DP Daily Prompts: Digging Up Your Digs

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500 years from now, an archaeologist accidentally stumbles on the ruins of your home. What will she learn about early 21st century humans by going through (what remains of)your stuff?

Five hundred years is a long time, our 21st century will look so primitive, just as I thought about the stone age, when the people lit fires by rubbing stones, they were geniuses though, now that I think back.

The term “Stone Age,”  was named in late 19th century by Christian J Thomsen a Danish archaeologist. He came up with a study of the human past, it was called the “Three Age System”i.e., “Stone Age” “Bronze Age” and “Iron age.” Each were technologically more complex than the one before.

Stone made tools were found in the deepest layers of the earth,followed by bronze made tools which were found on top of the deepest layers and Iron made tools were found closest to the surface. This meant metal technology developed later than the stone-made tools.

In our twenty-first century, having used up most of the above tools, steps are taken I presume to find to replace them with something readily available.

As regards what they’ll find 500 years from now in the ruins of my home is hard for me to write it will see many changes, they might have concrete structures on the lawns to make housing available for humans if the world still remains intact, for humans to survive.

There may not be anything left to find as remains who knows, since we are talking about 500 hundred years from now.

k: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/09/03/dp-daily-promp…g-up-your-digs/

Flash fiction: Ruins

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Mrs. Fitzpatrick and daughter Chanel were studying about some of the ruins of Pompeii, Chanel had a lot of questions about it,she couldn’t understand why an entire city disappeared.

Mrs. Fitzpatrick explained that there was a sudden volcanic eruption which buried the city,the people had no time to flee,they all died.

Chanel asked her mother, “didn’t they know about the earthquake?”

In those days, she replied,no one knew about natural disasters as they do now.

Chanel made up her mind to study ,”Seismology” her mother was surprised, when she wanted to know what motivated her to study seismology, she said, “I ‘d be able to know about earthquakes, wouldn’t it be awesome, Mom I’d save so many people from being buried under.”