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My unfortunate experience at a restaurant!

Yesterday I was not in a mood to cook, I had cooked   food in my fridge, but I craved to eat out. I told my daughter,  ‘let’s go out for supper.’

Selina  said, ‘okay, I’ll check restaurants online.’

There were two new ones, we opted for the one we were familiar with.

We were happy going to a known restaurant than the unknown. We arrived at the parking lot and noticed there were a  few cars. Our impression was it’s a good day, why would people go to a restaurant, perhaps they preferred a picnic outdoors.

When we entered the restaurant the manager greeted us. It surprised me,  but did not suspect anything, when he opened the menu and said, ‘ we cannot use our grill, we cannot offer grilled chicken beef or hamburgers, but you can order sandwiches or salads.’

We understood why he greeted us.

Both Selina and I ordered a steak salad and asked the hostess if there was any problem, she offered to check inside. A few minutes later, she came back and said, ‘ It’s okay to order steak salad, it won’t take long.’

We placed our order, it took more than forty-five minutes to get our salads. The plate had mostly lettuce , which didn’t look at all appetizing. There were chunks of meat,and goat cheese on the lettuce leaves.

We put up a brave face and started eating I tried to chew a piece of meat which was not so good, I was having a tough time swallowing, I managed after shoving some lettuce in my mouth, it was an ordeal. After spending a few more minutes to eat the inedible salad, we both gave up and waited till the waitress came back.

She noticed we had our plates full, she asked, ‘Do you want me to put it in a box for you?’

‘No,’  I said,  ‘bring the bill.’

She came back and said, ‘we won’t charge you for the salad, you didn’t really eat it.’

It was a nice gesture on her part. We thought the food did not look Edible!’

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Holidays in Montreal five sentence fiction

Lillie McFerrin Writes


After nine months of  gruelling hours of teaching , Nadia was excited the school will close for two months of summer holidays.

This meant sleeping in, watching TV ,going for walks and hanging out with neighbors,delightful she told herself.

In the afternoon her husband came home, he told her, “We are going to Montreal to spend the holidays”Nadia was exceptionally happy, she sat and quickly wrote all the places she’d visit this time, which she was not able to on their last visit.

Montreal she thought,’La belle de la province’ she started dreaming of going to the “Farmer’s Market”, she’d buy the delicious cheese bread, eat at the cool restaurant there, this time she made up her mind to eat poutine.

She fell asleep thinking about her trip, she dreamed her luggage was lost and she was frantic, she started yelling what am I going to do without my clothes, her husband shook her, when she awoke, her husband said,”you were dreaming honey, we will go on our vacation next week.”

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/04/24/holidays-in-mo…ntence-fiction/

Writing Prompt: Stranded

You’re stranded in a foreign city for a day with no money no friends,Where do you go; What do you do?

If I am stranded in a foreign city with no money and no friends for a day,here is what I plan to do, first I’ll walk around the city,it doesn’t cost anything to walk,I’d find someone who speaks my language,if there is no one, I’d continue walking and find some sort of eatery or restaurant, walk in confidently and look for the owner.

When I find him/her I’ll start a conversation, inform him/her where I come from , give a detailed description of the place, the people and what they do for their living, I will talk about everything that makes my home attractive,I’ll drag on with the conversation until it’s lunch time, when his maid calls him for lunch, I’d inquire what sort of food they eat, their favorite food, how they cook it,by this time I am hoping the owner will get interested to hear about foods I like, suddenly the man is interrupted again to have lunch, since I am there he’d feel uncomfortable eating alone, to be polite he’ll invite me for lunch, after lunch I’d thank him and will tell him about some of the delicious food I can cook.

The owner will show interest and will ask me if I could cook some of the foods I talked about. I’d agree to cook and ask him to get the ingredients for me. I’d spend most of the day cooking.

Out of courtesy the man’s wife will invite me for dinner,after dinner, the owner will surely ask the name of my hotel,so he could drop me off. This is when I’d open up about my bad luck. I’d tell him I’ve lost everything, I don’t have money or friends, so I’d have to spend the night sleeping under a tree. I am hoping I’ll be invited to be their guest for the night.


Filet mignon

After  eating some of the foods in London, I was not so thrilled to go to a restaurant in Montreal to have dinner. I could not decline, I was newly married and also there was a guest my husband invited for dinner. How could I spoil my husband’s excitement of tasting ‘filet mignon’ for the umpteenth time.

We were dressed up. My husband was taking us to a posh restaurant. We reached the place and were seated. My husband proudly ordered filet mignon for us . I saw the waiter bringing in a piece of meat which was served on a plate three sizes too big for the piece of meat. My husband whispered ,”You will love this, it is the most expensive piece of meat.”

Okay I thought, it doesn’t look attractive at all ,why is it so expensive?

Then it was time to start eating. I watched my husband eating, each time he sliced a piece, pure blood was gushing out. If this happened at home,I’d send it back to cook it again. I was in a restaurant, I shouldn’t think these things.

Slowly I picked up the fork and knife, to my dismay, the blood gushing out was more from my piece than my husband’s. I was completely grossed out, I was eating raw meat. I ate a quarter of it with much difficulty. I then excused myself saying I was full I couldn’t eat any more. I slid the plate to my husband and asked him to finish it. He complied with pleasure!

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