Daily Prompt:____ is the new_____

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Click over to your favorite blog and pick out the 4th and the 14th words(that aren’t “the” or “an”)drop them into this phrase: _Me__ is the new_box__.

I follow Moondustwriter’s  blog. In one of her poems, the word “Me” was the fourth word and “Box” was the fourteenth.

Let me see how I can write a post using  the title  :

“Me is the new box”

Years ago in the land of wizards there lived a sage who was capable of  turning anyone into whatever he wanted, a cup, a box,  a tree ,  you name the object he could transform anyone into anything. Do you think this is possible? Well in fiction anything is attainable .

It so happened Mr. and Mrs. stuffed shirt had a daughter whom they named , “Me”, she was a pretty girl who was aware of her looks. Her personality traits were nothing to boast about. She was stubborn, vain, rude, to sum up she was the most obnoxious girl on the land of the wizard.

One of the wizards challenged her to go to the sage and tell him, he could not change her into anything. Now “Me” was always ready to prove people wrong .

Without thinking of the consequence she went to the sage and said:

“Mr. Sage I bet you cannot make me look like a box.”

Mr. Sage was angry he said:

“Are you challenging me?”

Me giggled and said:

“Yes I am .”

As soon as those words came out of her mouth, the Sage was crimson red, he yelled out, “Do not blame me, you asked for it.”

The Sage stood up from his sitting position and drew a few invisible signs on the ground,burst into a roaring laughter which everyone heard in the land including Me’s parents. Young and old,sick and healthy, rich and poor, all ran to see where the noise was coming from.

No one could see anything but a huge square box and the sage laughing. One little boy tip toed to the place where the Sage was, out of curiosity he asked, “Why are you laughing so loud Sage?”

Sage looked at the boy and burst into a laughter louder than the first time. He stopped for a few minutes and said to the boy, “Hi tiny Tot, do you want to challenge me too?”

Tiny Tot had no idea, he raised his eyes and said: “What?”

Sage knew no one had any idea what happened to “Me.”

He took a few steps back and roared: You see the box in the middle?   “Me” is the new box.”

“Don’t you think she is pretty,” he said.

Mr. and Mrs. Stuffed Shirt were livid both screamed, “You change her right now.”

Sage glanced at them and said, “She challenged me, sorry it can’t be done.” 😦


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DP Daily Prompt: Slash and Burn

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Write five hundred words on any topic you like. Now remove 250 of them without changing the essence of your post.

“I’ve come to buy a sickle.”

“A nickel?” He gave  him one.

Run  along now I have work to do!”

Mom was upset  when she saw me  without the sickle. “Where’s the  money!”

I showed her  the nickel, “He  gave me this.”

Mom  ordered , “Come back with  the sickle.”

A sage walking by saw my tears and asked,  “why are you  crying?”

He laughed when he heard my story.

“Don’t laugh  I am in trouble.”

“Let’s go, I will teach the guy  for cheating.”

“What did you say?”

I did not understand  him.  He disliked my question and told me to walk . In my imagination I turned into a   Sasquatch, made plans to take revenge,I must kill him,  I grabbed the sage’s shirt and yelled, “I will kill you.”

The sage was surprised,  said something in his language ,   lifted me by  my neck and bellowed, ” Kill me huh, let’s see who kills whom!”

Wild thoughts occupied my mind, I was dead  vultures were tearing me to pieces,   the sage was on the  hill laughing .

My soul was in heaven,   Rumi,Iqbal and Waheed, were looking at me. I’m hungry I said.

Instantly two women appeared with delicious food. I was about to eat  it, suddenly I felt someone shaking me.

I opened my eyes,  the sage said . “Hi.”

“Let’s get the crook.” I yelled.

“All right then let’s go .”   The sage smiled!





365 Writing Prompts: Twenty-five

There are twenty -six letters in the English language, and we need every single one of them.Want Proof? Choose a letter and write a blog post without using it ( Feeling brave? Make it a vowel!)

Vowels: AEIOU

Once many moons ago there was a sage, there was only one man who knew of him. His name was Amir, (in Hindi the name means rich).

Amir was riding his horse when he saw a man raising his hand to stop him, this annoyed him he stopped he wanted to know why the man was so eager to end his ride.

“I am a sage he said, I can see things none can, do not go too far, danger is ahead, there are a lot of predators looking for man’s flesh,they are ready to grab anyone they see , do not make a mistake, go home. ”

Amir was obstinate , he ignored the danger and rode on, There in the distant he saw wolves,tigers , lions waiting to get a piece of him. He ordered his horse to go backward, the horse did not stop and kept going forward.

Realizing the rich man ignored his warning and was in danger the sage said some words and blew it in the windy path, a strong wind made  the horse circle the path, seeing danger ahead the horse took off. Amir was delighted the horse saved him.

He told his story to the people in the city, several wise men in the city visited the sage and invited him to come to their city. They provided a giant sized palace for him to live and teach them how to be safe!

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2015/03/04/365-writing-pr…ts-twenty-five

Five sentence fiction: Trust

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Far away near the mountains of the Himalaya there lived a sage,he spent his day, working hard for those who were poor and down-trodden, most of the people around that area came to visit him daily, for he was someone they could rely on.

One morning fifteen year old Samia went to visit him, she had heard so much about him, she made up her mind to ask him a few questions.

She found the sage sitting on a mattress with his eyes closed whispering to himself, she gently knocked his door and asked to come in, the sage opened his eyes, seeing a young girl at his doorstep surprised him, he smiled and said, “yes you can come in, what brings you here?”

Suddenly Samia felt scared, she wanted to see him but didn’t know what she could ask him, she had to say something anything now that she was there, she couldn’t stay quiet, it would look terrible, she hesitatingly asked him, “Sir what motivates you to be so kind?”

The sage looked up, he was almost spellbound, he looked at her again, “my child he said, I have seen so much misery around me, I feel if I can do something for anyone here I must, God is great, He sent us here for a short time we all are expected to be kind and helpful, He trusts us to help our fellow human being, I am trying to do my part in this world!”


365 Writing Prompts: Imitation/Flattery

Write a post in the style of(or simply inspired by) a favorite author.

Once upon a time there lived in the never,never land a sage who had two feline pets, one he named Gabriel and his brother he called, Smiley.

Smiley was a delightful pet ever ready to adopt any human he came across, Gabriel on the other hand was not so trusting, he always kept his distance from strangers. Strangers to him were people who would take him away from his real owner.

Smiley however was ready to go with anyone who’d take him, he felt life is full of surprises, it wouldn’t hurt to find out how life would be with someone other than his present owner.

God the giver of wishes decided He’s helped humans, why not a feline.

The stage was set, along came a court jester to visit the sage, Smiley as usual was as charming as he could be, both he and jester loved each other instantly.

Smiley found his new owner and made a big fuss to go with Jester. His wish was granted by Mr. Sage, Smiley was overjoyed to get a new owner, he hopped all the way to Jester’s house.

Jester lived in a small hut, there was a tiny window in the middle of the room, the door was ugly and nothing to look at Jester was happy in his little abode, Smiley was disgusted, he showed his anger by scratching everything in the house, this displeased Jester, he slapped him and made him go to sleep.

Early morning he stealthily left the house, he had enough of Mr. Jester , one more day might make him attack Jester.

Walking along the winding streets he realized it was wrong to change owners, he was happy with Sage and his brother Gabriel. He was looking for adventure which turned out to be sour in the end.

Along the way he was invited by several humans to live with them he declined by saying he did not want to be adventurous any more.

Finally after a long walk he reached home, Gabriel and Sage were having a man to feline talk, he was a bit jealous but reminded himself, he is the one who chose to leave, he has no reason to be jealous.

Gabriel was happy to see his brother back, when he asked him if he had fun with Jester all he could say in his feline language was: All that glitters is not gold.”

k: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/10/14/365-writing-pr…tationflattery/

DP Daily Prompt: Form of Flattery

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Write a post about any topic you want, but in the style of an author or a blogger you admire.

During my teaching days Roald Dahl was my favorite author, he used words and actions in his books that encouraged the kids to read.I’m not sure I can emulate him. I will write a short story to find out if it can draw my imaginary kids to read or will it completely turn them off.

“The Magical Tree”

High above the mountains there lived a sage who had a magical tree, no one knew why it was named thus and what kind of magic the tree was capable of. 

One early summer morning Verna and her brother Volta set out to discover the, ‘The Magical Tree’, they walked what it seemed for eons but the elusive tree was nowhere in sight, they continued on their journey hoping to find it and bring back their impression of the tree.

Far in the distance they saw some flickering lights,it caught Verna’s attention, she persuaded her brother to follow those lights, maybe the tree is there she thought.

Volta was not convinced yet he couldn’t dismiss his sister’s thoughts. Reluctantly he agreed to follow the lights, the closer they reached they saw many more lights added to that were children of various countries singing and dancing, ” this is amazing,” Verna exclaimed!

Volta who still had his doubt about the tree and all the other things they saw  said, ” Verna do not be carried away by these lights, maybe there is a family celebrating their kid’s birthday and the children are the friends invited to the party.”

To Verna the whole thing was nothing but magic , her brother loved to disagree with her. Moving along up the mountain they saw a trail of small round stones, where will this lead to, Verna was eager to find out, as they walked the stones changed to shiny pieces of wood, it then changed to little dwarfs who were beckoning them to follow, Volta stopped, he refused to go any further, “I think it’s a trap , he said, let’s go back.”

Verna refused, she was sure they will find the tree if they continued on, Volta was unwilling but was forced to go,he could not leave his sister behind.

Unexpectedly the dwarfs disappeared, there were angels instead moving rather slowly leading the two kids further and further, Volta was exhausted and hungry he sat on a blade of grass, Verna was furious she wanted to keep on moving, with tearful eyes, Volta declared, “I am hungry and tired I cannot move.”

One of the angels heard Volta, she stopped turned around waved her hand, there in the mountain appeared a bevy of maidens carrying baskets of bread, meat and drinks for the siblings.

They laid the food on a carpet which slowly moved towards them, “Eat this food they said in a gentle voice, then we’ll continue our journey”.

Verna and Volta ate until they were full, amazingly enough they were not tired anymore, the maidens led them to a vast stretch of land where they saw trees that they never saw before, Verna was ecstatic, “where is the Magical tree , she yelled?”

“Stay still one of the maidens replied, you must have some rest before you see the tree.”

They sat down, soon they fell asleep. When they woke up they found themselves in a very strange place, they saw the dwarfs,the angels, the maidens and the children they saw on their journey, singing and dancing around a humongous tree, the walls of the tree looked like cardboard, there were marks made on them, on each section there was a sign which said door. They were numbered from one to ten. Verna was ready to explore, Volta held her back, they must carefully investigate before they moved towards the doors.

While they were thinking,out came the most weird looking man, he was dressed in a multicolored robe, his eyes were large, he was tall ,his face looked like one of the characters on TV Verna and Volta watched.He had a loud voice which was scary.

“So you are here to see my magical tree, he bellowed “

Volta replied “I didn’t want to come my sister forced me to.”

“Do not be frightened young ones Verna is clever she made you come to see my tree, you won’t be disappointed, he said softly.”

For two whole weeks they saw everything inside the tree, there were places to play,eat,sleep and have fun . The large man treated the siblings well , they were invited to come back anytime with their family and friends.

While the kids had fun, their parents were looking for them everywhere, search teams were dispatched, the police were informed, it was a harrowing experience for the parents but the kids told the story of their journey to find the tree and how much fun they had!!

k: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/05/18/dp-daily-promp…rm-of-flattery/





DP Daily Prompt: Fearful Symmetry Post by Ranu

Fearful Symmetry (Frye)

Fearful Symmetry (Frye) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Symmetry is hardly my forte.

Save me O world from this predicament.

Sorry says the owl”did you not volunteer to do the prompt”?

Shoot I say I thought it will be fun.

Sombre friend I do not want.

Said Sally with a smile.

Sam joins Sally to tease me some more.

Sun looks down and winks at me.

Sage sits by me eager to know what’s wrong.

Searching to write a poem is my problem.

Surrounding me they all cry in unison.

Salute we all for your fine endeavor!