Daily Prompt: Daily Ritual

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Think about your day. Select one of your daily rituals and explain to us:Why do you do what you do? How did you come to adopt this ritual? What happens on days you can’t perform it?

One of my daily ritual is waking up before sunrise to pray. The time changes according to the season. In summer it can be at 2 AM. I don’t mind waking up at that hour. In my mind I know after twenty five minutes, I’m free to go back to bed and sleep.

Normally the latest I’d stay in bed would be 8 AM , beyond that I cannot contain my conscience it doesn’t stop reminding me, it’s time to leave the bed.

Next prayer time is noon hour, which I do on time, sometimes I may be late  by one hour, to take care of outside chores. I do have enough time to pray, it starts at noon and can be up to 2 PM or 4.30 PM depending on the season. In summer I get more time, the days are long.

There is a prayer after the noon hour, here we get time up to a few minutes before sunset, which gives us time to do  other chores, like cooking.

Next is the prayer after sunset,for this prayer we don’t get too much time to wait. Some say it should be done within a few minutes, others are of the opinion that to pray within the hour is fine. I pray as soon as the sunsets. My mom felt we should not delay praying after sunset.

The last one is hour and a half after the sunset prayer. It is longer. Usually we get plenty of time to pray. Back in my original home i.e. Bangladesh, the people have supper very late, as late as 10.00 PM it can even be 11.00 PM.

We always ate our supper between 6 or 7 PM .My father went to work before 8 AM. My school bus picked me up at 6 AM. Which meant we had to go to bed early.

The days I cannot perform are the days when I am traveling depending how long it takes to reach my destination.I missed my prayer schedule when I traveled to Bangladesh. It took three days to reach Dhaka city. This was the the time I was unable to carry on with my daily ritual..

It doesn’t happen frequently so I’m okay with it.

………………………………. 🙂


Valkyries Novel by Paulo Coelho (5- conclusion) post by Ranu

To see his angel ,Paulo needed to do three things:1. break a pact, 2. accept forgiveness,3. make  a bet.

To meet his angel Paulo needed help from Valkyries. He promised he’ll never raise his hand against himself. He promised in the name of St. Michael,only God’s hand will be responsible for everything. He would have to come out of darkness to break the pact.

He found the door that led him to the shining sun.Next step for Paulo was to accept forgiveness.Paulo could not forgive because he had hatred in his heart and therefore he thought he was unworthy of seeing his angel.Rotha the young Valkyrie couldn’t see her angel because she had fear in her heart.Valhalla the eldest Valkyrie put them together to help each other.Paulo was able to forgive and Rotha conquered fear.Paulo was glad he met two out of three conditions.The last one to make a bet was simple.He almost failed the third,his angel’s protection prevailed during channeling,he was able to speak with the angels! he realized then he will see his angel because  he met the third condition.

I found the book interesting.There were a lot of rituals,and magic.I at times found it confusing.I didn’t understand the whole thing by reading only once.There are instances there which makes me wonder,whether I  comprehended it fully.

The author himself admitted having difficulty writing it from beginning to end.