Daily Prompt: Right to Brag

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Tell us about something you( or a person close to you)have done recently( or not so recently) that has made you really, unabashedly proud.

I don’t know if I’ve gotten the right to ‘Brag’ but honestly I never dreamed I’d be able to complete the two week poetry course offered by WordPress, recently.

It was ten days of serious writing of poetry, we covered topics like: Screen, Haiku and Alliteration, coming from a background of memorization  and recitation, ‘Alliteration’ reminded me it’s only the beginning that there was more to come which would completely knock my concentration.

I still kept my mind in check, giving up was not what I’d like, because I refused to be a coward. Next evening the prompt was : Gift, Simile and Acrostic.

I had no trouble knowing what ‘Gift’ means to me. ‘Simile’ I had a faint idea, but ‘Acrostic’ was as foreign as Latin. How was I going to tackle with the ‘A’ word. My mind however was always ready to step in: “Come on read the instructions it cannot that tough.”

I put on my thinking cap and set my eyes in motion, surprisingly enough it all came together for me.

Once I agreed to go for the ride, I wasn’t going to give up , no matter how jerky the ride would turn out to be.

We were entering station three, here we had to cross “Skin, Prose Poetry and Internal Rhyme.”

The instruction was to choose whatever meaning of ‘Skin’ speaks to me most. I picked the most obvious one and did whatever I could with: Prose Poetry and Internal Rhyme.

Fourth Day I decided to have some fun with: Imperfect, limerick and Enjambment. My brother’s face showed up in the horizon, I got my cue, and thought there is no better guinea pig like my brother. There were some laughs on the way. I felt we’re only here for a short while why not have a bit of fun.

Day five introduced me to, Map ,Ode and Metaphor: I wrote my poem, whether it deserved an ,”A,B, or C.” I was not worried because I could see the finish line.

Day Six: it stunned me, I understood, Face, Found Poetry, Chiasmus thoroughly scared me. The ride was getting jerkier now, I wasn’t ready to take a Bow.

Then came number Seven: Neighborhood, Ballad and Assonance, I began to feel trapped in my vehicle, sure I expected some turbulence but this one felt as if I’d crash. We had an ace for a pilot, so I felt secure.

Station number Eight had a weird name it was : Flavor, Elegy, and Enumeratio. I told Horatio our station master, I’d be fine.

Number nine also alarmed me for I saw the sign: Cold, Concrete Poem and Anaphora/ Epistrophe. I almost crashed here, luckily the tree came to my aid.

Day Ten was my toughest test, I had to deal with : Pleasure, Sonnet, Apostrophe. I read Shakespeare’s sonnets also those written by  Brownings. It didn’t matter, my brain refused to cooperate. I thought about this all evening, luck didn’t favor me. I was completely frustrated, I decide to skip it.

Early Saturday an email, a sad one, from a friend we’ve known for years, suddenly unblocked my mental block, which helped me to write the poem, I could not use pleasure, but was able to write the last poetry prompt of the course.

I think I can brag because I wrote all the poems that were given to us.

…………………………… 🙂



365 days Writing Prompt: Morality play

Where do your morals come from–your family? Your faith?Your philosophical world view? How do you deal with those who don’t share them, or derive them from a different source?

We all learn right and wrong from an early age,whether we put it into practice is a whole different thing. Some of us follow what is right without questioning it, others might have a tendency to rebel it all depends on human nature. We learn this in school,at home, at work, we try our best to conform,sometimes circumstances can deter us from doing the right thing.

Our conscience plays a big part, we feel awful if we do something that we know ourselves is wrong. Then there are some who have no conscience, they lie time after time without feeling anything. They can and will make you look like an evil person , if they so desire.

How will I deal with them? I will stay away from them, it will not bother me, as long as my path does not cross with them. Some of these people do not learn from a different source, their mind is corrupt, they do it for attention and there are people naive enough to believe them.

Then there is temptation, an inclination to commit sin,it requires a strong will to resist it, that word ‘will’ is not present in their mind!


365 days Writing Prompt: Green-eyed

Tell us about the last time you were really truly jealous of someone. Did you act on it? Did it hurt your relationship?

I can remember once my father told my mother to buy new clothes only for my big sister, this was for our yearly religious festival, you see we have two important ones ,one after Ramadhan and the other one two months ten days after the first one.

All of us kids would get new clothes for the first one, but the second one we’d have to wear the same clothes,which was fine by me, but here is the catch, my big sister was the only one who would get new clothes for the second one as well. 

At age eight I felt something was weird about this arrangement, why was the first question I asked,mom said because your dad cannot afford to buy new clothes for everyone. I was a cheeky little kid this explanation did not bode well for me, so I put my foot down and said, “then she shouldn’t get new clothes either” .

At that age I only knew what is right and what is not, the word fair did not enter as one in my vocabulary. To make long story short I said, “if she gets new clothes, you must buy for me as well because I will not wear the old ones”.

Whether my mom and dad had any discussion I am not aware but I got new clothes as well.

My relationship with the big sister was never cordial, the idea of having a sister was a sore subject for my sister, she was ruling the Sabeth family as the one and only daughter among five brothers, my arrival was hated by her, she made it known every living moment. This relationship had a crack from the beginning which grew wider as the years went on.

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/365-days-writi…mpt-green-eyed/

DP Daily Prompt: Morality Play Post by ranu

Morality Play is a subject  dealt  by people in their own special way. I grew up in a fairly conservative family. The difference between right and wrong was clearly defined by my mother. At a very young age it is hard to fathom,what our elders say. When I was old enough to distinguish between the two,I could distinctly see the pitfall of either one.

Under the protection of my mother,I knew what was acceptable and what was not. I tried to follow my mother’s advice.Then there is my faith and the environment helped me immensely. I developed a conscience in a very young age which cautioned me every step of the way. Morality to me is something one deals with consciously and unconsciously.

There are a lot of people who don’t share,what I believe in. It is not appropriate to brainwash them,they have to learn themselves if they dislike hearing from others i.e relatives and friends.

If they derive from sources other than their well-wishers,which is sometimes the case.I will give them my blessing and let them make their choice. I certainly refuse to fan the fire of rebellion.