Daily Prompt : Finite

In response to one-word prompt : Finite

Most people in the world have Finite income,

Why this is so I’m unable to fathom.

We must spend wisely, my mom always said,

Even a king can go broke if he’s not careful,

This example of a king left me bewildered ,

Isn’t there someone who has inexhaustible wealth?

Those who have countless money are very few,

There’s no use   thinking of them they won’t share,

So let’s live our restricted lives with care!

……………………………….. 🙂



DP Daily Prompt: Keep Out Posted by Ranu

English: it is all about chaman.

English: it is all about chaman. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The one person who is not reading my blog I hope is my classmate Rina. She will criticize until the ,”Cows come home”. It’s not a good thing. The world unfortunately has a mixture of the good,the bad, and the ugly.Which category does she belong,you may wonder.Let me give you some examples: She is very negative e.g when someone says,’Chaman is a nice girl’, her sister is conceited will be her reply.I know the girls were talking about me. No one knows my sister and it isn’t about her. If I say so n’ so is pretty,she’d say but she limps when she walks. These were some of the instances that bothered me. I know she will not have anything good to say about my blog. This is the way she is. Since my blog is not restricted to a few,and internet is popular all over,I won’t be surprised if she gets the opportunity to read it.