365 Writing Prompt: Singular sensation

If one experience or life change results from writing your blog, what would you like it to be?

Writing my blog has helped me to know a lot of people. I love reading their comments and I also get to read their posts. There are poems written by bloggers I enjoy, stories of some bloggers are absolutely amazing.

When I started I had no idea how it will pan out, after two years, I can say this experience is wonderful for me.

One experience or life change results from writing my blog, what would I like it to be. I think I would like to know more people from all over the world.

Their way of life, the language they speak,the foods they eat, their schools and colleges. The one thing I’m really interested to learn  is about  the food they eat and get some recipes. I know the food network shows a lot of different kinds of cooking, I’m interested to know the recipes from local people.

This is one experience I’d like to have, it may not change my life but it will be fun to learn.