.If I was unsure what the new word meant at that time, it did not take me long to comprehend.

The name of our village is “Cheora”, it is a very neat and clean village, all my mom’s relatives were good people always ready to help.

The best thing I liked about the village is the large pond of my grandparents,one day our cousin, Lily, my sister and I planned to jump in the pond, none of us knew how to swim, we were not scared, up to that time the word drown was not in our vocabulary, we stayed in the shallow end of the pond, suddenly Lily convinced my sister  to float  with her a few feet in the front, neither knew how deep the water was, both of them were having a whale of a time,then the worst happened my sister was drowning, none of us could swim, my mother happened to be there when she heard our screams she jumped to rescue my sister, she did not know how to swim either, she managed to grab my sister’s leg and pulled her towards her, my sister was fighting to get away she didn’t know mom was trying to save her, mom shook her and said, “Shelly it’s me your mom.”

When she heard mom, she stopped struggling. In the meantime the news spread like wild fire, Mr. Sabeth’s daughter has drowned, my Dad was frantic, he was blaming everyone in sight, it was their fault for letting these young girls go to the pond.

The end result of this incident was my Dad told us we were not allowed to go near or even look at the pond. One of my uncle’s claimed he  swam like a fish we should have called him. Had we waited for him it would have  turned out to be a tragedy.

The last few days we were in our grandparents village we were only allowed to walk on land and never in the water.




DP Daily Prompts: Under the Snow

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You were caught in an avalanche.To be rescued, you need to make it through the night. What thought(s) would give the strength to go through such a scary, dangerous situation?

The thought of getting caught in an avalanche is dreadful. If it ever happens, although I hope it never does.

My thoughts will be about all the different prayers I have learned to get out of dangerous situations. I’d be repeating those all night and will ask God to forgive me and will promise I’d be more caring towards all my friends, family and neighbors, if I am rescued alive.

I know prayer always helps, in my mind there is  nothing else better than prayer.




365 days Jan. 23 : Shipwrecked http://Sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/01/365-days-Jan-23rd-shipwrecked/

Tom Dudley was the captain,Richard Parker was an inexperienced seventeen years old seaman. The yacht was in trouble. They got the lifeboat out and salvaged important navigational instruments and two tins of turnips . Judging from the way things were, they were not going to be rescued immediately. How long they’d have to wait was unsure. The fact they had very little food for sustenance was in itself a very dangerous thing.  To make matters worse  they didn’t have sufficient water to drink.a

Two tins of turnips would not be enough when they weren’t sure how long they’d be floating on sea. To eat each other is not out of question. They picked the weakest member on their team to kill for food. Yes he was unwell and according to the story would die,the man is Parker.

Rather than wait till he died two of the members i.e., the Captain Tom Dudley and Edwin Stephens,signalled  each other to kill Parker before he dies,because his blood would be pure to drink. He was the target because he didn’t have a family,but the other three were fathers with children.

The whole story makes me sick. I personally do not think what Tom Dudley did  was defensible. If I was confronted with this I certainly wouldn’t slaughter my co-worker with a pen knife and make a meal out of him.