Blogging 201, Day Seven

Day  Seven: Make the most of Events

Today’s assignment: Create a recurring blogging event on your site, and/or make plans to attend a blogging conference.

Blogging Event: In Other Words

In this weekly event draw inspiration from a well-known quote.

Recurring weekly Wednesday-

Today is Tuesday, but I will write a post today on quotes and another one tomorrow to follow the recurring  weekly   Wednesday.

The famous quote I picked today is : Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow-

A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Sacrifice is the key word in this quote. Our children need our support mentally, physically and financially. This is the reason we should sacrifice our pleasure by earning and saving for our children to enable them to have a better tomorrow.

Besides financial, mental and physical support is necessary too. Little minds at times can be confused by viewing the world by themselves. We can help by explaining things they fail to understand.

They need physical support in infancy, parents’  assistance enables them to grow up as confident human beings.

………………………. 🙂

Tagore Song: shokhi bhabona kahare bauley Posted and translated by ranu

What is anxiety

what is suffering

You talk about  love day and night.

Does love mean pain and tears

and painful sighs?

Are you happy to surrender,

happiness for pain?

To me everything is fresh and pure

The deep blue sky, the green garden

clear moonlight and soft flowers,

Like me they laugh and they sing.

To them laughter and music

Should continue even,

When  they are dying.

They know not pain and suffering,

They do not crave for them.

A flower blooms and laughs

as it  withers.

The moonlight beams and disappears

The stars sacrifice their light

on the ocean.

Is there anyone happier than me?

Come to me my friend,

My happy heart’s song

Will relieve your pain.

Since you weep every day,

Why don’t you try to forget your pain,

Once and sing with me!…-kahare-bauley


DP Daily Prompt: Home Sweet Home Post by Ranu

I came home after ten days in Montreal. I can’t explain what is it about ones home,that it makes you think about it day and night.

To begin with I woke up at three in the morning to get ready for my flight. You might say it’s crazy to wake up that early to catch a flight at 5:30 a.m. Here is how my system works.I have to take a shower,do it slowly.I avoid doing it in ten minutes. Then I have to make my bed,make sure  I leave everything in its proper place,this is to save myself from getting irritated when I’m back. I was required to be an hour and a half early at the airport to check in.

I noticed I missed my home the moment I boarded my flight. I missed my computer,it meant I could not do my daily post. My friend who I stayed with doesn’t have these things.She is contented with cooking,cleaning and going to the mall everyday and do window shopping.

I missed my kitchen,cooking my food the way I like. I couldn’t do that in a strange place. I missed my bed, waking up before sunrise for prayer. After a couple of days I was ready to be back at home.The sad part is, I booked to stay for ten days,no matter how I felt, I’d have to’Grin and Bear it’.

I am probably giving the impression I did not have a good time,it’s not true,I did. When I’m away from  home,my enjoyment lasts for a short while. There are a whole host of things I have to sacrifice,it brings the question,was it really worth it?

This is how I feel about ,’My Home’!

DP Daily Prompt: I Pledge Allegiance Post By Ranu

I consider myself a patriot. I love my country,I am prepared to work to help my country. To me patriotism means sacrifice.One should try his or her best to defend his/her country when the need arises. I always remember what the American, Nathan Hale said before he was hanged for spying,” I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.” This is what patriotism means to me.

Nathan Hale at the gallows.

Nathan Hale at the gallows. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bisharjan Relinquishment by Tagore translated by ranu


Reincarnation (Photo credit: GrahamKing)

Bisharjan by Rabindranath Tagore

Two young sons died one after another

they were less than two years old.

When another son was born this time

Mollika’s husband died too. Friends

explained ,in her former life there were too many sins,

which is why there is so much pain and sorrow.

The grieving woman submissively acknowledged

her sins in her previous life

and attentively devoted to sacrifice.  from temple to temple

here and there,the villages she went around offering her prayer;

voluntarily started fasting,offered water to gods and daily worship

spent her time in the temple.

She tied an amulet in her hair which she picked up;

listened to the words from Ramayan; visited the religious people

and invited them to come to her home and bless the son.

she called herself the lowliest of all

she looked for kindness from everyone,

she was kind to animals,birds and the like

was afraid somehow she might offend them.

When the child was a year and a half

he became ill ,she

made an offering to deities

she prayed day and night for her son

she sold everything to please the deity

so her son would recover

she went to the Brahmin for her son,

he told her,’my child people are not honest anymore

this is the age when honesty is gone.’

Wherever she went she was told she has no hope

home she came dejected,all the days of sacrifice came to nothing

she took her  very sick son to the pond

and prayed to the gods to relieve his fever.

there she was meditating eyes shut

she dreamt the goddess returned her healthy son

she opened her eyes and found the son was taken

away by the river;she screamed to get back her son.

but all was quiet and her screaming brought no result.